Hostel Student

Hostel Student

The hostel students, sometimes, misuse their freedom and independence which spoils their promising career. Some begin to love films and fashions. Some waste their money in gambling and drinking. Some hostels are over crowded and do not provide healthy and comfortable living. The crowded rooms do not allow the students to pay proper attention to their studies. Our political parties also misuse the students especially the boarders. Student Accommodation at Colleges: Colleges and Universities also provide student accommodation facilities for the welfare of the students.

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When compared to school life hostels, it is completely different at colleges. We can find more number of students staying at hostel during college studies rather than school studies. They are given much more importance. The main reason is, the schools are established plenty in number but the colleges are not so. Mainly, the good colleges and Universities are situated in city or district areas. The students who are living in the village side, finds difficult to go and attend the classes from remote areas. So they mainly prefer hostels for staying. Some of the college hostels are strictly maintained.

But some of the hostels never mind about anything. Even when the students are grown up till college level, their minds are the same. They have the mind-set towards their families and native homes. Student Accommodation at Outside: Some of the students do not like to stay in hostel due to many reasons. Consequently they prefer to reside outside. People afford rental houses for the students, where the student can take an individual house and stay alone or else they can stay with their friends in sharing basis. This is widespread now-a-days in cities. Even the parents are matured enough to let their children to stay outside with their friends.


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