Brubaker Movie Rerview

Brubaker Movie Rerview

The movie Brubaker is about the way prisoners were treated back in the day especially the black prisoners by the white guards. They were not giving the same treatment as whites. They were beaten for punishment. There was no proper medical treatment for the prisoners, and they were feed very poorly. They had no rights at all until Robert Redford, the new warden, comes in undercover as a prisoner to find that all of this is going on and decides that this treatment is unfair and denies prisoner their rights and starts to make changes. With the help of some of the inmates, he starts to make the changes happen.

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He starts with stopping the way the blacks are punished. He teaches the inmates how to grow their own food and raise cows for their food. He makes improvements to the prison itself by trying to repair roof and structure itself. He does not get much help from the board, but he does not give up. He believes that even though they are prisoners that they are still humans and should have rights. While a lot of the people who are in prisons are people who have made poor choices, they are still American citizens and should have rights. I believe in today world they are treated better and there are laws that protect their rights.

Although every American may not agree, that even those who make poor choices have rights and deserve to have those rights acknowledged. We as Americans need to realize that it is not up to us to judge people or to take rights away from anyone, including those in prisons. While a lot of Americans cannot understand why some people make the choices they do, we still need to understand that the Bill of Rights have given rights to every American, and if we do not respect those rights then we are no better than those who make the choices that put them in prison.


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