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Grow Taller

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The information provided is on an “as is” basis. The author and the publisher shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any person or entity with respect to any loss or damages arising from the information contained in this digital book. 4 Contents at a Glance Introduction………………………………………………………………….. …. ……… 6 Chapter 1: Growth Process ……………………………………………………. ……. 9 Chapter 2: Maximizing Growth ……………………………………………………… 19 Chapter 3: Increasing HGH Levels ……………………………………….. ………. 36 Chapter 4: Preventing Stunted Growth …………………………………… ……….. 5 Chapter 5: Height Increasing for Adults ……. ……………………………… ………66 Chapter 6: Height Increase Scams ……………………………………….. ………. 80 5 Introduction 6 Introduction How many times have you heard someone say that because their parents are lacking in the height department, that they too stand no chance of being very tall? They live their life complaining about their height and irritated about how they received the short end of the stick. While genetics do hold significant blame for your height, there are actually other things to take into consideration as well.

Your height doesn’t have to be left in the hands of fate. You too can make a difference on how tall you become. People of both young and old ages can help to increase their height. However, younger people will have more options than the older. Minor factors such as how you carry yourself, what type of diet you follow, and what kind, if any, supplements you take, can all have an impact on just how tall you are or appear. This book will tell you how you can achieve this. We’ll review ways to enhance your height to its greatest potential during the growth stages.

You will also learn what can actually disrupt your height growth along with a few effortless ways of increasing your present height. Last but not least you’ll be 7 educated on which scams you should be cautious of so you don’t waste your money or time on something that won’t work. Let’s start this height analysis by reviewing the process of height growth and how it happens. 8 Growth Process Chapter 1 9 Growth Process Everyone grows and nobody can prevent the growth process, it’s just a natural part of our lives. Of course, while we all grow, some of us grow quicker than others.

This is because not everyone hits their growth spurt at the same time. It can happen in short bursts or it can happen all at once. If there is a delay in growing when it comes to children, however, they should be seen by a doctor to make sure there aren’t any problems. Some children experience growth defects and you want to make sure this is something you can still completely rule out by visiting your doctor. Did you know that there are 300 bones in your body when you are first born? Did you also know that there are only 206 bones by the time we reach adulthood? Why does this happen?

Mainly because our bones are basically cartilage when we’re babies which is why baby’s bones are so much more susceptible to break with light impact. As we get older our bones go through what is called ‘ossification’ where the cartilage turns solid. Eventually all of the smaller bones will unite and then be one large bone therefore reducing the total number of bones in our body. 10 Growth plates are located at the ends of some of the long bones in our body. When some of the cartilage doesn’t ossify all at the same time, these plates continue to make new tissue while the old tissue turns into bone.

Therefore making you grow even more. Once you stop growing which is usually when you are an adult, the plates will ossify as well, leaving you at your final height. If something damaging happens to these growth plates while you are still young, your growth could be stunted and could cause some bones to be more mature than others, and some longer than others. You can actually estimate the potential height of a child by watching their growth pattern. A female will usually have a full height of double her height when she is three years old.

A male will usually have a full height of double his height when he is three years and three months old. 11 Predict Your Height You can use growth charts to track your child’s height development but they are only one of the many ways to make sure your child is healthy, growing, and properly developing. We’ll discuss all the reasons why charts will never be right-on because of the many various points that play a role. The below charts however can be a rough guideline to give you an idea. More Charts can be found at: http://www. cdc. gov/growthcharts/ http://pediatrics. bout. com/od/growthcharts2/Childrens_Growth_Charts. htm 12 Boys Birth to Age Three 13 Girls Birth to Age Three 14 Boys Two to Twenty 15 Girls Two to Twenty 16 Boys Body Mass Index (BMI) 17 Girls Body Mass Index (BMI) 18 Maximizing Growth Chapter 2 19 Maximizing Growth While in the growing stages there are lots of various things you can do to help yourself grow even taller. The way you carry yourself and how you live your life equally affect you in many ways. Both will have an effect on your appearance, how you feel and also your growth height.

It’s the same as striving to be the best you can be, no matter what obstacles may come across your path. You must be willing and able to give one hundred percent in order to achieve your maximum growth. Keep reading to learn about some factors that need your consideration. Nutrition Nutrition is of superior importance when it comes to increasing your height. This is rather obvious since your body needs food in order to grow more muscle, bone, and cartilage. This process also takes quite a bit of energy so your nutrition will also contribute to feeding that energy.

Your height could be hindered if you are lacking the proper amount of nutrients. 20 Amino Acids and Proteins Proteins are of utmost importance in order for you to reach your full growth potential. Each protein you consume has various amino acids. Now each of these amino acids all has different, but important, roles. While all high protein foods that you consume are going to contain amino acids, there are certain foods that will benefit you more than others. The body requires two different amino acids and they are categorized as: essential and non-essential amino acids.

Included in the essential amino acids are: Tryptophan, Valine, Isoleucine, Lysine, Phenylalanine, Histidine, Leucine, Methionine, and Threonine. Your body does not produce these amino acids by itself and instead receives them from certain foods or supplements. This is why they are called essential amino acids. Included in the non-essential amino acids are: Glutamine, Proline, Tyrosine, Alanine, Aspartic Acid, Cystine, Glycine, Glutamic Acid, Arginine, Serine, and Cysteine. Your body actually does produce these amino acids and you don’t have to get them from food. 1 Your body needs certain amino acids at different times so when you consume them, they will be carried to your liver and then they continue traveling to wherever they are needed the most. Some of them might enter your blood stream where other amino acids are. The ones already in your blood stream were ones discharged from the body tissue breakdown and composition. Other amino acids will be adapted by the liver in order to create important proteins that your body puts to use like your lipoproteins and the liver enzymes.

