An Annoying Classmate

An Annoying Classmate

An Unbreakable Bond, an Inimitable Friendship A voice was whispering in my ear when I was in my favorite macro economics class. It is happening for the whole semester and I think it will continue for my rest of NSU life. I am talking about my friend and foe (! ) Sidgat. I like him very much but for his garrulous nature, continuous whispering nature and becoming an inactive member of our group I also keep him in the short list of my most annoying friends in the class. He talks but he talks so much. Believe it or not he can talk continuously for hours.

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I did not pass a whole day with him, but I am sure he talks all day long. When our course faculty is in a very deep level of a topic , he will shout out for a silly question to explain. Totally unacceptable it is. His regular irrelevant questions is annoying the whole class and me also. His talkativeness is the main reason for which he is my most annoying classmate. May be it is one of the most odd situations when someone is whispering in front of you with his or her friends. I guess you will feel neglected or embarrassed at that time. My friend Sidgat does whisper continuously with me or with our some other friends.

When he does whisper with me, I feel uneasy and when he does it with others I feel neglected or I feel he is talking something odd with that friend. The most annoying thing is he continuously does it when we are at our very important classes. I guess his level of common sense is lower than general people. His continuous whispering is making him my most annoying classmate. He is the most inactive member in our group. Group work means all the members of the group will take part in the given project. He takes it by his mind if I give veto to list him in our group but he will not do a single part of the project.

He sometimes even don’t care to receive phones when we need him to do some of our project but when the submission time comes closer my received calls are overflowed by his calls. We are very good friends though we have many dissimilarities between us and maximum of time we give opposite opinions. But as an annoying friend he also comes first as may be due to very close relationship with me, he uses the best of it. If he could filter some of his characteristics from his nature, he would be my best friend. It is also true that without these types of behaviors Sidgat would not be the topic of my essay.


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