Unroll or Roll a Mat

Unroll or Roll a Mat

Unrolling and Rolling of a Mat Material A Cloth Mat Presentation 1. We first identify the child who will perform the task. Then we invite her and greet her according to the time of the day. 2. Introduce the activity to her, “Today we are going to unroll and roll the cloth the mat, would you like to do this activity”. 3. We must use very cordial language with an amicable tone and maintain a warm eye contact with the child all through the conversation and the activity. 4. Child needs to be informed that it is a table activity.

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Then we proceed with the child to the shelf where the cloth mats are kept (It is a teacher’s preparation to keep the mats tightly rolled and placed in the shelf). 5. The cloth mat shelf is introduced to the child by saying, “Mary this is where we keep the cloth mats (practical life material)”, Point to the cloth mat saying, “ Mary these are the cloth mats”. 6. The teacher will pick the cloth mat up with all the five fingers of both hands. The hands have to be at equidistance. Show the child the appropriate way of picking up a mat.

Then she places it back on the shelf. 7. Now she requests the child to carry the mat to the worktable saying, “Mary would you carry the mat to the worktable please”. 8. Accompany the child to the worktable. Draw an imaginary line across the table, to enable the child place the mat in proper position (we must ensure that the mat is placed with an open edge towards the child). 9. The teacher and child will pull out the chair very gently using both hands at the right and left respectively and be seated. 10.

Introduce the material to the child by saying, “Mary this is a vinyl mat (pointing to the mat on the worktable) and this is a cloth mat (pointing to the cloth mat”. 11. Introduce the activity to the child by saying, “Mary, today we are going to learn how to unroll and then roll a mat. You watch me carefully first then you will have your turn”. 12. The teacher will place the two dominant fingers of both hands on the center of the mat and then she will crease the mat along the open edge towards the left with two dominant fingers of her left hand.

Return to center and repeat the same with the right hand. 13. The two dominant fingers of the left hand will remain at the center of the mat; we will unroll the mat slowly with all the five fingers of our right hand. 14. If the roll goes beyond the reach, hold the bottom line with three dominant fingers of the left hand and pull the mat down. Again start unrolling as per step 13, till the mat it completely unrolled. 15. Place two dominant fingers of both hands on the top of the mat. Crease the mat with two dominant fingers towards the left with left hand.

Then repeat the same towards right with the right hand. 16. Half cycle is complete. 17. To roll the mat make a half-inch fold at the bottom, crease towards the left and right with the two dominant fingers. Hold the mat with all the five fingers and roll the mat tightly. 18. Hold the rolled mat from the center with the right hand and tap the mat with four fingers of the left hand to make the roll even. 19. Change hands, now hold the mat in left hand and tap the other end of the rolled mat with four dominant fingers of the right hand. 20.

Then hold the mat with both hands and place in its position. Invite the child to do this activity by asking, “Mary would you like to unroll and roll the mat, now”. 21. Let the child do the activity and complete the activity. 22. Wind up the activity by saying, “Mary, today we have learnt how to unroll and roll a mat. Feel free to work with this material and if you need my help you can always come back to me. Would you like to place the material back”? 23. Stand up gently, placing the chairs back. Let the child carry the material back and the teacher can accompany the child back to the shelf.

Aim 1. Direct Aim Development of motor skills, a child learns how to unroll and roll a mat. 2. Indirect Aim a) Improve Concentration b) Build Confidence c) Aid Self Construction d) Intellectual Development e) Order f) Hand Eye Coordination g) Development of Fine Motor Skills h) Language Development (left and right movement): pre writing and pre reading skills. i) Social Development: Etiquettes and Manners j) Independence k) Vocabulary building Control Of Error 1. Ensure the mat is evenly rolled. 2. The mat is tightly rolled. 3.

The mat should not be diagonally or vertically rolled. 4. Roll it away from the body. Points of Interest 1. Carrying the mat to the worktable. 2. Creasing the mat with the two dominant fingers. 3. Using the five fingers to unroll the mat. 4. Creasing the edges of the mat once it is completely unrolled. 5. Starting to roll the mat again. 6. Tapping the mat on either side to even out the mat. Age Two and half year old and onwards. Language Cloth Mat, Vinyl Mat, Unroll, Roll, Crease, Edges, Material Variation Rolling up a rug, napkin, paper, towel, handkerchief, chappati.


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