As they travel all through your body, the DNA blue print guides them to make sure they end up in the right place so that protein synthesis can begin. The synthesis procedure will be frozen and you will stop growing if even one of these important amino acids isn’t there. In order to grow taller, you need to ensure the protein synthesis happens naturally so giving your body the proper amount of amino acids is the best way to ensure this happens. Once these proteins are created by the amino acids your body will use them to make tissues.

This means eyes, heart, bones, muscle, and even intestine tissue. With this said, you realize by lacking a significant amount of proteins, your bones will not grow or reach their 22 full potential like they would with lots of proteins. Thus, you are left being shorter. When you break down the amino acids and focus on them individually you will find that 2 are of utmost importance. One of them is Lysine which plays a significant part of your body’s growth and development. Your body needs Lysine in order to absorb calcium so your muscles and bones can grow properly.

The second important amino acid is Leucine. This particular amino acid has the responsibility of making sure your skin tissue grows properly and repairs properly when needed. It’s also responsible for the bone and skeletal muscle growth and has a solid link to the HGH. HGH also holds responsibility for your height growth but that will be reviewed later on in the book. Just try to make sure your body doesn’t lack either of these amino acids in order to grow taller. In order to ensure you consume the proper amount of proteins it’s better to eat many high protein foods.

Try alternating the types of protein foods you eat so you can avoid risking a deficiency of these amino acids. Mainly because you won’t know if you do have a 23 deficiency so alternating can ensure you avoid this problem. Meat eaters will not have to worry as much as vegetarians will. Vegetarians will have to actually be even more careful to make sure they get a good amount of proteins. Proteins contained in plant sources do not have a high amount so different foods need to be consumed by vegetarians in order for their body to have everything it needs to function healthily and properly.

The majority of people can follow the general recommendation which is to try and consume 1gram of protein for every pound of body mass you have. Opposite of what people used to believe, body builders and those who lift heavy weights religiously don’t need to have the same amounts of protein. Why is this? Because when your body has an ample amount of protein, whatever is left breaks down and the body stores it as fat and is used when energy is needed. As a matter of fact, any type of physical activity, like training for marathons, means more protein will be needed by your body.

Many people who regularly partake in these types of exercises and physical activity don’t normally get the proper amount of calories, particularly 24 carbohydrates, which their body needs. Once all the available carbs are used to supply enough energy the body will start using proteins that were either recently consumed, or it will use the protein in the tissue structure. When this happens it can break down your muscle tissue so it’s important to have enough stored protein. Marathon runners do not have a lot of muscle mass and they need to eat enough proteins to avoid the muscle tissue breaking down.

Consuming plenty of proteins will ensure that should something happen to your tissue, there will be plenty of amino acids to help repair the tissue. 25 Calcium Calcium is very important for the growth process when you’re focusing on minerals and vitamins. Our bones are basically made of calcium carbonate and calcium phosphate. They are also regularly repairing themselves which consists of them breaking down and then reconstructing again. This happens all through our lives and is why it’s important to have plenty of calcium so your bones can continue reconstructing and have the ability to replace any tissue that has broken down.

In order to build strong bones and impede bone loss you must consume the proper amounts of calcium. What many people aren’t aware of is that calcium helps more than just the bone performances in the body. Calcium also helps manage your muscle contractions and stimulates your nervous system. When your body needs more calcium than it has in order to meet every other need, it will begin taking them from your bones. This in turn causes your muscles to weaken and can bring on osteoporosis if it isn’t caught in time. 26 The following is the amount of calcium recommended for daily consumption:

Infants 0-5 months / 210mg 6 – 11 months / 270mg Children 1-3 years / 500 mg 4-8 years/ 800 mg Teenagers 9-18 / 1300 mg Adults 19-50 / 1000 mg Pregnant Women 1000 mg A majority of people do not get the proper amounts of calcium their body needs so it’s not a bad idea to look over your own daily diet. Do you get the proper calcium amounts? If not, work out a way to ensure you consume more calcium. 27 There are certain foods that have exactly 300 mg of calcium and they are: 1 Cup of Milk 1 Cup of Yogurt 1. 5 Ounces of Hard Cheese 1. 5 Cups of Ricotta Cheese 2 Cups of Cottage Cheese ?

Cup of Powdered Skim Milk 1 Cup of Calcium Fortified Orange Juice 1 ? Cup Canned Salmon with Bones 5 Ounces of Sardines with Bones 1 ? Cups of Tofu Processed with Calcium 1 Cup of Spinach 1 Cup of Green Soybeans You also want to aim for consuming a minimum of 3 servings of the above mentioned foods every day. You could also implement a calcium supplement for more assurance. 28 Vitamin D Vitamin D is yet another very important mineral in order to have healthy bones. Your body cannot absorb the calcium that you give it properly unless there is also plenty of Vitamin D.

You need to consume enough calcium to avoid a deficiency so you want to extend your consumption in order D to get more helps than the daily bone recommendation. Vitamin also encourage mineralization. If you don’t have enough Vitamin D your bones will become frail and brittle and could end up having more stress fractures. Lastly, Vitamin D also hinders rickets, a childhood disease and also osteomalacia, an adult disease. Both of these diseases can immensely weaken your bones. You should try to consume 400 IU’s of Vitamin D each and every day.

You can find Vitamin D in many food sources including: mackerel, tuna fish, salmon, and sardines and milk that are enriched with Vitamin D. Sun exposure is also a source of Vitamin D and is basically of the utmost importance for our bodies. The sun rays activate Vitamin D creation in your skin. The majority of adults only 29 need ten to fifteen minutes of direct sun, two to three times a week to gain the needed Vitamin D. 30 Calorie Consumption Calorie The last thing to remember when it comes to nutrition, which you learned about momentarily in the section reviewing amino acids, is your total calorie consumption.

