J. K. Simmons and Position Juno

J. K. Simmons and Position Juno

Juno: The film begins with Juno (Ellen Page) staring at a recliner (while drinking a gallon of Sunny-D) telling the audience that it all began with a chair. We see a short flashback of Juno and her best friend, Paulie Bleeker (played by a skinny but flabby Michael Cera). Paulie sits naked in the recliner waiting for Juno. Juno takes off her underwear and sits down on him (the extent of the sex scene to keep it PG-13). Juno (whom we learn is smart and fast-mouthed throughout the movie) then goes to a convenience store to take a pregnancy test.

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Judging by her conversation with Rollo the clerk (small part played by Rainn Wilson), this is her third test today (hence her drinking all the Sunny-D to produce urine). The test ends up the same as the last two, she’s pregnant. She calls (on her hamburger phone) her best friend, Leah. It takes Leah a few minutes to fully comprehend the realization of the position Juno is in. We see a funny clip of Paulie getting ready to run with the track team (with his trademark head and wrist bands). After he steps out of the house, he sees Juno who tells him the news. Paulie supports Juno’s decision to abort the baby.

Juno goes to Women Now to get an abortion. Before entering, she bumps into her classmate Su-Chin. Su-Chin is a lone protestor who quietly and nervously tries to talk Juno out of her abortion. Out of all the arguments, the one that Juno finds remotely interesting is that her baby might have fingernails by now. She encounters a snarky receptionist who tries to give her boysenberry-flavored condoms. Juno eventually decides against the abortion. She meets up with Leah and the two discuss adoption and how to break the news to Juno’s dad and step mom (Mac and Bren, played by J.

K. Simmons and Allison Janney). The other member of her family is her little sister Liberty Bell, whom we don’t hear from much in the film. Juno breaks the news to her folks, who are disappointed but supportive. Juno tells them she wants to give the baby to a couple she and Leah found on the Penny-Saver. She also lets them know who the father is (Mac: Next time I see the Bleeker kid, I’m going to punch him in the wiener). Mac goes with Juno to visit the prospective parents, Vanessa and Mark Loring (played very well by Jennifer Garner and Jason Bateman).

Vanessa can’t have children and is very excited by Juno’s cooperation. The couple’s lawyer seems prepared to negotiate an open adoption (where Juno is updated on the child’s development after birth). However, Juno has no interest and would rather have a closed adoption. The couple seems taken aback by how easy Juno is coming off (despite her less than polite attitude). Juno uses their restroom upstairs and bumps into Mark who is looking for something. The two talk about music (the conversation inspired by Mark’s Les Paul guitar). They seem to have compatible tastes in music and movies.

Mark used to be in a band, though now he makes his nice living through commercial jingles. The two jam for a bit on the guitars, before Vanessa frustratingly interrupts so they can get back to business. The meet concludes with Mark and Vanessa agreeing to pay for medical expenses Juno visits Paulie to hang out. Paulie says that the two should get their band back together after Juno delivers. He also tries to suggest that the two should get back together as a couple. Juno tries to play it off to Paulie’s disappointment. She suggests he try to get together with Katrina De Voort.

Paulie doesn’t like the idea, claiming Katrina and her house always smell like soup. Throughout the movie Paulie supports Juno’s decisions and quietly tries to help her in any way he can. Juno doesn’t pay much attention to Paulie’s support, relying more on her parents as well as the Lorings. Juno goes with her mother and Leah to get an ultrasound. During their appointment, the technician delivers a few passive-aggressive comments towards Juno’s teenage pregnancy. Bren reprimands her to Juno and Leah’s amusement. Juno makes a few drop-ins to the Lorings (mostly unexpected). Mark is usually the only one home at the time.

The two hang out a lot, watching bad horror films and listening to music. We can obviously see a chemistry forming between the two (though Juno may not see the seriousness of it). Eventually Vanessa comes home and Juno shows them pictures from the ultrasound. In a later scene, we see the Lorings in the baby’s future room. We can sense that Mark isn’t as enthusiastic about being a father while Vanessa tries to figure out what to put on the wall. After Juno comes home, Bren warns her about going to see the Lorings so much, especially while Vanessa isn’t there since it isn’t appropriate.

Juno shrugs off the advice. Juno will later see Vanessa at the mall, where she sees how great she is with kids (the kids being children of Vanessa’s friends). The two see each other and Juno lets her feels the baby. At school, Juno is given the nastiest and most curious looks. She has to deal with being the only pregnant 16 year old. The two eat lunch by the school’s trophy case, while Leah goes on about a few topics; one revolves around her crush on one of the teachers (an older man thing she has). The other is about Paulie asking Katrina to prom.

Juno doesn’t react so well, but denies she has any feelings for him, after being teased by Leah. Later in the day, she confronts him and the two have an argument at Paulie’s locker. Paulie holds most of the moral high ground, claiming that Juno is acting immature about the whole thing and how heartbroken he was when Juno claimed they were never a couple. Juno makes another visit to the Lorings. They listen to All The Young Dudes. Mark says he danced to the song during his prom. The two slow dance to it in the basement, where Mark tells Juno he’s leaving Vanessa.

Juno is shocked and tries to convince him to stay with her. Mark thought Juno would be happy about the news, but learns that above all, Juno wants the baby to be in a loving family. Juno is about to leave, when Vanessa comes home. She sees Juno crying and stops her from leaving, wanting to know what is going on. Mark comes out with the fact that he isn’t ready to be a father. Vanessa tells him that he needs to grow up and that he simply isn’t going to make it as a rock star by now. The two fight while Juno makes her way out.

She goes home and talks to he father about the need to know that people can be happy with each other. Mac tells her that shell know she’s in love, when she finds the person that loves her for her, no matter what situation shes in. She comes to the realization that person is Paulie (though Mac amusingly believes she’s talking about dear old dad). As the Lorings discuss the pending divorce, Juno rings their doorbell and leaves. The two find a note left on their front porch. She then buys a ton of orange tic-tacs (Paulie’s vice) with Leah. She leaves them in Paulie’s mailbox to his amusement.

After school, Juno goes to see Paulie at his track practice. She tells him, she’s in love with him. He’s the ones that accepts her for her (always looking at her face–not her belly, when they talk). Juno calls him the coolest person she knows, and how he doesn’t even have to try (Paulie: I try really hard, actually). The two kiss while Leah (from afar) teases them how it might induce the pregnancy. While at home, Juno’s water breaks, and the family rushes to the hospital. Juno desperately wants a shot for the pain (incorrectly calling the shot a

Spinal Tap). She goes into labor and gives birth to a healthy boy. She didn’t want to disturb Paulie about the event since he had a track meet. However, after winning his event and realizing Juno wasn’t around, Paulie figures it out and rushes to the hospital. The two decide not to see the child after the birth. Paulie lies next to Juno and holds her. Vanessa goes to the nursery to hold her new baby (the notes said If you’re still in, I’m still in). Vanessa asks Bren how she looks. Bren sweetly says she looks like a new mom, scared shitless.

After the event, we see Juno’s life afterwards. Juno says it began with a chair, and ended with a chair (Vanessa’s rocking chair). We see the baby’s room, where Vanessa has decided to put Juno’s note on the wall. Bren has finally bought a puppy (we see throughout the movie she is obsessed with dogs). Juno rides her bike over to Paulie’s, where he is waiting. She talks about the normalcy about falling in love, then having babies and how it didn’t end up in that order for her. The two play Anyone Else But You on the guitar. Afterwards, Juno kisses him.


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