Human Genetic Engineering

Human Genetic Engineering

Human Genetic Engineering Human Genetic Engineering is the alteration of genetic material. As science is improving as so does our need to make the world a “better” place. Technological advancements have let us cloned many animals but the next step you say? The next step is human engineering, as humans of perfection; we are always trying to find ways to make things better than others. They are able to manipulate the human genome and to cure the world of diseases. Scientists are able to make the perfect humans, stronger, faster, smarter, and no deformity.

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As humans should react, many problems rise up about “what being human really means? ” Science is moving faster than moral understanding. Values, morals, and our humanity are thrown at the table, not knowing if we will be torn apart our live peacefully in a utopian world. Well first of all, the main goal of human engineering is to be able to wipe out the world of all types of diseases. Since as long as we can remember, humans have been plagued by many diseases that affect our mind and bodies.

That’s where human engineering comes into play, being able to manipulate the genes in each person, in order to prevent diseases like cystic fibrosis, TaySachs, and Huntington’s to heart disease, diabetes, and cancer from ever happening. “Genetic intervention” is seen as a way to help the ones who are in need, due to some kind of physical or mental sickness, find out what it is and get rid of it. Bring that person back to normal state of being so they don’t have to live with the problems that come with being sick. (Genes and the Future of people, para. 1).

That is what all this is about; people don’t have to take anymore pills, no more going into treatments, or any type of surgery since no one in the world will have a disease or any kind of limitation to their health. Scientists will always want to find a way to do things better to “fix” things but what happens when people do it just to enhance their bodies for all the wrong reasons? There will always be that one person who wants to be greedy and manipulate the human genome for his own benefits. According to Caplan, humans will possibly want to take this human engineering to another whole new level, “breeding superbabies” (Caplan, para. ). A maniac in some sort of deserted place will have babies in a test tube, growing them to make an army to take over the world. Evil people exist in the world with many intentions to harm others or to benefit themselves but either way; this will go way beyond how we view human engineering as a good thing. Caplan knows that there are people who want to make human engineering into their own little money maker and possibly want to rule the world, with incredibly strong, smart, and perfect humans that are willing to do anything.

This could possibly mean the end of all mankind and the start of a new genocide, destroying everyone who is not perfect. Perfection is what every human being strides to become. But then it comes down to, why do we want to become perfect? Will it be because social media has had such a big influence on humans, that it will drive them to become just like those models on T. V. or because humans just want to be able to fit in with the ones who are going to be perfect. “Genetic enhancement” is the goal to be able to give a person some kind of trait, ability, or enhance their bodies in a way that will make them ultimate human.

These people with perfect traits and bodies, physically and mentally, will have an advantage over others. There wouldn’t be any kind of competition because no one would be able to compete with someone who is perfect in every way! (Genes and the Future of people, para. 1) Humans are always going to want to be better than the one that is standing next them, it is the little voice in our heads that tells us, ”Hey, the guy standing next to you is stronger, faster, and even better looking than you” and what do humans do?

They go find a way to become better than that person and ultimately they achieve their goal or they just become of those “lame” people we don’t want to associate with. If everyone starts to become perfect and there are others who don’t fall into this perfectionism, a clash over the “perfect” ones and the non-perfect ones. Social inequality would be the main outcome, where the “perfect” ones will think, they are much better than the ones who don’t look just like them and have “deformities”. We all know where this will lead to.

The biggest concern with human engineering is what will become of our morals, values, and norms. How humans believe that what was given to us, we should cherish it, embrace it, accept it, and work with what you have to Celebrate nature and don’t try to control everything. Everything in life has a purpose, and others see it as something that humans can fix and make it “better”. No one person is alike and what makes us unique is how we are made, not by what is inserted in us to make us different than others. In a world without givens, a world controlled by bioengineering, we would dictate our nature, as well as our practices and norms. ” (Sandel, para. 11). Everything that we know and see about how life should be, having flaws, making mistakes, being unique from everyone else, it will all be a figment of imagination. Everything we see and do that makes us humans, will all be gone and there will be a new way of how people see each other. You strip out what we think if as beauty and intelligence and mold it into a whole new different point of view. Parents also come into play in this whole idea of having better babies.

Parents always want what’s best for their kids, from having a better education to giving them all they need to be successful from a young age. But what will happen when they get the chance to choose what their baby will look like and what it shall and shall not have. “There is little reason to think that the drive to do right by our kids will be any different if and when we are offered the chance to improve them genetically. ” (Caplan, para. 8). Parents will be willing to do anything so that their children will most likely have the best genes.

No one wants their little bundle of joy to be left behind in the “genetic race” (Caplan, para. 7). One of these norms that will change is, being able to say that a child is gifted. Humans won’t be able to look at in that special way, as when kids are gifted in a sport, in a subject, or just giving that little hope to someone who is troubled. “To some degree, being a good parent, athlete or performer is about accepting and cherishing the raw material you have been given to work with. ” (Sandel, para. 6). This wouldn’t be the case, as every kid would be able to do anything that is thrown at them, perfectly.

There wouldn’t be any need for practice or the word “gifted athlete”. All these competitions for sports wouldn’t be great to watch, because we know that both sides are the best. No more “miracles”, where the little guy, goes out to play his hardest and everyone says he doesn’t stand a chance but because of his will and perseverance, he wins the game. No more looking at people who have defied the laws of science, where they were told, they would never be able to walk and there they are running. All these feats will be no more for the entire human race will be just one perfect human being.

We humans try to do anything we can in order to perfect the human image. Parents unknowingly do it as they think about what kinds of kids they want. As Human Engineering comes into our hands, they will be able to do just exactly that. Being able to manipulate hair, skin, body type, and everything in between, won’t stop them from letting their children have the best they can. People will also be manipulate their bodies and strengthen their abilities than any other human being. It isn’t all so bad, as we figure out also how to get rid of diseases and make the world a “better” place.

We will just have to live the fact that our values and the way we see nature intended the way for it to be will be gone. Many things that we thought were normal will have ceased to exist but just a remembrance of how human nature intended for us to be. Works Cited Saletan,William. New York Times(1932-currentfile)New York,N. Y. 08 July 2007:7 Genes and the Future people: Philosophical Issues in Human Genetics,2001,p. 79- 108,30p;1590 Sandel, J Michael. The Atlantic Monthly. Boston: Apr 2004, vol. 293, iss. 3;p. 50(11 pages) Caplan,A. C. (2001,Jan 22) Human Engineering: What should be the rules? Time-1


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