It is very crucial that you devour enough calories daily in order to make it to your full height. Even if you already feel you get enough protein, your body still needs plenty of energy to take care of itself along with energy to help the growth of your body. You won’t see much, if any, difference in your height if you aren’t supplying your body with enough protein. This is the reasoning behind kids eating more than usual when they’re experiencing a growth spurt. Their bodies need all of those calories in a larger amount than they usually need.

Our body prefers to have carbohydrates in order to fuel itself therefore carbs are the best way to get these extra calories. You don’t want to consume something that will work great for an hour or so and then leave you feeling ‘crashed’ so try to find complex carbohydrate sources. Why? They will offer an equable flow of energy to your body so you aren’t left feeling tired. 31 If you stand back and look at our nations, both developed and undeveloped you will begin to realize just how much your body can be affected by not having the proper nutrients.

Take the undeveloped nations for example; they do not have enough food therefore it’s not odd to see many people having osteoporosis, shorter height, and many other different bone conditions. If you were to provide the proper nutrition to some of these people it isn’t guaranteed it will cure them. They have gone too long without the right nutrients and the damage has already been done to their body. So just how do you know if you’re giving your body exactly what it needs? Well the first thing to know is that you should not go on a diet. This is for all teenagers, young adults and older adults.

Your body will tell you when it is hungry and you should obey those hunger signs. Just choose your food wisely, aim for healthier foods. They have all the minerals and nutrients and leave you with less worry of gaining weight once you’ve ate them. If you want to grow strong then you definitely need to make sure you have proper nutrition. If you are currently on a diet and find that you 32 lack any of these required nutrients, you want to disregard the diet and focus on the nutrients. When you lack nutrition and you find out fairly early you still have a chance of fixing the problem.

Just be aware of the foods you are eating and try to choose wisely when it comes to eating and taking supplements. 33 Sleep Many people fail to notice just how much sleep can affect your growing process. Not just your height growth but the growth of your body as well. Our bodies grow the most during our teenage years. This is also the time that we want to live up to the fact that we ‘are’ young and therefore sometimes push our bodies harder than we should. While you’re sleeping your body releases a substantial amount of HGH, human growth hormone, which helps your bones grow.

This is one reason sleep is so important. What is HGH? It is actually an amino acid that your pituitary gland in the brain develops. This HGH has the responsibility of a majority of the bone growth process. You have rather high HGH levels when you go through childhood. These levels peak while you are going through adolescence and then bit by bit the levels decrease during adulthood. Not to mention that while you sleep your HGH is discharged in large accumulations in the beginning stage of sleep when you are in a very deep sleep.

Usually you are in the deepest sleep about thirty to forty-five minutes after you first fall asleep. 34 The only time your body isn’t using all of its energies for multiple parts of its body is while you’re sleeping. This gives the body a concentrated time to mend any tissues that might be hurt. Along with the mending of your muscle tissue, your body takes the time to form new and tougher bones that take the place of the weaker ones. By not getting a good amount of sleep you are jeopardizing your height growth. So now you are aware of the real processes that are responsible for prompting your height and bone growth.

Each person has to have rest and food; it’s the way you utilize them to your advantage to know how much you can increase your potential. A person that chooses to sleep 5 hours or less a night and constantly eats unhealthy junk food will not feel the full potential and functionality of their body. While it is obvious they could be surrendering their growth they are also risking themselves to other serious diseases and health conditions in the future. Don’t take any chances and choose healthy foods and make sure you get the recommended eight hours of sleep. This will ensure you stay healthy and can help you live longer. 35

Increasing HGH Levels Chapter 3 36 Increasing HGH Levels As we reviewed in the previous chapter, HGH, human growth hormone, has one of the largest effects on the growing process of your bones. This is important for everyone but even more so for those who do strenuous weight lifting activities because it helps you build muscle mass also. A majority of people will automatically resort to natural ways of raising the HGH levels so they can grow taller. This is a good idea because of the variety of ways available to help the natural enhancement of HGH. 37 Diet You can easily enhance your HGH levels by barely even having to alter your diet.

As mentioned before, while you’re in deep sleep is when the highest amounts of HGH are released but what you need to pay attention to is what you’re eating just before you go to bed. The last meal of your day should contain lots of protein and minimal fat and sugar. The fat and sugar are macronutrients and hinder the ability for the HGH to release properly. Protein provokes the release of HGH and helps provide your body with the right amino acids in order to build new bone tissue and muscle. Casein proteins are the best choice for those late night meals just before bed.

You can find casein proteins in foods such as cottage cheese and has more protein than milk. There are also casein protein powders so those who do not like the foods such as cottage cheese can still get their casein proteins using the powder. Insulin release can hinder HGH release and certain foods will actually release insulin, like carbohydrates. Unfortunately, obesity can 38 decrease HGH release. If you are a bit overweight you can solve this problem by changing your diet so you can target a more healthy weight. 39 Supplements The variety of supplements available today can be found in both capsule form and oral sprays.

Usually you will find a combination of both HGH and secretagogues in these supplements. They actually help growth and HGH production but also provide your body with various essential minerals and vitamins. These supplements are supposed to also help your body heal better for times like when you finish a strenuous workout. Estrogen blockers are another option of supplement choices that actually only helps encourage growth. They aren’t literally affiliated with HGH release. Estrogen is the female body’s sex hormone. This hormone usually encourages fat to accumulate and doesn’t back the growing process.

By decreasing this hormone’s release or even blocking it can help reduce your risks of negative effects. Estrogen supplements are targeted more towards men because women have to be a lot more careful when taking them for fear of disrupting their reproductive competency. 40 There are also testosterone boosters that are kind of like estrogen blockers. The male’s sex hormone is called testosterone and does the opposite of what estrogen does. Women are not able to acquire the same muscle mass as men because they lack the proper amount of testosterone that is needed for high muscle mass.

