Celie In The Color Purple English Literature Essay

Celie In The Color Purple English Literature Essay

In the beginning of the fresh Celie is raped repeatedly by her stepfather who she believes is her male parent. She has two kids with him, which he sells off her kids a small piece after they are born. She is so bartered of to an opprobrious hubby. He rapes her and abuses her psychologically and physically.

Celie has been badly abused by the work forces in her life, so severely that she can non show herself externally to the patriarchal work forces who have hurt her, or the persons that could potentially assist her. After her stepfather rapes her, he says, “ non ne’er state cipher but God. It ‘d kill your mammy ” ( Walker, 2009, pp.3 ) . This silences her and conditions her ne’er to talk of the sick things that have happened to her ( Boynukara and Tanritanir, 2011 ) .

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The first stairss Celie took on her way of mending were when she started composing to God. It became her manner of speech production, holding a say what happened in her universe, it allowed her to treating everything that had happened to her. She was able to look at her issues as if a psychologist was reflecting her words back to her ( Amira, 2010 ) . As Amira ( 2010 ) so articulately puts it, “ When you write you meditate, you heal your head. It is merely between the paper and you ” .

Her authorship holds her together ; she is able to get by with day-to-day life because she has that release of self-expression. Here she can show herself freely and withstand the universe and persons in it that continually interrupt her down. Through her authorship, she is able to do her enduring something touchable that she is able to pull strings and analyze leting her to understand and non merely see the horrors ( Amira, 2010 ) . This allows her to make a 2nd ego, which inquiries others, expresses how she feels, thinks and that really wants something in life ( Aminian, n.d. ) . One can see this occurring by looking at how her authorship evolves and takes on a stronger character as her personality begins to develop ( Amira, 2010 ) .

The ability she now has to withstand her maltreaters, say as she pleases and make the individual and universe that she longs for through her authorship. This gives her the bravery to get down altering over clip, developing how she pleases ( Amira, 2010 )

This 2nd ego and universe that Celie has created opens up several waies, the way for her to implement the alterations she wants to see in her ain life and the way of creativeness. The way of creativeness allows her to show herself by means other than composing which enables her to organize bonds with other persons such as Shug and Sofia. These bonds, are formed from the ability that she gained while authorship, the ability to interact with others and non wholly with draw. These interactions were strengthened through stitching ; assist her to germinate even further ( Amira, 2010 ) .

What quilting does is to go on the restructuring of Celie as a whole. It is something a adult male does non make or mind adult females making it allowed her a sense of freedom. Quilting is a procedure of taking lacerate wrecked pieces of fabric and making something new and whole with it. It allowed Celie to see firsthand that something torn to scintillas can be piece back together to go something that is beautiful that will soothe and warm her every bit good as others, alternatively of the usual cruel option that she has experienced. One of the many topographic points where these two cases link in the novel is at the beginning and terminal. At the beginning when her kids are torn from her life, and at the terminal when they stitched back into her life when they return with her sister ( Aminian, n.d. ) .

Yet once more, this is another self-therapeutic step that she embarks on, where she once more gets to see something utile being made from garbages ; it becomes needed and wanted by others. It reinforces that she can reconstruct herself afresh, while larning from others strengths and integrating it in her ain comforter of life that she has begun to do. The integrity that Celie established from quilting with Shug and Sofia allowed her to pull from the strengths of strong adult females in her life, “ Shug ‘s independency, Sofia ‘s bravery to contend and Nettie ‘s avidity to larn ” ( Aminian, n.d. ) . These are what she began to weave into her ain life and used these new spots to go her ain individual ( Aminian, n.d. ) .

The following type of run uping that Celie starts is doing bloomerss. She starts this shortly after she leaves her opprobrious hubby. Celie starts doing bloomerss for a few people but shortly everyone wants a brace or two of her bloomerss. What truly makes these bloomerss particular is that both work forces and adult females can have on the manner of bloomerss that she makes. This shows one that she is free from the clasps of her maltreaters and that she no longer dominated by the patriarchal society in which she lives. She was have oning bloomerss, which is something adult females of clip did non make. This shows that she was exceeding the mean adult females. She was going the ego that she wanted to be. She genuinely transcended and became the adult females she could merely hold imagined going when she inherited her female parent ‘s house and a general goods shop, which she converted to a bloomerss shop. Celie was now gaining money and win in complete control of her life ; she went from being a lacerate fabric to being a immense beautiful, warm and comfy comforter ( Willcox, n.d. ) .

In decision, Celie puts herself through therapy. She enables herself to mend through authorship and sew. Writing gave her the ability to look at her state of affairs in a different visible radiation and procedure it so it did non destruct her. Sewing taught her no affair how lacerate apart she is she can patch herself back together. Sewing bloomerss shows that Celie ‘s self-therapy was a success, she had transcended her state of affairs and old ego she creates a new ego through these tools every bit good as with the aid of others. She is transformed from being a silenced adult female in a patriarchal society to a adult female with a voice and a life she has made for herself.


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