The Outsiders Ponyboy Curtis English Literature Essay

The Outsiders Ponyboy Curtis English Literature Essay

The storyteller of the book The Outsiders was Ponyboy Curtis. Ponyboy is a 14 old ages old teenage, who has long hair, greenish-grey eyes, and who is portion of a pack called the wetbacks. Ponyboy describes the Greasers as hapless and wild than their rival pack Socs ( Socials ) who were really high-toned people, who loved to leap the Greasers. Ponyboy ‘s pack was called the Greasers because they put a batch of oil their hair. The Greasers were all tight like a household. Ponyboy was walking place from the films and could n’t believe of anybody else except Paul Newman. Ponyboy references that he likes to travel to the films entirely because he likes to acquire lost in the narrative. Ponyboy ‘s parents had died in a auto accident and his two brothers were his defenders. Ponyboy had two brothers, Sodapop Curtis and Darry Curtis. Sodapop is sixteen-years old who is truly fine-looking and looks like Ponyboy ‘s pa. Ponyboy likes Sodapop more than anybody, even more than his parents because Sodapop attempts to understand him. On the other manus, Ponyboy ‘s oldest brother Darry who is twenty old ages old is ever shouting at Ponyboy and handling him as if he is five and non 14. Ponyboy is allowed to remain under the detention of his brothers merely if they behave.

As Ponyboy is two blocks off from place, he is acquiring truly nervous as the Socs are following him in a Corvair. Ponyboy explains how viciously Johnny was beaten up by the Socs. The Socs environment Ponyboy and asks him if he needed a haircut. The Socs so attacked Ponyboy and held a knife against his pharynx. Ponyboy shriek for aid and Ponyboy ‘s brothers and the remainder of the pack come running and frighten the Socs off. Sodapop helps Ponyboy up while Darry gives him a talk about walking entirely. The Greasers were a squad of the Curtis brothers, Steve Randle, Two-Bit Matthews, Dallas Winston, and Johnny Cade. Steve Randle was Sodapop ‘s best friend and thinks Ponyboy is a child, which is why Ponyboy does non like him. Two-Bit Matthews was the comic of the group. Dallas Winston ( Dally ) was the felon of the group because he had committed a batch of offenses when he was in New York. Johnny Cade was a really down immature adolescent and the youngest member of the pack. When the Greasers reach place they make programs for the dark. Sodapop and Steve were traveling out with upper-class Socs. Ponyboy and Johnny were traveling with Dally to the Nightly Double thrust in theatre tomorrow dark. As Ponyboy is acquiring ready to travel to kip he wonders why the Socs hate the Greasers and how life is so unjust for the Greasers. Pony besides does n’t understand why Darry ever goes so difficult on him. Sodapop so gives Ponyboy some brother talk that cheers Ponyboy up.

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Contemplation of pages 00-26

The first few pages of the book has shocked me as the issues discussed in the book which was written in 1967 are still present in today ‘s day of the month. Issues such as pack wars are still present today and have caused deceases of many immature and old human existences. Furthermore, when the Socs had attacked Ponyboy, the ideas that were running through my head all pointed to the decease of Ponyboy. The sudden appear of Ponyboy ‘s pack was really unexpected and demonstrated a really tight relationship between Ponyboy and his pack members. When reading about Johnny ‘s life and seeing how immature the character is, I could experience the emotions that he is traveling through. I personally felt that Johnny was a really sort and caring individual who was guiltless. When I see an guiltless individual is hurt I find a really suffering felling constructing up in my bosom for that peculiar individual. When reading about Two-Bit it made me inquire about Two-Bit ‘s funniest act. This subdivision truly pulled me right into the book and I think I am traveling to bask reading this book. S.E.Hintion had used superb manner of composing to depict the characters and had chosen a great subject to compose approximately.

Summary and Reflection of pages 27-44

Summary of pages 27-44

Ponyboy and Johnny had made programs to travel to the Nightly Double drive-in theater with Dally. They sneak into the theatre because Dally hated making things the legal manner. After successfully acquiring into the theatre they sit behind two female Socs. Dally so talks truly soiled to the misss but Ponyboy apologies to the misss, while Dally has gone to purchase coke. Ponyboy and Johnny introduce themselves to the Socs. We learn the name of the female Socs which were Sherri Valance ( Cherry ) and Marcia. Ponyboy thinks Cherry is really beautiful and likes her personality. When Dally returns with the coke he offers one to Cherry to quiet her down. Dally so starts speaking dirty to her once more, so Cherry throws the coke on Dally ‘s face. When Dally tries to move flirty with Cherry, Johnny tells him to halt, which was really lurid because Dally was really unsafe and no 1 of all time told him what to make. Dally had gotten truly angry so he had merely left. The misss so invite Ponyboy and Johnny to sit with them. As Two-Bit arrives we are notified that Dally had slashed the tyres of Tim Sheppard ‘s auto. Tim Sheppard was the leader of another Greasers pack.