This is one reason men are usually taller than women. Because they have the testosterone which not only helps encourage the growth of muscles, it also helps the bones grow. Of course there are many different things that can cause low testosterone levels in men so if this is the current problem for yourself you might look at supplements that help enhance testosterone. You do need to be careful when doing so though, because certain side effects can occur. For example, you might see a startling increase in your sex drive, which isn’t always a negative thing, and your voice could become deeper as well.

For anyone wanting to combine different treatments into one single dose or want to alter their sex hormones for the better, the previously mentioned supplements are great options. 41 SHGH Secretagogues What are HGH Secretagogues? Simply put, they are pure substances found in the body that promote HGH release. These secretagogues can even outperform injections at times and also can be used on their own to help satisfy hormone replacement therapy. Secretagogues contain a precise blend of amino acids that fire up the pituitary gland in order for HGH production to be enhanced.

Now let’s review the amino acids that have the responsibility in this process. L-Arginine is a popular amino acid that can actually be bought in natural, pure form. This amino acid can already be found in 99% of every product that increases HGH because it’s been defined as an important supplement if you want to enhance HGH. A study performed in 1981 showed there was a seven hundred percent raise in HGH serum. This of course was after a dispensation of 1200 mg of L-Arginine, 2 pyrrolidone, 5 carboxylate given in combination with 1200 mg of L-lysin hydrochloride.

The study was also able to prove that the L-Arginine wasn’t able to achieve the same results without adding L-lysin hydrochloride. This 42 could be the explanation for no current studies being able to show any substantial benefits of L-Arginine in the HGH levels. It’s also said that L-lysin must be combined with L-Arginine PyroGlutamate only in order to achieve the synergist effect. Even if a product states that they use the combination, unless it’s the specific L-Arginine PyroGlutamate and not just an ordinary L-Arginine, you won’t have the same results. L-Glutamine is the most generous amino acid in our body.

It is also a preferred sports supplement and is easily accessible on the market. The L-glutamines ability to support protein fabrication could possibly be the reason it’s able to enhance the HGH levels. A study performed in 1995 by Thomas C. Welbourne of Louisiana State University College of Medicine in Shreveport proved that just 2 g of L-glutamine increased the HGH levels four times more than when females took a placebo. A different study proved that a mixture of 5 g containing Llycine, L-glutamine, and Niacin enhanced HGH serum levels by seventy percent. 43

GABA – Gamma-Aminobutryic Acid is an amino acid as well as a suppressing neurotransmitter. GABA is reliable for coaxing rest and sleep. You can normally find this amino acid in powder form to be ingested orally. A study done at the First Medical Clinic at the University of Milan showed that the 19 people involved in the study in comparison to 18 controls, had a fairly large enhancement of their plasma growth hormone just by the oral dispensation of 5g of GABA. GABA has the ability to help you enjoy a ‘deeper’ sleep thanks to its neurotransmitter inhibitory response which is a good reason HGH levels are enhanced so much when taking GABA.

You will learn more about ‘deep sleep’ later on in this book, but while you are in a deep sleep your HGH are naturally secreted but in bigger amounts. It’s been proven that GABA taken orally can in fact affect your HGH levels even though experts declare that GABA in powder form shouldn’t interact with the Blood-Brain-Barrier. L-Dopa is a highly compelling amino acid that has been used for many years for treating Parkinson Disease. The preceding pituitary gland gives growth hormone secretion when L-dopa is taken because L-dopa enhances your brain’s dopamine levels. There was a 4 considerable increase in the PD patients’ plasma growth hormone when Boyd and colleagues provided them with an L-dopa oral dose of 500 mg. However, these patients were actually beginning therapy or were already enduring chronic L-dopa therapy for up to eleven months. This plasma increase lasted for two hours once the drug was ingested. There were nine volunteers in this study, four males and five females. Each was given a 500 mg oral dose of the drug. HGH levels peaked after just 45 minutes with a 0. 08 mg/ml and at 90 minutes with a 10. 0 mg/ml then would begin decreasing.

The increase was noticeable in eight out of the nine volunteers. Crawford and Hayek announced that six out of the seven rather short children noticed results when taking a 200-500 mg oral dose of Ldopa. The peak levels during this study happened anywhere from 30 and 120 minutes once the drug was ingested. 45 Homemade HGH Cocktail Ingredients: – 3 Tomatoes – 250 grams of Broad Beans – 250 grams of Cabbage *Tomatoes contain generous amounts of Gamma-Aminobutryic Acid *Broad Beans contain generous amounts of L-Dopa *Cabbage contains generous amounts of L-Glutamine Preparation 46

Mix all ingredients in a blender until they turn into liquid. If needed, mix in some water to get the consistency wanted. Now drink and enjoy your HGH level increasing by 300% or more. 47 Homeopathic Options Homeopathic medicine is used by those who believe that particular herbs can benefit both healthy and sick people who are experiencing the same symptoms. Homeopathic medicine is actually highly diluted which causes many people to disbelieve the medicine will even work. Also, the body cannot soak up HGH molecules by taking an oral spray and HGH sprays do not have actual HGH molecules.

If your body was in fact able to soak up HGH by an oral administration, there wouldn’t be enough of them in the application for you to see any evident results. Of course this doesn’t rule out every HGH spray and make them meaningless. Some of these sprays, even the ones that do not contain high amounts of HGH molecules, will actually offer your body amino acids that help increase your HGH release naturally. This will not affect your growth process immediately. If you think you want to learn more about this option and even try it, you need to do your homework on the product you are considering 8 and have all your answers questioned before purchasing. The medical field has actually scrutinized this type of treatment. 49 Sleep As mentioned earlier you will receive the most HGH release while in the first part of sleep. Normally these releases come in spurts once you have fallen asleep and then while in that first deepest portion of sleep. While you are in the REM part of sleep the releases are rather low because of dreaming. You will have decreased levels of HGH if you aren’t getting a good amount of rest.

