Descriptive Paragraph

Descriptive Paragraph

As you enter through the large brown wooden door into the bedroom, the first thing you notice is a messy wooden single bed, with red covers. On top of the red bed covers there is a rotten green apple, a broken purple video game, a putrid white pair of underwear, a black baseball cap hanging from the left side of the bed and a green backpack hanging from the right side of the bed. On the back wall of the bed is a small blue wooden bookcase with a purple and two other red books.

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Under the bed there is a couple of old and dirty board games. Next to it there is a little white baseball and a big old rusty musical instrument. In front of the bed lies a dirty pair of socks that smell like a dead rat and in front of the smelly socks is a multicolored broken skateboard. In the left corner of the room there is a large brown wooden wardrobe, it has a pair of blue pants and many colored shirts inside, on its right side there is a green football poster and on the left side door hangs an orange-yellowish hoodie.

On top of the wardrobe there is a big open purple box and next to it lies a big orange basketball. Next to the wardrobe there is a small wooden dresser with a white sock hanging from the second of its three doors. On top of the dresser there is a large green toy dinosaur and a fish tank with a little red fish inside. On the back of the dresser there is a large colorful samurai poster. Finally, in the ceiling there is a shiny blue spaceship hanging from a string.


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