Ap Us Questions

Ap Us Questions

AP US HISTORY Summer Assignment Francis Lewis HS 1. What distinguished the American Revolution from others? The American Revolution was different from all other revolutions because it was the first successful attempt that established a government. Another thing that distinguished this revolution from the others is that it did not occur from within. 2. Why does Ellis think this is significant? Ellis thinks that the distinguishing factors are significant because the American Revolution helped to create a nation that provided a place for all people to live, despite their religion, nationality or beliefs.

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He believed that the country was very powerful and this could be seen through the way that it became a country from an independent state that was once profound and divine because of all the political power they held. 3. Whom does Ellis identify as the eight most important figures in the early republican? Ellis identifies Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, John Adams, James Madison and Abigail Adams to be the most important figures in the early republican. Hamilton was the country’s treasurer and was in charge of the financial issues.

Thomas Jefferson served as the peacemaker, and was also the governor of Virginia. Benjamin Franklin and James Madison were the founders of the early republic. George Washington was the first president of America, which meant he set up the society, and Abigail Adams helped create concepts placed on the constitution. 4. What common themes does he argue their lives illuminate? (Hint: there are four. ) Theme One: The diversity of the personalities that were represented. Theme Two: All of the founding fathers knew each other personally. Theme Three: The subject of slavery was not talked about so that peace was maintained in the republic.

Theme Four: The founding fathers knew what they would be doing for the country and their importance in the change of history. The Duel 5. How did the characters and the duel represent political development of the early republicans? The Early Republicans had different political views. Aaron Burr represented the aristocratic side while Alexander Hamilton was in favor of the Federalist views. The duel came about from the differences between the ideologies of the two men. Political developments of the early republic formed and were resolved through the men arguing their views. 6.

When Ellis refers to “ the supercharged political culture of the early republic,’ what does he mean? When Ellis refers to “the supercharged political culture of the early republic” he is saying that this period of time was big on politics. Everything revolved on politics and it affected everyone, sometimes leading to disputes and drama. 7. Why did the duel matter? The duel was important and played a major role because it ended the conflicts between Burr and Hamilton. Burr’s reputation was ruined and Hamilton lost power. Stricter rulers were brought about to prevent another duel such as Hamilton’s and Burr’s from occurring.

The Dinner 8. What was the dinner, who attended and what did they talk about? The dinner was an idea that Thomas Jefferson came up with. Its goal was to come up with a plan to help Hamilton with financial plans for recovery of public credit. Jefferson, Hamilton, and Madison attended the dinner and talked about a compromise that would help Hamilton’s plan and help the Southern states. 9. Why did it matter? The dinner was important and played a big role because it was the first steps that were taken to solve the state’s financial problems. Despite Hamilton and Madison’s different views, they were able to come to a compromise.

The Silence 10. To what does “the silence” refer? How do the players in this chapter use God’s will? “ The silence” refers to when the Congress did nothing to help the slaves in the South. These slaves were building up anger, which could lead to the uprising of a rebellion leading to much damage in the nation. The players in this chapter used God’s will, also known as the Bible and said that the Bible was proslavery. This would lead to more slavery because the Southerners would say that this is what God intended. 11. What did the American Revolution mean for the institution of slavery?

For the institution of slavery, the American Revolution meant that it would soon be against the law and not allowed in any part of America. The North abolished slavery and still was fighting hard to abolish it in the South. 12. According to proslavery forces, what practical impediments precluded abolition? According to proslavery forces, slaves were necessary because they helped immensely. People were able to produce, and sell goods quicker and easier, which helped the economy. Slaves did the essential deeds and a slave owner could not bare the thought of getting read of their slaves.

However, it was against human rights and eventually their slaves were freed as well. The Farewell 13. Why does Ellis think it’s important in the history of the early republic? Ellis found The Farewell address to be important in the history of the early republic because this was when George Washington was giving up his role as president. Many people were devastated because they had loved him, and now he would no longer had that important role in their lives that he previously had. 14. What did the farewell have to do with foreign policy? In Washington’s farewell he mentions his ideas on foreign policy.

He states that the United States should stay neutral and not to get into other affairs such as with Europe. 15. Identify each of the following: Jay’s Treaty, Whiskey Rebellion and Shays Rebellion. Jay’s Treaty was a treaty, that George Washington sent to Chief Justice John Jay to negotiate with England on preventing a war. The treaty was made to make the British by allowing England to keep their tariffs on American exports. This deal gave protection for the American from the British. The Whiskey Rebellion was when there had been introduced a tax on whiskey in the Pennsylvania county, and people started to protest.

Washington sent out the militia to end the rebellion because he did not like the idea of a protest, he saw it as a threat. The Shays Rebellion was an even that took place earlier, where farmers were protesting, without causing trouble, but Washington sent his militia to stop them. 16. How do they figure into the significance of the farewell? In Washington’s farewell, he talks about foreign policy and what he wishes America would do. In the speech, he brings about those events to serve as examples. Washington wished nothing more than for American to stay strong and together, and never to divide. The Collaborators 17.

How does Ellis argue these collaborators shaped the history of the early republic? Ellis argues that these collaborators have shaped the history of the early republic in many ways. For example, Adams and Jefferson were against each other, but they came together and wrote the Declaration of Independence. Another example would be about Hamilton and Madison and how they helped Hamilton with his financial plan. 18. How did foreign policy figure into the collaborations and their significance? Foreign policy figured into the collaborations because it served as a little test. It tested the strengths in government of Adams and Jefferson.

Adam had to make a decision to either go to war with France or diplomacy. Thinking that Adam wanted the war, Jefferson and Madison got together and got to the point where Federalism was brought down because of them. 19. What were the Virginia and Kentucky resolutions? What significance do they hold in the history of the early republic? Both the Virginia and Kentucky resolutions were both established to get rid of the Sedition Act that violated the natural rights of citizens. The significance of them is that they gave people freedom, and protected them from not getting their first amendment right.

The Friendship 20. What was the friendship? When was it formed? How did it change over time? Why? The friendship was a relationship between Adams and Jefferson. This friendship was formed when they were forced to work together to create better relationships with England. The men were good friends in the beginning, however when Washington retired, and Adams took the place as president. Then was when their friendship broke apart. They had not spoken for 12 years. Later on however, they reconnected through a friendship letter that Adam had sent Jefferson. 21.

What significance for the history of the early republic does Ellis attribute to the friendship? The significance for the history of the early republic that Ellis attributes to the friendship is that even though the two men were nothing alike, they compromised to come together and create ideas that would make America, a better America. 22. How did the friendship illuminate issues related to the meaning of the American Revolution? Put another way, what did the revolution mean to whom? The American Revolution for Thomas Jefferson was a way to finally escape colonization, to be free and not under the rules of England.

To John Adams, it was just an endless battle that would never be defeated. 23. How did the dialogue; as it unfolded from 1812 through 1826, illuminate issues critical to the early republic? The dialogue, as it unfolded from 1812 through 1826, illuminated issues critical to the early republic. This dialogue was a letter between Adams and Jefferson. In it, the topics of social equality, maintenance of power in the government, French Revolution, and slavery were talked about. Debates would go back and forth between the two about these topics, because indeed these topics were the foundations of an early republic.


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