This can make you feel very tired the next morning since you spent the night unable to stay still and unable to reach that deep part of sleep. As we get older we do not undergo the deep sleep portion as often and this is why our HGH levels go down. Also, when you are within the ages of 30-40 the levels go down even two or three times during sleep. You can help this by having HGH therapy and taking HGH supplements can benefit you as you age. 50 Exercise You can increase your HGH levels by exercising but with better results because you will gain muscle mass which in turn will make you look even better.

This is usually the main goal of people that want to promote height enhancement. Of course you will have to make sure that the exercise you are doing is going to help you reach your goals. Naturally increasing your HGH release can be done with strength training as it is a rather intense type of exercise and helps provoke tissue growth. People have noticed hormone release results when lifting heavy weights at least 812 times while resting for a minute in between. You don’t want to rest too long in between or the release will decrease so use just enough time to recover from the first rep.

Exercises that use the most muscle fibers should be added to your regimen. Exercises made solely for isolation should be avoided. For example, do squats and bench presses over pectoral flyes and leg extensions. 51 Exercise also contains a cardiovascular stage and during this time is when the growth hormone release is very distinguished. Even more so when it’s an intense workout that lasts no more than fifteen minutes. You do have the option of doing high intensity workouts for at least 10 minutes in order to get your heart rate up. Or you can opt for doing exercises in short amounts, lasting up to 30 seconds each.

Either one of these will benefit your by provoking HGH release along with burning fat and increasing your metabolism. On the other hand doing exercise session that last a substantial amount of time aren’t proven to be helpful and even decrease instead of increase your release of HGH. Strength training will also put out cortisol which is degrading to the tissue and is against the actual goal you are trying to reach. It’s all actually very simple. Work out really hard then call it day and rest if you want to increase your HGH levels.

If you work out continuously and find you are in the gym more often than not, then you aren’t going to achieve the same results. 52 Growth Hormone Therapists Some people experience irregularly low levels of HGH. When this occurs in children, they are normally given an injection that gives their body an artificial growth hormone. The injection is administered through the muscle tissue since it’s a rather large molecule so some people might find this a little uncomfortable. This treatment’s side effects are not solid but the benefits you gain from it are pretty striking.

The downside to the treatment is the price as it is pretty costly so if you have any type of budget you may not be able to go this route. It’s normal for the treatments to range anywhere from $10,000 all the way to $30,000 each year. The treatment also consists of injections on a daily basis so younger people may find this a hindrance to their daily life routine. Adults undergo the same injection treatments, but they are usually given 25% more than a younger child would receive. Typically adults will also see benefits such as more energy, muscle mass, and bone density. Not to mention, a decrease in total body fat. 53

And there you have a variety of options that allow you to improve your HGH levels and release while provoking height growth. Of course some are more simple and inexpensive than others. There are specific factors to consider when you are considering any option that helps increase height; why do you want to be taller, how much can you afford to spend, how much time do you have to undergo treatment, and if there are any other effects you would also like to have from the treatment. If there is a chance you could have a deficiency of your HGH levels it is best to talk with your doctor first before committing to any type of treatment. 4 Preventing Stunted Growth Chapter 4 55 Preventing Stunted Growth While you can always try different ways to help gain height, many people do not realize it’s equally important to make sure you aren’t doing something that can hinder your height growth. By being aware of this beforehand, you can prevent spending large amounts of money on treatments that will not work because something in your daily life style is doing the exact opposite, therefore canceling the treatment out and sending your money down the drain. The following are some things you should consider and be aware of before taking any height growth treatments. 6 Malnutrition Malnutrition is probably the largest factor that can hinder your growth. If you aren’t consuming the proper foods then your body cannot grow like it is supposed to. Your body needs continuous nutrition in order for your metabolism to work properly. The metabolism will slow down when the body is lacking the proper nutrients leaving you distanced from your full growth potential. You can actually calculate your calorie intake to find out how many calories your own personal body needs on a daily basis. This is a great way to make sure your diet contains the proper food that will help support your growth.

If you find that you getting the amount you should, then you can consider the different ways to get more calories in order to give your body the right nutrients and energy. An easy and fast method to calculate your calories is using the Harris-Benedict formula below. Males: 66 + (6. 3 multiplied by your weight) + (12. 9 times your height, in inches) – (6. 8 times your age) 57 Females: 655 + (4. 3 multiplied by your weight) + (4. 7 times your height, in inches) – (4. 7 times your age) This method will tell you how many calories you should be consuming in order for your body to properly function.

If you are actually consuming less than you should, certain parts of your body could be in jeopardy. If so, your bone growth could be what is being hurt the most. Unless you just lay in bed all day long, you will also have to consider the amount of calories you’re expending every day. You can use an estimate since this number will vary depending on each individual. Use the estimate you have for your BMR and then times it by: ° 1. 2 if you are not regularly physically active ° 1. 375 if you are physically active 1-3 times a week ° 1. 55 if you are physically active 3-5 times a week ° 1. 25 if you are physically active 6-7 times a week ° 1. 9 if you are very active or have a physical job 58 Now you have a better understanding of what you should try to consume every day when it comes to calorie consumption. In order to have a balanced diet it will need to consist of 15-20 percent protein, 15-35 percent fat, and 50-65 percent carbohydrates. You should also be aware that each fat gram you consume has 9 calories while protein and carbs have 4 calories. You can ensure your diet has all the minerals and vitamins your body needs by implementing lots of fruits and vegetables into your diet.

