Jean Anyon Essay

Jean Anyon Essay

Karen Roxas In Jean Anyon’s The Social Class and Hidden Curriculum of Work, Anyon depict that the different hidden curriculums in school education predetermine, for the most part, the social status of many of their students. The schools’ outside environment, economic standing, and student’s social background are some of the factors that predetermine the future of the students in a certain school.

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For example, working class schools, which are usually located in poor neighborhoods, are usually designed to have a simple curriculum since students are not really expected to go to a university. These schools may usually have lower graduation requirements, less advanced classes, and lower rates of students going to a university. On the other hand, affluent schools from wealthy neighborhoods may have a more challenging curriculum since students are expected to attain a higher education.

In addition, these affluent schools may have more graduation requirements, more advanced classes, and higher rates of students going to a university compared to working class schools. However, more than the hidden curricula itself, a student’s overall social environment and influences can shape innate perseverance and determination in becoming successful. The major role of a student’s family is to nurture and develop a child’s values, habits, and mindset about the future.

Thus, the educational environment in a student’s home is one of the most important factors that mold a student’s attitude towards his/her studies. This educational environment includes variables such as parent’s press for achievement, academic guidance, and work habits of the family. A parent’s press for achievement includes their interest in their child’s academics, and how much pressure they put on their child to achieve success.


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