Critical and Creative Thinking Questions

Critical and Creative Thinking Questions

•2. What are some examples of ways in which observational learning has benefited you in your life? Are there instances in which observational learning has worked to your disadvantage? I have helped in the CCD program in our local church for a second year now. Observational learning has benefited me because, I have no teaching skills and I am not a social person, I usually was just a helper and never really taught the course, there have been instances where the teacher has not been able to come in due to illness or personal reasons.

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Not having ever thought this through, I have benefited because after time I have been able to handle classes without any help. Pretty much be a substitute, but I cannot seem to grasp the idea of handling a class for an entire semester. This would really be a disadvantage because my mental motivation is not geared toward taking an entire class. #5 on page 195, CRITICAL and CREATIVE THINKING QUESTIONS •5. As an eyewitness to a crime, how could you use information in this chapter to improve your memory for specific details? If you were a juror, what would you say to the other jurors about the reliability of eyewitness testimony?

If I were an eyewitness to a crime, I would need to list what I remember happened, review it for accuracy, make visual aids, and even rehearse before stating the facts, for example: I would try to remember if I can recognize the person’s voice, or if I saw something distinguishing like a beard, tattoo, etc. I have never been in the seat of the jury, but I would review the facts carefully before making a decision, perhaps investigate thoroughly, and gather as much evidence as possible. The witness isn’t always correct, and it is not correct to guilt an innocent person.


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