Fashion vs Personality

Fashion vs Personality

“Know first who you are; and then adorn yourself accordingly” ~Epictetus Fashion is as essential as personality. It is for everyone willing to dress in a way that reflects their essence; their own style. No matter what, always trying to feel comfortable and satisfied with the clothes they wear that will show who they truly are. Finding individuality is really about getting to know yourself. It is about being connected with the very essence of who you are and, most important, be confident about it.

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There could still exist people who think “fashionable” clothing is made for a particularly group of society, who meet certain beautiful physical features or characteristics (slim figures or a specific height, for example). However, this is not true. Discovering your own personal style sets you apart from the rest; main reason why clothes should always be made by the woman and not the other way around. To achieve the objective of feeling and looking good, as well as finding your unique style is the first step. Eventually, it takes time to find a personal clothing style.

It is not only a matter of combining whichever outfit, but it also consists on contributing with ideas based on inspirations, desires, interests and lifestyle. Bring some or all of them together, mirror them to the world in the way you dress up. That is how fashion develops with personality and not the opposite. Choosing the right clothes can provoke a drastic change on the way people see you. Anyone can get attention when entering a room or attract people with the same interest just because of the way they put clothes on.

Clothes tell who we are in the society; it gives others a hint of what we want, what our needs, talents, or goals are. Without a doubt, clothing can build as much as it can destroy our image. Perhaps, clothing the only visible clue, the silent but very powerful communicator of our personality” At times, even mood influences the colors you decide to wear on clothes. Looking all these colors in our closets everyday, makes quite difficult to believe that, whether you may or may not be aware of it, one specific color is chosen among the others according to what your feelings are that day.

Depending on our moods, when entering our closets; and while flipping through our wardrobes, we unconsciously begin mood altering processes that cause us to choose, for example, bright warm colored attire over cool somber colors if it is a sunny day. Today, clothes have become a means for one human to evaluate another. However, appart from the colors someone can pick out according to their moods, certain colors exist that might fit you well; once you have found your personality.

It is divided into different groups describing several characteristics; without being required that each individual should have only one personality’s characteristics. If someone is delicate, gentle and very feminine; pestle and light colors could be the right option. Likewise, if you have an athletic, strong spirit; bold and striking colors as red and orange appear to be suitable. On the other hand, if someone thinks that their personality is extremely unusual and daring, any print which suit with their mood is okay, but it should be uncommon.

Nevertheless, if the person seems to be modest, shy and timid; soft and light weight materials (cotton and silk) are appropriate for them. As well as conservative, reserve, serious looking people, whose light and sober colors fit them okay. Finally, lively sparkiling, bright and carefree personalities should be more focused to lively and colorful prints with light to medium weight textures and no matter the color, as long as they feel comfortable with it. However, personal style is more than the color you wear on clothes; “is a manner of expression characteristic of an individual.

It is the external expression of our internal perception. People identify us by our style: our voice, movement, dress, and every discernable characteristic that makes us who we are. ” It is radical the idea and perception that fashion is limited to specific individuals only. We all keep making mistakes because of the influences surrounding us (a parent, our friends, social position, career path, media, etc. ). This basically means that you’re not quite sencere with your preferences or that you feel forced to confine to other people’s standard and expectations.

Fashion and style are two different things, but connected in many ways. Fashion is about looks and image that are popular in a specific time and period. Style, on the other hand, is more about expressing your individuality through clothes, and doesn’t have an “expiration date”. Fashion gives you the ideas and the nudge to dare; personality and style is what you make out of it. A fashion usually remains popular two or three years and then is replaced by yet another fashion, but who would ever dare to replace your personality?

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