Child Prostitution in Kenya

Child Prostitution in Kenya

Alyssa B. Sociology 10/20/2011 Class C In Kenya, the children from poor familes have to resort to having sex with men that they meet on tourist beaches. They do this so they have money to feed their families and themselves. A lot of people view this as an issue because the girls start doing this when they are younger than the age of 18. Many organizations have been put together to create awareness and are trying to prevent as much of the child sex tourism as they can. A majority of the men that these girls have sex with for money, which risks the children’s lives because they are not aware of the affects of HIV.

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Some of them have not even went to go take a test to see if they have it or not. It is very difficult to fight child sex tourism because if someone takes both the child and the accused to court, the charges will be dropped because the guardian will side with the accused because he or she has given the child permission to do this. Some people are trying to rid the beaches of their bad reputation because ever since there has been child sex tourism, that is all people see it as. The government has taken some action with preventing this.

They started cancelling the business licenses of places who allow tourists to take it young girls. This topic has a lot to do with what has been gone over in Sociology because it shows the differences that other places around the world have. It shows what the people believe in and what they do. It also shows other people’s reactions to those things. Child sex tourism has a lot to do with people’s behaviors and how some people have come to accept or just ignore them. The reaction that I have to this topic is that I think that it is wrong, but, if the people are doing it to support their families, I think that they can do it.

But there should be more restictions on it so there aren’t as many consequences, especially for the children. The children can get HIV and not even know it and they can also get pregnant and then that would result in having to have more sex for money. If the goverment that is responsible for whatever area the child sex tourism is occuring, then there will be less contraversy with the morals of what the children are doing. And it would be best if the children got routine check ups and tests to see if they have gotten any diseases.

But on the other hand, I think that children having sex for money is very wrong and it would be better if they didn’t do that and went to school to get jobs and then in the long run, it would be easier for them to support their families. In order for that to happen, however, a lot of discussions will have to go on in order for the government to decide how to handle the situation. But until then, the children in Kenya will continue to do what they have to to live their lives and support their families.


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