Career Essay Registered Nurse – Creative Writing Paper

Career Essay Registered Nurse – Creative Writing Paper

The career of an RN interests me because I think it’s not something that I would be bored with, and I’ll always be learning new things on the job. The duties and responsibilities are as follows: providing direct patient care, presenting health information to large groups of people, performing emergency procedures, managing many other nurses in teaching hospitals and doing research in universities. There are four general duties a RN does on a daily basis. The first duty is evaluating a patient’s physical, mental and emotional health.

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Also an RN’s job is to take vital sings. The second duty is designing and carrying out a treatment plan for the patient. Also bandaging wounds, giving medicine and injections that need to be given. The third duty is to monitor the results of the patient’s treatment to make sure it’s working and the patient is happy with it. Also a RN tells patients about they’re medical options and health issues such as nutrition and personal hygiene. The last duty is to complete and organize records about the patients.

There is quite a difference in duties between senior and junior RN’s, however all nurses are responsible for their patients. Senior nurses have more experience. All nurses still need to know what to do whether they are a senior or junior nurses. RN’s go through four years of university, they earn a degree called BScN. I’m going to start with high school first. Courses suggested for grade nine are English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Creative Arts, Computer, French and Physical Education. Courses suggested for grade ten are English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Career and Civics.

Courses suggest for grade eleven are English U, Math U, Biology U, Chemistry U and Physics U. Courses suggested for grade twelve are English U, one of: Advanced Functions U, Introductory to Calculus U, Geometry and Discrete Math U or Math of Data Management U. Also two: Biology U, Chemistry U, and Physics U. Grade eleven and twelve suggestions are from McMaster University and Ryersons University. The skills needed for this job are people skills, emotional stability, CPR, First Aid and a second language would also help.

I plan on taking French through out high school and university so I’ll be considered bilingual and I plan on updating my CPR and First Aid yearly. RN’s job opportunities are in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and basically any public health building. Also there are many organizations that recruit nurses to go to other countries. England and the U. S are two of the many countries that do this. The salary for a full-time nurse is $35,000 to $60,000 a year. Benefits include paid holidays, paid sick days and dental care.

Casual (on call) nurses earn $17 to $35 an hour. Nurses work in hospitals, nursing homes, walk in clinics, prisons, schools, ect. Hazards of the job include contracting an infectious disease from a patient and injury from instruments, chemicals or gases. Nurses also get injured from violent patients and their families. They work irregular hours, nights, evenings and holidays with 12-hour shifts. Job demand is high because of the storage of nurses in Canada and people are always getting sick. People will always get sick therefore nurses will be part of the future.


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