Eqiulity and Diversity

Eqiulity and Diversity

1. Describe a range of appropriate investigative methods that can be used to explore diversity in a community. Investigation methods that are often used to explore diverse communities are, Survey, Using a questionnaire is a good way of collecting information from large numbers of participants. You would use this method of investigation gathering when it is not possible to get numbers or the relevant information from text books or internet. Pros, •Surveys are cheap to do •Surveys are useful in a large population. •Many questions can be asked about a given topic giving considerable flexibility. Cons The researcher must ensure that a large number of people will reply. •It may be hard for people to recall information or to tell the truth about a question. •Surveys are inflexible in that they require the initial question design to remain the same throughout the data collection. •Not all people want to participate Direct Observation, Direct observation is where you stand in a busy place and observe people. This method can be used without bothering anyone and are able to gatherer adequate and truthful information. You could possible use this method if you wanted to find out how many people visit a certain location.

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Pros •Are able to use other observers information •This observation method can be totally free to perform •Are able to cover several groups. Cons •Does not provide complete information for difficult questions. •Time consuming •Observer needs to be fully qualified and have a good understanding of questions. Indirect observation, An observation technique in which some record of past behaviour is used, rather than observation of behaviour as it occurs for example if a shop has a counter on how many people have entered the shop u would use that information.

U would be able to then look at the amount of receipts to be able to find out what percentage would be buying from your business. Pros •It can be far reaching and can be very exact. •No need to bother people. •Results are very accurate Cons •results can contain human error •you often need more than one method of observation to get a result Internet research, Internet research is a method to use to reach information within the United Kingdom and other countries. It offers a large amount of figure that has been obtained from governments. This method is probably the easiest to use as it provides you with most of the answers.

Pros •Very easy to use •Covers large areas •Easy to get in contact via email to gain more information •Easy to access addresses and postcodes Cons •Not all figures are accurate •You don’t know who published the information being used •Can be expensive if having to print information •Copyright may reduce what you are able to use Local agencies, Local agencies can be used to gather information by contacting them and asking to reveal their information. This is a very common one that is used as all the observational side has been done for you.

It would be used if you were trying to find out how many people have claimed benefit in one month and what ethnic minority they are. This method is very reliable as all the information within the query is available from their religion down to their age. Pros •Accurate information •Able to call a meeting to answer a range of questions Cons •Confidentiality act in place to stop certain information being give out •May not answer the phone or have time to talk to you •Will not be able to cover a large range •Having to rely on other peoples information

Investigation though enumerators Enumerator is someone who collects census data by visiting individual homes. This technique is often used where the researcher is not sure about the actual amount of participants. This observation method is very often used to collect data for the voting poll. Pros •Accurate information is collected •More of a personal approach Cons •May get disabled people who may find it difficult to communicate. •Information will only be reliable of the enumerator is reliable. •Very costly inquiry •Person may not answer the door or may not want to co-operate


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