Fasting has been shown to raise growth hormone levels but it’s not exactly the smartest way to do this. Your body needs food so if you want to get the best results just lower your calorie intake. You want to get the amount your body needs, as you found out above, but no more than what you need. People today struggle with obesity and decreased HGH levels because of the over consumption of calories 59 Hypothyroidism This is a condition that some people endure and that could end up hindering their growth. This condition is actually a disease; one that consists of your body lacking the proper amount of the thyroid hormone.

The thyroid is what maintains your metabolism so if the thyroid isn’t functioning like it should your metabolism will go down and you could start seeing the effects. There are various symptoms associated with hypothyroidism and they include: increase in weight, weariness or fatigue, feeling cold often, loss of hair, dry skin or hair, muscle pains, aches, or cramps, loss of memory, suppressed libido, irritability, and depression. Your bones grow when certain processes take place that form new bone tissue. If these processes are slowing down, that means your height will be slowed down as well.

If you think you might be suffering from hypothyroidism it is recommended that you talk with your doctor. They can perform specific tests to see if you might be missing some of this hormone 60 then give you an effective treatment to help. With the right treatment you can take care of this disease while noticing a bit of normal growth. 61 Hypogonadism This is a disease that can alter the reproductive system so that the testes or ovaries aren’t functioning properly and are producing less sex hormone than normal. This can hinder the sexual development process and possibly cause infertility.

Testosterone is a rather big hormone and has an important role in the growth of the body. Because of this, it’s important that the amount is decreased in order to reach your potential height. If this decrease happens before puberty you may not even go through sexual development. If this decrease happens after puberty it could cause sexual dysfunction. There are ways to treat Hypogonadism, one of these treatments consisting of replacing the sex hormone. This can usually heal the symptoms that occur when low testosterone levels are experienced.

If you believe you might have Hypogonadism you should consult your doctor right away. The more preventive and even early treatment you get the better chance you have of overcoming the disease. 62 Osteoporosis For people who are diagnosed with osteoporosis at a rather early age suffer the truth that their bones will become weakened and even depleted which can cause hindered growth. This is why it is always highly recommended that people take preventive care as to avoid the risk of developing osteoporosis at any age but specifically young ages. There are different preventive factors you can consider to avoid osteoporosis.

Some of these preventive treatments include getting a high amount of Vitamin D, especially in the winter time, exercising regularly with weights, getting the right amount of calcium, avoiding tobacco use and keeping a close eye on your alcohol consumption. Clearly some of these are targeted more towards adults but it’s never too early to teach young children about the importance of bone health and osteoporosis prevention. 63 The Weight Training Myth You might have heard some people say that young people who lift weights are going to hinder their bone growth and end up short.

This is the wrong impression because more times than not, weight training or lifting can actually boost your bone development. How is this possible? Well, once weight is put on the bone, the bone actually rebuilds and becomes stronger than it previously was. This helps reduce the risk of breaking a bone or fracturing it. Any exercise that involves weights is a very beneficial way to prevent osteoporosis. While weight training is beneficial for preventing this disease, it isn’t recommended for younger people to lift too heavy of weights. It is advised that young people start with weights amounting to no more than their own bodyweight.

From here they can gradually increase the amount of weight as they advance and get stronger. When the right regimen is followed for weight training, your growth will not be messed up. So now you know some factors to follow in order to prevent hindering your growth. You can implement most of these factors easily into your 64 daily routine and will not take any valuable time away because of the benefits they offer. Again if you feel that your growth has stopped or paused because of a more serious or medical condition, consult your doctor right away so the problem doesn’t get any worse. 5 Height Increasing for Adults Chapter 5 66 Height Increasing for Adults Once you are an adult you are limited as to just what you can do to help gain height because you already endured the growth processes earlier in your life. Luckily, there are still many ways you can get taller. Exercises Doing the proper exercises is the most effective and scientifically proven way to increase your height – especially if you are an adult. Because exercises are so important, we dedicated a whole program that focus specifically on them. This exercise program is called GrowTaller4Idiots-Exercises. pdf“ and is bundled with this book. Improving Posture Your posture is one way to improve your height. By slouching we appear shorter than we are and slouching can also make us look less assured of ourselves. Take this moment to consider a time when someone made quite an impression on you. Was their head up, 67 shoulders back, and did they seem to radiate confidence? Their posture has a lot to do with the impression you received. It really can make a big difference on how others perceive you as well.

Having constant good posture will not only make you look taller but your height will gradually increase. Habitual slouching or bad posture can actually make you shorter as well. No matter what you are doing, if your body is slouched your spine muscles will shorten in time. They also won’t be as flexible as they were before and you could lose some height. This is something you want to avoid at all costs because it will take much effort on your part, to fix. You can work on your posture by gaining strength to your back muscles. There are various ways of going about this.

One of those ways is by implementing a weight lifting regimen, making sure you have exercises such as stiff-legged dead lifts, single arm rows and shrugs, and bent over rows as well. These types of exercises work the back muscles and are vital to keeping your shoulders in their proper position and strengthening and straightening the back. 68 A different way to build your back muscles if you have a desk job is by squeezing your shoulder blades together while also pulling your shoulders back. Do this ten times every 3 hours or so. While this helps build your back muscle you will also become more aware of your posture.

If you feel that your body is in a different position while doing the exercises, then you probably don’t have good posture and this exercise will help tremendously. Last but not least, once your body understands proper posture, it’s up to you to keep it that way. This is actually pretty easy compared to the first changes you had to make because your body will feel better with the right posture. You should still keep in mind not to move your body in ways that can effect your alignment. Next time you walk in front of a mirror, glance in it to see how you stand. Are your shoulders back or slumped?

