Death of a Salesman – Unfair Situation

Death of a Salesman – Unfair Situation

Death of a Salesman In the passage of the story “Death of a Salesman” written by Arthur Miller, the author manages to create an unfair situation for Willy Lowman by showing how Howard humiliates him in the whole conversation. Also, by showing Howard is not interested at Willy situation at all. In addition to this, by using stage directions and exclamation marks the writer creates a tense atmosphere which contributes to an unfair situation.

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To start with, Howard fires Willy in a really unfair way, he had work for many time for his father and they had a very good relationship. However, Howard does not matter about this and to make it worse, he treats Willy in a very disrespectful way. Howard looks down at him and treats him as if he was a child, this can be seen when he said: “I’ve got to see some people, kid. ”, “Pull yourself together, kid, there’s people outside. ” “Kid, I can’t take blood from a stone…” and “Look, kid, I’m busy this morning. In addition to this, Willy is older than Howard and as he has worked for many years for the company he feels used but Howard does not care about this. Willy tries to show this to Howard by referring to how he has been used and when he is not useful enough thrown away, by saying “You can’t eat the orange and throw the peel away – a man is not a piece of fruit! ”  In addition to this, Howard do not care about Willy’s situation, he is a very old man and if he is fired he will not be able to find another job again.

We can see how Howard dismissed Willy, “Willy: Howard are you firing me? Howard: I think you need a long rest, Willy. ” Howard is not able to listen to Willy and he does not seem to care that Willy worked for the firm for ages and do not listen to his explanations or even when his talking about his father, “I’ve got to see some people, kid. ” This way, Howard shows that he do not want to listen to Willy? s needs or wants, he cannot spend time on him. As Howard does not care when Willy talks about his father, Willy gets furious. I’m talking about your father! There were promises made across this desk! ” Last but not least, Miller use stage directions to create suspense such as, “Desperation is on him now”, “after a pause”, “impatiently”, “banging his hand on the desk”, “hard keeping himself under control”. The author by doing this, tries to transmit the characters feelings to the reader, on the one hand, Willy is desperate for the job and on the other hand, Howard is tired of him and wants to finish the conversation.

These are things that are not said by the characters but are shown by Miller to highlight the unfair of the situation. To conclude, the writer conveys a really unfair situation by firstly, showing how Howard humiliates Willy. Secondly, by the fact that Howard does not care about Willy situation or even that he has worked for many years at the firm. Last but not least, Miller used language, exclamation marks and stage directions in a very good way which helped to create a tense atmosphere.


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