Cherry was truly impressed with Johnny ‘s bravery to state Dally off but she suspected something incorrect in Johnny. Ponyboy so retells the tragic narrative of Johnny acquiring attacked by the Socs when Ponyboy and Cherry are acquiring Zea mays everta. It was four months ago, when Johnny was in the football field practising. Four Socs in a blue mustang had pulled up and so jumped Johnny. They beat him up so bad that it made Ponyboy rotter. One Soc had worn a batch of rings that gave Johnny alot of cuts. This tragic event scared Johnny so much that he ne’er walked entirely and carried a switch blade with him. This tragic narrative made Cherry really upset with the pack wars and assured Ponyboy that non all the Socs were like that, merely like how all Greasers are non like Dally. Cherry besides mentions that Socs have their ain problems but Ponyboy could n’t believe of any problems that the Socs could hold since the Socs had all the epicurean ownerships.

Contemplation of pages 27-44

Dally ‘s manner of non making anything lawfully makes me inquire, what might hold been the most illegal offense that he has committed? Sing the buildup of Johnny ‘s personality, I feel that Johnny is traveling to acquire out his depression and return to his normal ego. When Cherry had hit Dally in the face with the coke, I got this retaliation feeling that I get, when I get retaliation on my friends and relations. When reading about how Johnny was beaten up bad, I wonder what punishment the Socs had gotten when they beat Johnny up. I besides wonder what Johnny is traveling to make to get the better of his fright and how he is traveling to acquire retaliation on the Socs, because if I was in the topographic point of Johnny I would decidedly kick to the constabulary. By my position, I think Ponyboy should n’t hold told Cherry about Johnny ‘s personal life since Ponyboy was stating Cherry ( a complete alien to Ponyboy ) about Johnny ‘s personal life. When my friends state me about their personal lives, I have ne’er told anybody else about it because my friends have trusted me adequate to state me about their lives. As Ponyboy faced a batch of problem thought of the problems the Socs could hold, I had the same job because when you have money and epicurean ownerships I do n’t see what troubles you have since money bargains felicity.

Summary and Reflection of pages 45-60

Summary of pages 45-60

After the film was over Two-Bit, Ponyboy and Johnny realized that Cherry and Marcia did n’t hold a ride places so Two-Bit convinced them to give them a drive place. As they were walking to the auto Ponyboy realizes how Cherry is merely like any other wetback. Cherry and Ponyboy were acquiring near as friends and they started speaking about their personal lives. Ponyboy told Cherry about Sodapop ‘s Equus caballus, Mickey Mouse which he ne’er told anyone about. Mickey Mouse belonged to a cat that Sodapop usage to work for at the stallss. Mickey Mouse merely obeyed and loved Sodapop, and Sodapop loved him excessively. When the proprietor of the Equus caballus sold Mickey Mouse, Sodapop had cried all twenty-four hours long. Ponyboy was ten when Mickey Mouse was sold. Ponyboy had saved his allowance for a twelvemonth thought that he could purchase Mickey Mouse back for Sodapop but he was unsuccessful.

