Hotel Del Coronado and Haunted Hotels

Hotel Del Coronado and Haunted Hotels

Michaela Spurlin – HAUNTED HOTELS SCAVENGER HUNT Access www. allstays. com Click on the word “Haunted Hotels” at the top of the Homepage. 1. Whose reflection has been seen in the mirror of the lobby of Hollywood’s Roosevelt Hotel? Marilyn Monroe 2. What hotel in Colorado did Stephen King write “The Shining”? Stanley Hotel 3. What well-known hotel is haunted in Hawaii? Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach Resort Spa 4. What hotel in Georgia have guests found copies of their Wall Street Journal newspaper and coffee disturbed? Jekyll Island Club Hotel 5. What is the most haunted place aboard the Queen Mary Hotel? Long Beach) The 1st Class Swimming Pool 6. What cabin is no longer rented because of unexplained disturbances? The room B340 7. Who haunts the 1891 Castle Inn of New Orleans? A very light skinned black man, horse carriage driver. And a little girl wearing a white dress and is barefoot all the time. 8. Which hotel is New Orleans is haunted with country music? Hotel Maison de Ville 9. Whose spirit is said to reside in the Colonial Inn in Massachusetts? Ralph Waldo Emerson 10. The Radisson Hotel front desk in Utah receives calls from what room when no one is staying in that room?

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Room 1106 11. What 2 strange events take place every year on January 20th at the Renaissance May Flower Hotel? The lights dim and flicker at 10:00 pm, the time when guests of honor at the ball are announced. One elevator stops at the eight floor until 10:15 pm, when the president would have left his room to come down to the ball. The elevator then descends to the lobby level. 12. What hotel in D. C. is haunted during the 1st two weeks in December? Hay Adams Hotel 13. Complete the table below to include three haunted hotels, location, and cost to stay on Halloween. Haunted Hotels |Location (City, State) |Room Rate on Halloween | |Provincial Hotel |New Orleans, Louisiana |$119 | |Hotel Del Coronado | Coronado, California |$395 | |The Stanley Hotel | Estes Park, Colorado |$196 | 14. Compare your Haunted Hotels above: a.

Which Hotel has the most expensive rate? Hotel Del Coronado b. Which hotel has the least expensive rate? Provincial Hotel 15. Why is there a difference in price between the most expensive and least expensive hotel on your list above? Because the hotels I chose above get more elegant and nicer as you go down the list. Also, one hotel is much bigger than the other. OwnerPage 210/12/2011 16. What are two reasons why people would want to stay at Haunted Hotels? The thrill. Some people like to be surprised and saying in a haunted hotel will definitely have a surprise waiting for you around every corner.


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