Composed Upon Westminster Bridge Commentary

Composed Upon Westminster Bridge Commentary

Composed upon Westminster Bridge Commentary The poem is a description of London in the morning and how he thinks it is really remarkable and eye-catching. In the first six lines he just describes it and how no body wouldn’t be moved by that marvelous scenery from Westminster Bridge; in lines nine through fourteen he compares the scene he saw to nature because natural scenes are always beautiful and “smokeless” (Not polluted) and he also said that the view he saw is even more beautiful than any “Valley, rock, or hill”.

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The poet saw London in the morning and it’s the most important reason why London is so beautiful, everybody is sleeping, there is no noise what so ever, no steam engines running to cause smoke, and nobody is in the streets of London. the poem is written in Petrarchan sonnet form which divides the poem into two parts, the first part is eight lines long and the second part is six lines long as well as having a contrast which is the comparison between London and Nature in the middle of the poem. In his first splendor, valley, rock, or hill; Ne’er saw I, never felt, a calm so deep! ” The poet said that he would never feel so calm and peaceful from nature than he did from the scenery of the sleeping London. We find the contrast when he starts mentioning nature and not man-made things “Open unto the fields, and to the sky”. This contrast further enhances the readers sense of peace and tranquility as can be seen through the poem. The poet uses a lot of imagery to describe his experience or the view that he saw from the Westminster Bridge. EARTH has not anything to show more fair” The poet uses diction to support his imagery, through the whole poem he uses words like “Garment”, “Ships”, ”Towers”, and “Domes”, he also uses the setting as an imagery as well as natural things such as sky, rivers, valley, hill, and rocks. The poet uses metaphors and similes to have this effect on the reader to imagine how gorgeous the view is. For example “This City now doth, like a garment, wear The beauty of the morning; silent, bare,” the poet uses a simile that is really affective to the imagery of the city wearing the eauty of the morning like a dress. Another example: “And all that mighty heart is lying still! ” he is calling London a mighty heart which reflects the business of London as a city and he said it is lying still in the morning when I read that an image came to my head of a slow beating heart which made me so peaceful. The poem has long enjambments that are really effective to the reader and its mainly for the unlimited admiration for the scenery he saw at Westminster Bridge and to also describe his emotions towards the view.

The effectiveness to the enjambment is to enhance the imagery for the reader to think about the view and try to draw it in their mind. Also another effective way to the enjambment is to extend the metaphors and similes he uses in the beginning of the poem. This poem used a lot of imagery to state his feelings and the view from the Westminster Bridge as he used several literary devices such as metaphors, similes, enjambment, and diction. It is evident that these literary devices develop the readers sense of imagination, as well as increasing the relativity between nature and artificial objects


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