As Cherry and Ponyboy are speaking, Marcia spots a bluish mustang coming towards them and we learn that it was their fellow ‘s auto. As the blue mustang passed by, everyone merely stood still and they were all awfully horrified. After the mustang had driven by, Cherry asked Ponyboy about Darry. Ponyboy tells Cherry that he is non a human and they do n’t acquire along with each other. That shocked all of them particularly Two-Bit and Johnny. Two-Bit and Johnny both supported Darry and said that Darry was nil like Ponyboy ‘s description. Ponyboy explodes with choler and verbally bully ‘s Johnny about his life at place. Two-Bit smacks Ponyboy for handling Johnny that manner. Ponyboy gets really emotional about life itself, how it is unjust and how the Socs have the advantage in life. As the group was walking, the blue mustang returns and halt this clip. Two Socs acquire out this clip and they were Cherry ‘s and Marcia ‘s fellows. Ponyboy notices that one of the soc was have oning three rings. Ponyboy so realizes that the blue mustang and the rings related to the Socs that attacked Johnny. Johnny is really scared and the Greasers about fought the Socs but Cherry broke up the battle. Cherry and Marcia so make up one’s mind to go forth with the Socs. As the Socs left Ponyboy and Johnny decide to lie under the star while Two-Bit wanders off to happen a fire hook game. Ponyboy and Johnny so lie under the stars and inquire why life is so important for the Greasers. As Ponyboy is lying down he daydreams about populating out in the state with his parents alive and with no pack wars and so he falls asleep. Johnny awakens Ponyboy at 2:00 AM and sends him place. When Ponyboy reaches place Darry was waiting for him and was really angry at him. They both get into a battle and Darry slaps him. It was the first clip that anyone had of all time hit Ponyboy from his household. Ponyboy gets truly angry and runs out to where Johnny was as he feels rejected by Darry. When Ponyboy reaches the batch and wakes up Johnny, he tells him that they need to run off from place. Johnny composure Ponyboy down and tells him how lucky he is to hold a household that accepts him. Ponyboy so decides to travel place after chilling off by taking a walk around the park.

Contemplation of pages 45-60

While reading this subdivision of the book it occurs to me that the names that the writer has chosen to stand for certain characters are really original. Ponyboy and Sodapop were names that I would ne’er call my kids. Why has the writer chosen really original names? The writer could hold chosen names that are present in the day-to-day lives but why choose names that are original. In add-on, in many narratives there some connexion between the name and the narrative but in this instance at that place seems to be no connexion at all. When Ponyboy and Johnny were puting down in the batch and looking at stars, it reminded me of my bivouacing trip to Canadian Forces Base Borden. When Two-Bit slapped Ponyboy, I truly felt that Ponyboy needed it because he was doing merriment of a immature male child ‘s suffering childhood and his household who neglects him. Ponyboy ‘s actions on Johnny could do him more down and gives him more ground to detest his life. If I was present in that state of affairs, I would hold done the same thing as Two-Bit. When the Socs had passed by with their bluish mustangs I had a really bad feeling that there was traveling to be a battle between the two groups. Cherry halting the battle between the Greasers and the Socs truly showed how Cherry was a caring individual and how she could be trusted by the Greasers. Overall this subdivision was full of action.

Summary and Reflection of pages 61-84

Summary of pages 61-84

As Ponyboy and Johnny are walking in the park, they hear a really loud auto horn. Ponyboy and Johnny realize that it was from the blue mustang that they had approached earlier in the eventide. Ponyboy and Johnny do recognize that the Socs were drunk and they were outnumbered as five Socs had gotten out of the auto. Two of the Socs were Cherry ‘s and Marcia ‘s fellow and were the same people who threatened to crush up Two-Bit, Ponyboy and Johnny before in the eventide when they were walking with Cherry and Marcia. The Soc with the rings was Bob who was Cherry ‘s fellow and Randy was Marcia ‘s fellow. The Socs and Ponyboy speak rubbish about each other until Ponyboy did n’t hold anything to state so he spat at the Socs. Then a Soc grabs Ponyboy, and so he pushes him into the fountain and he was keeping his caput under H2O. Ponyboy could n’t take a breath and tried to support himself but he fails and gets really unconscious and swoons.

When Ponyboy wakes up, the Socs had left and Johnny tells him that he killed Bob with his switch blade. When Ponyboy asked Johnny if he truly had killed him he said “ I had to. They were submerging you, Pony. They might hold killed you and they had a bladeaˆ¦ They were gon na crush me upaˆ¦ ? ” ( Hinton65 ) . Ponyboy sees Johnny with blood discolorations and sees Bob prevarication in the fountain filled of blood. Ponyboy is panicking while Johnny is staying composure. Ponyboy and Johnny so make up one’s mind to travel to Dally for advice as he might be able to assist them. They go to Buck Merril ‘s ( Dally ‘s rodeo spouse ) house as they know they can happen him at that place. Dally helps Ponyboy and Johnny by giving them 50 dollars, some vesture for Ponyboy, a laden gun, and a program. Dally carefully instructs Ponyboy and Johnny through the program. Dally tells Ponyboy and Johnny to take the train to Windrixville, so boost up the Jay mountain and remain in the abandoned church until he comes to acquire them. Ponyboy and Johnny follow Dally ‘s program and do it to the abandoned church. Ponyboy and Johnny were exhausted by trip that they had fallen asleep every bit shortly as they had reached the abandoned church.

