Communities in Rabbit Proof Fence

Communities in Rabbit Proof Fence

Communities in Rabbit Proof Fence The film, The Rabbit Proof Fence shows the struggle of an aboriginal community against the overwhelming power of the white settlers. These aboriginal communities are shown to be rich in spiritual belief, language, culture and land. The Rabbit Proof Fence is a great representation of these aspects and really captures this on film. Aboriginal communities are known to practice their spiritual beliefs through story telling and paintings. This was often called the ‘dream time’. An example of a dreamtime story would be the ‘Rainbow Serpent’.

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This story was about a giant rainbow-scaled serpent that would slither around, creating hills and landforms in its wake. In The Rabbit Proof Fence, an eagle was the subject for the character’s spiritual beliefs. It’s been the protector and guide for three siblings. Aboriginal language has also been unique and fascinating. It is told that there is over 500 different languages, amongst the aboriginal communities. Their language is rich in dialogue and the fact that it has been around for centuries. In the Rabbit Proof Fence, the three girls are seen to talk in their own native language as well as the adopted English.

Another aspect in an aboriginal community is their culture. Aboriginals have been practicing their dancing and musical rituals and chanting, long before the white settlers. The didgeridoo is widely known to be a main instrument in aboriginal music, along with clapping sticks. Now, in the contemporary world, indigenous Aboriginals are moving into rock and roll and hip hop styles of dancing, rather from their traditional style. While some of these examples are not seen in The Rabbit Proof Fence, the aboriginal mothers were seen to be mourning and chanting, which is apart of their culture.

One big point in aboriginal communities is their land. Australia, or in their own language, ‘Terra Nulla’ had been home to the aboriginals for ten’s of thousand’s of years. It is this land that they pay respects to and it is where have lived since the near beginning. The aboriginals are known to hold celebrations and dances, to thank the land for it’s gifts such as food and materials. Also, as part of aboriginal culture, they would only take materials and food sparingly, to make sure that they do not deplete the land’s resources, or make animals extinct.

While this may not have been referenced in the film, it is still a major part of aboriginal communities. As stated above, aboriginals are very rich in identity and it is important that we respect and treat them well. We should honor their culture and land, which has endured many hardships and pain. Aboriginal, should always be treated as a respected individual and not shun away, as shown in The Rabbit Proof Fence. I also believe that The Rabbit Proof Fence will open the eyes to many people and it is respectable as it portrays the closest realities in Aboriginal communities.


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