Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice

Poetry Analysis My two poems for my poetry analysis are “Fire and Ice” and “Let me not to the marriage of true minds”. The poems are written in two different time periods by unlike authors. Having two dissimilar poems help show how the authors used different techniques to connect with their audience. The author’s use of style, form, sound, and literary techniques help show their different techniques. “Fire and Ice” was written by Robert Frost in 1923. This was the modern time period. The sound of the poem has an end rhyme which makes it a lyric.

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Robert Frost uses sarcasm, paradox, personification and rhyming. He puts in his own opinion about what he thinks is going to happen when the end of the world comes. His use of tone makes it seem that fire or ice is the only options for the world to end. This has an impact in history today because scientists have different beliefs on how the world will end. Some believe it will end from the earth’s fiery core while others believe it will be from an upcoming ice age (Vincent). Robert Frost used fire and ice as symbols of desire and hate.

So he believes that the world can end both ways. “Let me not to the marriage of minds” was written by Shakespeare during the Renaissance period. The poem has a rhyme scheme. It’s also written in different sonnets. The poem talks about true love and how it should be. Shakespeare uses different techniques which made him famous and different from authors during his time period. He uses human beauty, experiences, and the ability to turn a phase to connect to his audience. The theme of his poem is that true love is rare.

In the poem Shakespeare states that if what he said about love is wrong than he “never writ, nor no man ever loved. ” (Shakespeare 262) Since it’s a known fact that he has indeed written poems and that man have loved before then his theory of love should be true. Time period does have an impact on how a writers style and what they write. Depending on the current events that are going on during that time the author can be angry with the economy, sad because of the tragedy of 9/11, or happy about winning a war. Style also affects what type of reader an author brings in and attracts.


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