As Ponyboy wakes up, he finds a note from Johnny stating that he had gone to the town to acquire supplies for their stay. When Johnny returns, he had bought nutrient, coffin nails, playing cards, some hair deceasing merchandises and a transcript of Gone with the Wind book as he knew Ponyboy wanted to read it. Johnny insists Ponyboy to mask themselves. Johnny dyes and cuts Pony ‘s long hair, and Ponyboy cuts Johnny ‘s hair. For the most of the following hebdomad, Ponyboy and Johnny play fire hook and read Gone with the Wind. Ponyboy feels that Johnny was truly smart since he had ne’er done good in school and people thought he was dense but he still understood the thoughts and constructs of the book.

Contemplation of pages 61-84

At foremost, when the Socs were crushing up Ponyboy I was believing that Darry and Sodapop will get as Ponyboy had ran from the house. As clip passed by, I started acquiring truly nervous as no 1 was coming and doing me believe that the Socs were traveling to kill both Ponyboy and Johnny. Johnny killing Bob was really surprising because the events that had happened till now wholly stated that Johnny is scared of the Socs. Even though Ponyboy had made merriment of Johnny earlier that dark Johnny still has feelings for him and helps him out of that state of affairs. That action scene had shown how the Greasers stick up for each other no affair what the state of affairs is. This tight relation of the Greasers represents my dealingss with my household and I. My sister and I have our ups and downs but when the clip comes we are ever at that place for each other. The writer had made Johnny slaying Bob which is a immense offense but the writer has used superb manner of composing to convert the readers that it was okay for Johnny to kill Bob. When Dally helps Ponyboy and Johnny out it gets me really funny and dying about the narrative and what is traveling to go on next. Ponyboy ‘s and Johnny ‘s hebdomad programs in the church remind me of the clip my metropolis had a blackout in Canada and how I had similar programs like Ponyboy ‘s and Johnny ‘s program. This subdivision of the book was full of surprises and has gotten me really dying to happen out what happens following.

Summary and Reflection of pages 85-107

Summary of Pages 85-107

The following forenoon, Ponyboy and Johnny wake up early than usual and make up one’s mind to watch the sundown. Johnny admires how the sundown is beautiful and wants if it can remain like that all twenty-four hours long. Pony answers by stating “ Nothing gold can remain ” ( 85 ) which was from a verse form by Robert Frost and so recites the whole verse form. On the 5th twenty-four hours, Dally arrives at the church and informs the male childs that they were in a safe topographic point since he told the constabulary, that Ponyboy and Johnny had ran off to Texas when he was questioned. Dally had besides brought a missive from Sodapop as Sodapop had figured out that Dally knew where Ponyboy and Johnny were concealing. Dally takes Johnny and Ponyboy to acquire some nutrient and on the manner there he tells them about the war that they started between the Greasers and the Socs. Dally besides tells them about the Greasers new undercover agent Cherry Valance. Dally besides informs them about the rumbling between the Greasers and the Socs that was traveling to go on in a twenty-four hours ‘s clip.

Ponyboy and Johnny were both socked that Cherry the Soc was assisting the Greasers. Dally besides informs the male childs that Cherry is ready to attest that the Socs were rummies and were looking for a battle and Johnny fought back in self-defence. Johnny, and Ponyboy both agree to turn themselves in to the constabulary because they both wanted to travel place. Johnny wanted to turn himself in because he did n’t desire Ponyboy remaining off from his brothers and because he had Cherry and Ponyboy to state the constabulary that he murdered Bob, because of self-defence so he would n’t acquire in that much problem. Dally gets truly angry at first, but so tries to convert Johnny non to make such a awful thing as Dally knew how atrocious gaols were.

When Dally drives the male childs back to the church they examine that the church is on fire. They besides find school kids on field day. While Ponyboy and Johnny were acquiring inside informations on the fire from an grownup, a adult female shouted that some childs were losing. Both Ponyboy and Johnny tally and leap inside the church and started seeking for the childs. They find the childs at the dorsum of the church. The male childs were passing the childs to Dally through the window. Dally warns Ponyboy and Johnny to acquire out of the church as the roof was about to fall in. Johnny pushes Ponyboy out of the window after they get the last child out safely. The roof prostrations and Ponyboy hears Johnny ‘s shriek. Ponyboy is truly terrified, and he tries to travel back in the church to acquire Johnny but Dally club ‘s Ponyboy across the dorsum and Ponyboy swoons due to the hurt.

