Alimony, also known as maintenance, is a process in which after certain couples get divorced, one has an obligation to provide financial support to the other. Alimony is based on several factors such as, length of the marriage, age, current income, future financial aspects, health, fault in marital breakdown, and even gender. The regulations for alimony are based on outdated social traditions and rely on aspects of the marriage that should not be associated with alimony. PARAGRAPH 1: Description of problem – Commonly, alimony will last for a longer amount of time if the marriage lasted longer. A marriage that lasted 10 years or longer often ends in permanent alimony) – Generally, the younger the spouses are at the time of the divorce, the shorter period of alimony. – Alimony attempts to adjust the incomes of the spouses, therefore the more money one party makes the more alimony they will have to pay. – A spouse who is going to make significant income in the future is likely to pay higher alimony. – If one party has poor health they are entitled to more alimony because they potentially have the inability to support themselves. In some cases, who ever has more fault in the divorce can increase the amount of alimony they are required to pay. – Females are more likely to be granted alimony then males because historically males made more money. PARAGAPH 2: Solution and explanation – Alimony laws need to be changed to reflect modern times. – Strictly based on the amount of financial aid one needs. – Time limit so alimony is only paid for the time one needs to get back on their feet. – Restrictions for what it is used on.

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