Is your head lifted or lowered? If your shoulders are back and your head is lifted you should already look taller than before you implemented the exercises and modifications. If they aren’t, you need to work more on muscle development and be more conscious of your body until you are used to standing in a healthier natural way. 69 Looking Taller Now we will talk about some small things you can do concerning grooming and caring for yourself in order to appear taller. The first thing up for consideration is the way you dress. Generally you want to choose solid colors to appear as tall as you can.

If you choose a top in a different color than your bottoms, you might actually look shorter. Something else to remember is wearing vertical stripes can make you look slimmer and taller. The same doesn’t go for checked patterns or plaid shirts. Darker colors and light clothing materials also help you appear taller. Also, you should not forget that wearing ill-fitting clothes can make your body seem disproportioned and just draw more attention to both your height and the way you look. When it comes to purchasing a jacket or blazer, opt for those with plenty of buttons down the front.

Ones with say, 3 buttons, will make you appear shorter. Choosing one that is long in length, that ends 70 right below the seat of your pants, can help you appear taller and add length to your frame. Do not wear turtlenecks as they make the neck look shorter. Instead, go for v-neck tops because they can add a great amount of length. Your pants will also make a difference in how tall you appear. Choose those that sit right above your hips to give you longer legs. While the low-rise ones are the current trend, they sometimes make your legs look shorter so you aren’t achieving your primary goal.

Also try not to wear any cuffed or pleated pants. Your shoes will also have an effect on your height and can be a great way to increase your height. Shoes that have a heel of any size will help you seem taller. Keep in mind that the taller the heel of your shoe, the longer your pants will need to be as well. Choosing pants that are too short for the shoes you are wearing can make you seem even shorter than you really are. 71 Chunky natured styles are a great choice because they hide your feet so they don’t appear to be too small. If needed, add some insoles to your shoes to get an extra height boost. Now let’s discuss your hairstyle.

Men should actually avoid longer hair because they fuse with your shoulders making your neck look short and giving you a not so neat appearance. Short, well kept hair styles can add sophistication to your overall look. Lastly, pay attention to your physical appearance. Heavy people tend to appear shorter and stockier than they really are. Keeping a lean physique can add length to your appearance and even add attractiveness. By remembering all these factors and implementing them will help you take the most advantage of your natural height. Test different outfits to figure out what your body looks best in and what suits your own personal taste.

One of the utmost important things you can remember during this process is that you should be comfortable in your entire outfit and appearance. Otherwise you may not be able to 72 pull off looking taller because you lack the confidence thanks to the uncomfortable clothing. 73 Limb Lengthening Surgery For people who are extremely serious about gaining height and do not want to do a proper grow taller exercises program, limb lengthening surgery is a permanent option. However, because of the extremities of this surgery, it is normally only recommended for those with a serious height problem.

The process of this surgery consists of cutting the bone, building metal frames to surround that bone, then putting pins in the bones so they can be moved apart. Once this part of the procedure is done, the new bone will start growing and filling in the gaps making it longer in result. The average growth for patients having this surgery is 1mm a day. Not to mention the time spent at the clinic for a few months. Usually 4-6 inches are gained from this surgery so it’s an option that needs to be seriously considered by anyone thinking of having it done.

One of the most important factors that cause people to turn away from this surgery is the fact that you will have to be able withstand some amounts of pain. 74 In addition the pain factor, other painful complications can happen during this surgery including the bending and twisting of bone where it’s been cut, nerve disruption where the pins are placed which could cause paralysis, improper lengthening of the skin, inability to control the joint, and the possibility of the bone breaking in the future. Another obstacle to be faced is the reality that only a few surgeons are actually able to perform limb lengthening surgery.

So even attempting to have it done could be time consuming. If you don’t mind traveling you might have a better chance but it’s still going to cost a good price. Usually, for men to be considered for this specific surgery, they have to be shorter than 5 foot 9 inches, and if they are a female, they must be shorter than 5 foot 3 inches. Both genders will normally have to participate in a psychological evaluation. You have the option of undergoing surgery more than one time and the first time could cost around $60,000 while the second time could 75 be around $40,000.

You must also add on the cost of physical therapy once the surgery is done and that ranges around $10,000. Last but not least the X-ray that will be done and then the psychological testing will cost you anywhere from $1000 to $3000. Luckily there is good news with these high prices. If you choose to have the surgery you will need to make sure you have a highly qualified surgeon and take care to abide by the care procedures once the surgery is done. The odds will be in your favor if you follow everything closely and do what your doctor tells you to do.

The majority of people that undergo this surgery are back to their usual daily routines and lifestyle in around a year. Because limb lengthening surgery is such an extreme operation, you want to be sure you consider everything, all your options even though it is definitely an effective way to enhance your current height. Consider the costs, the pain you will endure and time it will take to recover, with and without any complications that could occur, and most of all, decide if gaining just two to three inches is really worth all of this to you. 6 The Maintaining your Height Once you feel more comfortable with how tall you are, there are ways you can maintain your height and prevent losing height that can come along with aging. The first and most effective way to maintain your height is by following the preventive care of osteoporosis. This disease is a common and serious one that hurts your bone growth and health. Make sure you are consuming lots of calcium on a daily basis along with regular exercises or activities that involve weight. Your own weight can also maintain your height.

Those who are overweight will be putting pressure on their spine because their spine is what bears this extra weight. After awhile, this can cause the vertebral column to compress. In addition, you could start experiencing back pain that of course will limit your physical movement ability. All around it is something better avoided so make sure you’re maintaining a healthy weight and you can maintain your height as well. 77 Another disease that can occur is disc degeneration. This happens in your joints whenever the inside of the disc becomes unorganized and slowly starts falling apart inside the disc.

