Analysis Lord of War

Analysis Lord of War

The Post-Cold War world was a time of heavy arms trafficking internationally. Viktor Bout, referred to as the “Merchant of Death” was involved in sales to the Taliban, Liberian dictator Charles Taylor, and other crime organizations. Yuri Orlov, played by Nicholas Cage, reenacts how Viktor Bout’s life was before and after the Cold War. What should have been a time of renegotiating and policy enforcements turned into the most profitable period in time for arms traffickers.

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As more and more guns are bought and sold that trickles down to gun manufacturers because the demand drives the supply, ultimately making them see more profits as well. Just likes stocks they hold their value and can be bought and sold to anyone; Yuri’s business is like the secondary market for arms. In this way Yuri can look at himself like a legitimate salesman, as if he worked for one of the gun makers. He is not interested in doing legal business because it was harder and less profitable but that can be argued because of the life he had doing illegal business.

Also whether it was legal or illegal, Yuri’s only business options were those that exploited countries; that is all he knew how to do and all that he was good at. This also shows his immorality because he is only good at and only considers exploiting countries and does not account for what damage is done and rationalizes that if he wasn’t doing it someone else would so why not be the one to make the profits if he can do it well.


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