Ponyboy wakes up and assumes that he is in a constabulary auto until Jerry Woods, the school teacher attach toing him tells him that he is an ambulance. Jerry besides tells him that Johnny and Dally were in the ambulance behind them. Dally had severely burned his arm, while Johnny was in bad form as he was hit by a piece of firing timer as it fell on his dorsum. Ponyboy is examined at the infirmary, and except for a few contusions and bad Burnss Ponyboy was all right. Ponyboy so tells Jerry the narrative of Bob ‘s slaying while he was in the waiting room. Jerry besides feels that Johnny killed Bob in self-defence. Darry and Sodapop arrive at the infirmary. Sodapop is truly happy to see Ponyboy gives him a clinch while Darry stands back and calls. When Ponyboy looks at Darry he sees that he is shouting, Ponyboy realizes that Darry cares about him after all. Ponyboy besides eventually realizes the Darry is traveling hard on him because he is afraid of losing another loved one after his parents.

Contemplation of pages 85-107

This subdivision starts off with an astonishing quotation mark by Ponyboy. “ Nothing gold can remain ” ( 85 ) was a superb quotation mark explicating how life works today and how every astonishing thing in life has an terminal to it. Cherry ‘s determination to assist the Greasers truly shocked me because Cherry was a Soc and Greasers were her rival pack. In add-on, Johnny had killed her fellow Bob so why on Earth would Cherry assist the Greasers? That was truly confusing as I do n’t understand the relationship between Cherry and Bob. When Dally was seeking to convert Johnny it was a bad thought for him to turn himself in made me believe about how Dally ‘s personality has changed. Dally at foremost was shown to us as a felon who does n’t wish making things lawfully and a individual who is really ill-mannered and detached. At present when Dally was giving advice to Johnny his personality seems to hold been changed as he seems to be more caring about Johnny ‘s life. When Ponyboy, Johnny and Dally were salvaging the wetbacks, it surprised me because I thought they would run off and salvage their lives as a typical individual would make. By my position I think what was running on the Greasers heads was that they should salvage the small kids as they are guiltless and have non seen the existent universe yet. When reading about how Darry was shouting when he saw Ponyboy made me fell truly happy as the two brothers eventually had gotten along. That scene made me retrieve a phrase “ I love it when a program comes together ” . This subdivision of reading was full of actions and surprises go forthing me in wonder.

Summary and Reflection of pages 108-126

Summary of Pages 108-126

The Curtis brothers wait at the infirmary to happen out their friends conditions, while the newsmans invariably kept inquiring inquiries. Darry gets truly tired of the inquiries and convinces the newsmans to go forth. The physicians eventually tell the Curtis brothers about Dally ‘s and Johnny ‘s medical status. Dally ‘s one arm is badly burned and will retrieve rapidly while Johnny is in critical status as he had broken his dorsum and is enduring from 3rd grade Burnss. If Johnny lives he will non be able to walk the remainder of his life and he would hold to remain at his parent ‘s house. The Curtis brothers could n’t take the bad intelligence and decided to head place.

The following forenoon, Ponyboy wakes up early and makes breakfast. Two-Bit and Steve bead by with the paper and state Ponyboy that the newspaper has called him, Dally, and Johnny a hero for delivering the childs. When Ponyboy reads the article, it mentions Ponyboy ‘s first-class public presentation in school. It besides mentioned how Cherry and Randy both supported the Greasers stating that Johnny killed Bob in an act of self-defence. It besides said that the province is traveling to bear down Johnny for the slaying and Ponyboy and Johnny will be both sent to tribunal which meant that Ponyboy may be sent to populate at the all boy ‘s place. While reading the article, Ponyboy remembers a reoccurring dream that he has really frequently that wakes him up in intense terror. Ponyboy besides mentions that he has been holding this dream from the twenty-four hours before his parent ‘s decease and that he could ne’er retrieve the dream. Ponyboy so gets truly abashed and rapidly changes the subject. Ponyboy so asked Sodapop about his girlfriend, Sandy and he learns that she got pregnant and had to travel unrecorded with her grandma as her parents did n’t desire Sodapop and Sandy to acquire married. Sodapop and Darry go to work as Two-Bit and Ponyboy go to acquire a coke at Tasty-Freeze. At the Tasty-Freeze the blue mustang that was following Two-Bit and Ponyboy for the last eight block pulls up. The same Socs that jumped Ponyboy and Johnny hoped out. Randy, Marcia ‘s fellow comes over to Ponyboy. Two-Bit warns Randy that there is no contending before the rumble as he agrees, but he merely came over to speak. Randy asks Ponyboy why he saved the kids and could n’t believe that a Greaser could draw that off. Randy besides tells Pony that he is non traveling to be at the rumble as he was tired of force and he realizes that contending does n’t work out anything and it merely hurts people. Ponyboy feels truly good speaking to Randy and realizes that things are rough all over the topographic point and it is good that manner.

