Judgment In The Catcher In The Rye English Literature Essay

Judgment In The Catcher In The Rye English Literature Essay

In The Catcher in the Rye J.D. Salinger makes a point of demoing multiple motives of sex and judgement. Through the chief character Holden, Salinger says that sex is a sacred thing, but besides something of the grownup universe. It is ‘corrupted ‘ harmonizing to Holden. Salinger shows that sex hurts guiltless people, largely kids. We besides see that Holden Judgess a individuals ‘ character instantly, he “ reads a book by its screen ” . The writer shows that this is a atrocious thing to make, as with Holden ‘s brush with Mr. Antolini, because he shoves off people who try to assist him. Salinger shows through Holden that sex is sacred and something non to be taken lightly and that people should non judge others because those you judge may be seeking to assist you.

One thought Holden does non seek to jostle away is sex. Holden says that he is “ the biggest sex lunatic you of all time saw ” ( Salinger 62 ) . However, he does believe that “ sex is a physical and religious experience, ” non a insouciant happening ( 146 ) . Salinger shows this when Holden says “ I keep halting ” ( 92 ) . Holden ne’er rapes adult females because he respects them to the full, like in the instance of the cocotte. He could hold easy had sex with Sunny, but did non because he felt sorry for and respected her and her organic structure, partially because she was so immature. Holden has ne’er had sex because he is excessively frightened of the idea. When Holden says ” Sex is merely something I do n’t understand, ” the writer is stating that sex is something sacred and reserved for the grownup universe ( 63 ) .

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Holden hates it when sex is treated as an mundane occurrence, as with Sunny. Holden does non “ have a spell ” with her because he thinks of her “ traveling into a shop and purchasing [ her ] green frock, and cipher in the shop cognizing she was a cocotte ” ( 96 ) . Holden did non believe he would acquire a cocotte who was “ immature as snake pit, ” and it makes him sad that such a immature miss would hold to be involved with harlotry therefore losing the remainder of her life to mindless sex ( 99 ) . Holden strongly believes that “ A miss is n’t a cocotte or anything ” ( 92 ) . Therefore, when he says that gifted people who showboat their gifts are ‘prostitutes ‘ , he thinks they are making something that merely is n’t right and accordingly making something that should non be done. For illustration, Holden ‘s ‘ brother D.B. used to be a great author harmonizing to Holden, but so “ he went out to Hollywood and prostituted himself ” ( 82 ) . Ernie, the celebrated piano player, is “ prostituting ” his endowments and “ being really bogus ” when he plays, and “ he sounds like the sort of cat that wo n’t speak to you unless you ‘re a large a large shooting ” ( 80, 82 ) . Holden thinks endowment should be considered a sacred thing, much like sex ; “ If I was a piano participant, I ‘d play in the cupboard ” ( 84 ) .

In the book, Holden besides sees how sex hurts guiltless people. Maurice, a procurer, hurts Holden when “ he snapped his fingers really hard on [ Holden ‘s ] pajamasaˆ¦ it hurt like snake pit ” ( 102 ) . Maurice sexually violates Holden, much in the same manner the toughs violate James Castle. Phil Stabile, one of the toughs, colzas James Castle because he wo n’t take back a derogatory statement ; “ I wo n’t even state you what they did to him-it ‘s excessively repulsive- but he still would n’t take it back ” ( 170 ) . Stradlater is one individual who Holden hates because he rapes adult females ; “ He ‘d get down snowing his day of the month in this quiet, sincere voice. His day of the month would maintain stating ‘No, delight. Please do n’t. ‘ And so there ‘d be this terrific silence ” ( 49 ) . Holden and Stradlater even acquire into a battle because Holden thinks Stradlater raped Jane, the adult female ( other than Phoebe ) that Holden loves and respects the most.

Holden attentions about small childs merely every bit much as he cares about Jane, and their artlessness is something Holden tries urgently to salvage. When he goes to Phoebe ‘s school, he sees ‘Fuck You ‘ written on the wall. He thinks about how “ all the small childs would see itaˆ¦ inquire what it meantaˆ¦ and some soiled child would state them ” ( 201 ) . Holden does non desire the childs to cognize about sex this early in their lives, so he wipes it off in order to protect their artlessness. However, this all adds to the fact that Holden is already an grownup who has lost his artlessness because he knows about sex, and he ‘s even tried and craved for it.

Mr. Antolini thinks otherwise, that Holden is on the path for “ some sort of a awful, awful autumn, ” but Holden has non fallen yet ( 186 ) . Mr. Antolini loves Holden as a pupil, a human, as a friend necessitating economy, and so he gives him a batch of advice on how to hedge what seems like a un-avoidable destiny to Holden. J.D. Salinger shows how much Mr. Antolini loves and attentions for Holden when he is petting Holden ‘s hair. However, Holden mistakes this for Mr. Antolini being a homosexual deviant and leaves rapidly. This scene adds to the fact that Holden Judgess people about instantly by their outward visual aspect. He leaves the house of the adult male who is one of the few in his life that cares for him, merely because of the manner the adult male expresses his attention is a small creepy to Holden. Holden Judgess Mrs. Antolini because when she walks in she “ did n’t look excessively gorgeousaˆ¦ reasonably old and all, ” without her make-up on ( 185 ) . He Judgess people because they may look or move like darts. Holden thinks that “ half the married cats in the universe are darts, ” and he even starts indicating out darts to Luce, none of whom he has even talked to or found out if they are really cheery or non ( 143 ) . Holden labels about everyone he meets as a bogus normally with about no logical thinking to travel on.

J.D. Salinger argues in his book that sex and judgement, though a critical portion of life, should be used with regard and cautiousness. Do n’t judge people before acquiring to cognize them. If you do, so you may run away from those who are seeking to assist you. Salinger besides says that gender hurts guiltless kids. It can destroy a great trade of their life, such as Sunny ‘s life of harlotry, and sex can destroy person ‘s life wholly as shown through the self-destruction of James Castle. Even though sex hurts people, Salinger argues that it can go something more, such as the Asian adult female Luce loves when sing sex as a religious experience. The writer shows this Holden because he respects adult females and Michigans when they tell him to, but besides when he does n’t ‘have a spell ‘ with Sunny because he does non desire to take portion in destructing portion of the life of person so immature. Sexual activity hurts artlessness, and in the grownup universe it is something evil unless to the full respected by all parties involved.


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