Communication and Collaboration: Effective Strategies

Communication and Collaboration: Effective Strategies

Communication and Collaboration: Effective Strategies The success of a team depends on how effective each member communicates. When a team is comprised of individuals that are aware of their respective personality type and learning styles the team can use the knowledge to collaborate on the task more effectively. This course provided two assessments to determine the learning style and personality type of all team members. One can use these assessments for the keys to effective collaboration and communication. The following paper will identify three personality types and learning styles.

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The author will also provide a strategy to effectively communicate and collaborate within a team setting. The first assessment, Multiple Pathways to Learning, helps an individual determine the value of each one of eight different types of intelligences (2007). Of the eight different types of intelligences, the author scored highest on logical-mathematical and verbal-linguistic. The logical-mathematical individual will operate very directly in a logically, organized manner. The individual will collaborate well with assignments that require analytical skills and scientific reasoning (2007).

The best way to communicate with this individual is through direct contact with a logically presented plan. The verbal-linguistic intelligence is great for written assignments. The individual with this intelligence will excel with explaining an assignment and understanding word meaning and syntax (2007). This individual will do best with assignments that require creative writing and persuasive arguments. The best way to communicate with this individual effectively is to speak with him or her directly.

Allow this individual to share their thoughts regarding a subject, he or she will explain it very well. Another type of intelligence and one the author scored lowest is the naturalistic intelligence. The individual with a naturalistic intelligence has a deep understanding and connection with nature (2007). The best way to communicate with a naturalistic individual is to appeal to his or her sense of natural balance. Assign to this individual assignments that allow him or her to be out in the environment and working with like-minded individuals.

The next assessment deals with the personality traits of an individual. The Personality Spectrum assessment offers four personality types and rates individual strengths in each category. This gives an individual the insight to possible strengths and stressors related to the respective personality type (2007). The author scored highest in the trait of thinker. The thinker is one learns best from problem solving and working individually. This individual should be given assignments that require analytical, technical skills.

The ideal means to communicate with this individual is to be direct and rational express one’s view. Another personality trait is the giver. The giver is honest and enjoys working with others (2007). This individual does great in a group environment and communicates very openly. Assignments that require instruction and helping others will be a success for this individual. The organizer is an individual who is very detailed and practical (2007). The best way to communicate with this individual is to be direct. The organizer is one who enjoys assignments that require attention to detail.

The use of the two assessments, Multiple Pathways to Learning and Personality Spectrum is a way for an individual indentify the specific traits he or she posses. It is important to understand each of the traits and as well as ones personal traits to understand how the traits relate to each other. This allows the individuals of a team to effective collaborate and communicate with each other. References Carter, C. , Bishop, J. , & Kravits, S. (2007). Keys to college studying: Becoming an active thinker (2nd ed. ). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall


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