The Difference between Zaita and Salim Alwan

The Difference between Zaita and Salim Alwan

Zaita and Salim Alwan Zaita is a bad man, he is a cripple-maker, which means he disfigures healthy beggars so people will have more sympathy for them and give them more money. In this book people don’t like Zaita and disrespect him not only for harming people for money but for his bad personality and public appearance, “one reason people in the alley avoided him was his offensive odor”(56), Zaita is mentally sick because this job of his brings him joy and he doesn’t regret what he is doing and he is not ashamed of it.

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Business wise Zaita doesn’t make a lot of money just for the fact that all his customers are poor and don’t offer a lot of money. Salim Alwan is a good business man with good work ethics; he is an international perfume seller. As a person Salim Alwan is a bit bad because he beats up his wife, as for business wise he is a bit bad too because he takes advantage of the War to internationally trade and he sells his products at the black market, he isn’t perfect but who is?

Comparing Zaita and Salim should be easy, basically Zaita is a bad person in his community and he doesn’t have work ethics and he doesn’t make a lot of money. As for Salim he is not perfect but he is off course better than zaita business wise, ethically, and as a person. Salim is a good person in midaq alley and everybody respects him.


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