This entire process of disc degeneration can have a huge impact on the ability for the discs to bear that much of a weight load. If the process is highly extreme you will start to notice a decrease in your height. This is because the discs start compressing and cannot move as well. You should keep an eye on your back and consult your doctor immediately if you notice any changes to your back. This could be any area protruding, etc. If you see anything like this you want to try and catch it before it gets too extreme. Lastly, some people think that they can prevent a decrease in their height by using anti-gravity remedies.

This consists of hanging upside down for a certain amount of time in order to decrease the stress placed on your vertebrae and elongating your back. However you are not going to actually grow from this remedy but you can decrease any back pain you might have. It can release any pressure you might have in your back and will just make you feel much better. 78 Now you have a variety of general procedures that can help you maintain your height and also hinder any additional decrease in height while making you appear taller in a natural way.

By using these ideas you will notice a vast improvement on just how tall you actually look to be. 79 Height Increase Scams Chapter 6 80 Height Increase Scams When you are searching for something health related you always need to be aware of the variety of scams that are out there. A majority of these scams will claim you will see major improvements in a very short time. The best choice you can make is doing some research on anything health related that you are curious about because if the proper caution isn’t taken you could risk hurting your health.

Listed below are a few scams that you need to be aware of. They might sound like they’re legitimate but most of the time you won’t see any changes in your height. 81 Reflexology This is a technique practiced for treating symptoms by the use of focusing on individual pressure spots located on the feet. The specialist will begin by applying pressure to these spots on your feet. After a certain amount of time they start to see specific changes in your feet. They focus on these changes and after some time you are supposed to notice an improvement. They apply pressure differently depending on your problem areas.

Typically the technique only takes an hour and more sessions might be suggested depending on your specific needs. You will want to make sure you find a certified specialist and you can do so by verifying they are certified from the Association of Reflexology. Just keep in mind that there is no hard proven medical proof that this increases your height. Worst case scenario; you will get a very nice relaxing foot massage. Reflexology insoles are available in some stores and they claim to give the same results of actual reflexology. Again, keep in mind that by applying even the smallest amount of pressure to your feet is not 2 likely to provoke your hormones in a way that will trigger your height growth. 83 Hypnotism Another common height increase scam that has become quite popular is hypnotism. Hypnosis is when a person brings you to an intense relaxed state that is elusive. Now when they say something to you while you are in this state, you begin to believe what they are saying. The theory behind this technique is based upon ‘I think therefore I am’. This theory is thought to control habitual thoughts because it’s aiming at the subconscious state of mind therefore it feels it can manipulate your everyday life.

Of course your mind is responsible for a large potion of the way you think and act, it alone with your thoughts is not able to provoke growth. This process is more physiological and is why specific body processes need to be in duration. Hypnosis can be beneficial for many other things like helping to overcome addictions, it doesn’t benefit actual body changes or provoke height growth. 84 Herbal Supplements If you glanced at the available herbal supplements on the market today that claim to enhance height you should be forewarned that they are most likely a scam.

A majority of these products state that they provide help for the pituitary gland which will help promote height growth. In reality these herbal supplements are more for improving your overall well-being, health, and immune system which in turn will help promote growth but only if you are still young enough and in the growth stages. The herbal supplements alone, without the growth process, will not benefit your height in any way. 85 Magnetic Insoles Some people believe magnetic insoles can help enhance height growth.

The insoles state they are similar to reflexology in the way that they operate; provoking specific organs and nerves in your body. Magnetic insoles have also said they help your blood circulation and give you increased energy. While it has been proven that certain magnetic therapy can somewhat offer assistance for pain relief, as of present there isn’t any scientific proof that the insoles give any height assistance. 86 Conclusion There are various points that participate in your growth process. Some are more controllable by you while others aren’t controllable by you at all.

By implementing proper factors and points that you control you can help prevent any future decreases in height. While in the growing years the best and probably most important thing you can do is get the right nutrition. It doesn’t matter how many points you need to consider at the time. If you aren’t getting the nutrition your body needs in order for your bones to grow, then there isn’t much chance that you will reach your potential height. In addition to overall proper nutrition and calorie consumption, you must give your body enough calcium to ensure prevention of broken bones.

You can also decrease any risk of osteoporosis in the future. You can help your body give more HGH release by taking supplements and the most popular and proven one is HGH Secretagogues. The right amount of sleep is also beneficial to this so 87 if you need help with getting proper sleep you could consider using a supplement like melatonin. Once you are beyond your growing years there is still hope in adding height by doing a proper grow taller exercise program. Having good posture will be of utmost importance then it will be ways of dressing appropriately and wearing proper shoes. Height increasing scams also need to be watched out for.

You want to prevent spending wasted money and you don’t want to risk your health using unsupported methods. Taking good care of your body is beneficial in many ways. You will believe you can reach your potential height and you will also notice a difference in your overall health. You will lack the confidence needed in order to feel good about yourself to help reach your maximum health. Confidence also brings attractiveness so working internally to improve this is very beneficial. If you are young and currently still growing do not worry because everyone grows at their own individual time.

Some people grow taller 88 in the earlier years while others aren’t growing taller until they’re a teenager or a young adult. If you are concerned about your current height don’t hesitate to call your doctor. You want to avoid the chance you have a serious disease or abnormality. They can be treated if they aren’t in a prolonged stage and getting the growth process back to normal is typically the easy outcome. If you ignore any concern you have chances are you will only be disappointed. Never be afraid to ask your doctor about anything that is on your mind or is worrying you.

You can ease your mind and help prevent any possible problems. Our bodies are continuously growing. When in old age, our bones still have to develop brand new cells in order to substitute the old ones. While you probably won’t be increasing in the height area your bones are still being reconstructed. So make sure you continue to take care of yourself while in this process. Just follow the guidelines mentioned in earlier sections of this book as they can help you reach that point in your life when you are completely satisfied with your overall height. 89


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