Descriptive Essay

Descriptive Essay

Descriptive Essay Thick, strong oak wood was carved into curves and poles all connected to be shaped into the perfect rocking chair. It was painted a deep brown that glints gold when the sun shines on it. The armrests mold to your arms like they were carved precisely for you. It feels like your melting into chair even though it’s a stiff wooden frame. The seat cushion used to be thick and luscious but has become thinner and thinner as the years have passed. It remains tied to the chair by two thin strings that keep in attached tightly to the back of the rocker.

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The chair is old but the age only makes it more important and extraordinary. From this seat you can see into another world, a world filled with lush green woods, like seeing straight into the middle of the rain forest. You can see trees upon trees canopy on top of streams and watch flowers blossom before your eyes. This chair has survived hurricanes where wind tore through the porch and blizzards when it was left out in the cold until feet of snow piled on top of it. The wood is worn and the paint has long since faded away.

The old tattered cushion still remains but doesn’t provide much comfort. When you sit down the chair always creaks and no matter how far away you push it, it always manages to slam against the house wall. It provides you with a great view of the driveway so you can always see the comings and goings of your friends and family. Sitting on the rocking chair provides great peace and a place to think without interruptions but if you remain there for too long the wooden frame starts to dig into your back.

Although the chair has long lost the comfort it had when it was new there is an emotional comfort that will always remain attached to the chair. This chair is a representation of how I’ve grown. When I first sat in this chair my father had to lift me into it and my legs were barely as long as the seat. As I grew up I became more independent and I was able to get onto the chair all by myself. Now I can sit in with my feet touching the ground and reminisce on the old memories.

The chair has gotten older and rustier as the years have gone by but it still provides me with a sense of home whenever I sit in it. It is not the chair alone that makes it special but all of the people that have been in it. It is worn by the weather but also by the presence of people. Multiple pieces of wood make up the back of the chair and when you lean against it, it is like a loved one wrapping their arms around you. So many amazing people have sat and pondered on the chair.

It was a favorite spot of my grandfathers’ and he used to sit for hours on end staring aimlessly into the distance. Even though her yarn was constantly getting caught in the old screws and nails, every week my grandmother would go outside and do her knitting in the peace and quiet. Generations have passed through this chair and memories have been embedded into it. Behind every scratch and indentation are a story and a memory. When you sit in the chair you can feel the presence of those who passed through before you. You are connected by something as simple as a chair.

It reminds you of those who are no longer with you but helps you to remember them in their everyday life. This is not just a chair made up of oak wood, nails and paint but of love and memories. It is the history of family that holds the chair together like glue and the reason it has survived so long no matter what is thrown at it. This chair is a symbol of our family. It expresses how close knit our family is and how much we lean and relay on each other. It shows that no matter what you can get through anything if you just stick together just like the chair has stuck with us.


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