Analysis of Brave New World

Analysis of Brave New World

Analysis of BNW I believe the most important theme in Brave New World, is when a group of people have complete control over a society, that people loose their individuality. In Brave New World, they had no control in what they wanted do or be in the future, their future is already picked out for them before they are already born. All the people in the World State lose what makes them unique, and when somebody does want to do something out of the ordinary, they are given a drug to calm them down and keep them quiet. In the World State there is no standing up for your rights or your personal thoughts.

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Also another theme that stands out to me is the fact that the drug use of soma is used for the wrong things. Anytime someone is having a bad day, they revert to soma. Anytime somebody is trying to rebel and stand up for their beliefs, they are given soma. I believe soma is a symbol of what we have in the United States. People go to the television or music to avoid confronting their problems, and in extreme cases, there are people who actually do use drugs and alcohol to get over situations or to avoid it. It is used in the same way when I compare it to drugs. They are both used to escape reality during a crisis.

I believe Brave New World does have many concepts and themes that are relevant in today’s world. The fact that it was written in the 1932, and it relatively close to how we are today, with some minor adjustments, it is very interesting to compare. We both use drugs in the wrong way. We both over-use drugs, when it is not necessary to do so. Also the connivance of sex is very relevant. In Brave New World, there would be some exaggeration if I said it was like that in today’s world, but it is near the truth. They can do it whenever and with whomever without being look down upon. That’s like how high school is.

It almost seems like the person who sleeps with the most people is the most popular, and if you don’t want to have sexual relationships then you are an outcast and you are looked down upon. From reading Brave New World, I have learned that if we are born in a system where everyone follows those rules, it becomes the norm and no one will know anything else. I always wondered to myself if I was somewhere else, would I be the person I would be today. This book told me that if I grow up in a certain spot, I will have those similar beliefs. The way the system worked in the World State, it was impossible to be different and unique.

People in the World State have no choice of standing out and being what they want to be. If you have get any ideas to be different then they will give you a huge dose of soma so you can be drugged out and don’t remember what you were thinking before you were unconscious. I have also learned that sex with anybody, loses its meaning. When they would have intimacy, it would be just for fun and the meaning for it is lost. Then it is just used for entertainment. If sex is suppose to mean something special and it is just used for pleasure, than the significance of it is lost.


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