Contemplation of pages 108-126

When reading about Johnny ‘s hurts it had gotten me a spot disquieted about his life. If he recovers from the hurts, Johnny would hold to remain at his parent ‘s house, where he is neglected and would decease in more hurting because of his parents. If he does n’t retrieve from the hurts he is still traveling to decease. I can non make up one’s mind myself which would be a better option for Johnny as they are both painful. As Ponyboy references about his reoccurring dream it occurs to me that he has a connexion between his dream and decease and makes me more disquieted about Johnny ‘s decease. Ponyboy had a dream a twenty-four hours before his parents decease and he has gotten this dream once more today. Sing how Johnny is enduring from critical hurts, my anticipation is that Johnny is traveling to decease tomorrow which is acquiring me nervous to read about Johnny ‘s status. We were notified that Sodapop ‘s girlfriend Sandy is pregnant and her male parent does n’t desire Sodapop and Sandy to acquire married. As per how Ponyboy and other Greasers have described Sodapop he seems to hold a great personality and seems to be a really lovingness and loving cat. Why would n’t Sandy ‘s male parent Lashkar-e-Taiba Sandy and Sodapop acquire married? The alteration in Randy ‘s character makes me inquire what other characters are we traveling to see a alteration in as many characters have changed since the start of the novel boulder clay now.

Summary and Reflection of pages 127-157

Summary of Pages 127-157

Ponyboy and Two-Bit go to see Dally and Johnny at the infirmary. As Ponyboy and Two-Bit find out the Johnny is traveling to decease shortly, Two-Bit runs to a shop to purchase Gone with the Wind book so Ponyboy could read it to Johnny. Johnny ‘s female parent shows up to the infirmary to see him but he refuses to see her and he faints from exhaustion. Two-Bit and Ponyboy so leave Johnny and travel to see Dally. As Ponyboy and Two-Bit leave Johnny ‘s room, Johnny ‘s female parent accuses them for Johnny ‘s status, and Two-Bit so insults her. When they go visit Dally they find Dally reasoning with the nurse because she wo n’t allow him smoke in the room. Dally was retrieving really good in the infirmary. Dally besides asked Two-Bit for his switch blade and when Two-Bit gave it to him, Dally hid it under his pillow. On the manner place, Ponyboy explains the bad feeling he has about the rumble, but Two-Bit does n’t understand Ponyboy and so calls him a poulet. Two-Bit besides notices Ponyboy ‘s bad wellness but Ponyboy convinces him non to state Darry about his wellness. When Ponyboy and Two-Bit were heading place from the gas station, they run into Cherry. Cherry tells them that the Socs are traveling to be contending with no arms for tonight ‘s rumble. Ponyboy asked Cherry to see Johnny but she refused to, because she did n’t desire to see Bob ‘s liquidator. Ponyboy gets truly angry and calls her a treasonist but rapidly forgives her and changes the subject. Ponyboy so asked her if she could see the sundown from the West side, and when she replied yes, Ponyboy tells her to retrieve that he can see it from the East side excessively.

The rumbling was scheduled at 7:00 P.M. Ponyboy takes five to six acetylsalicylic acids and still is successful concealing his unwellness. All the Greasers frock really neatly and look really tough. Ponyboy still has a really uneven experiencing about the rumble. As the pack goes to the batch, Tim Sheppard ‘s pack had besides arrived to the batch. Ponyboy compares his pack of wetbacks to Tim Sheppard ‘s pack and realizes that Tim Sheppard ‘s pack members look more like felons than Ponyboy ‘s pack. Twenty-two Socs arrive to contend Twenty Greasers. Ponyboy besides figures out why Greasers are ever blamed for the battles as the Socs dressed like they were traveling to the films while the Greasers dressed and looked really tough. Darry offers to get down the battle and challenges anyone of the Socs. Paul Holden, Darry ‘s high school friend challenges him. As they are about to get down the battle, Dally arrives and is ready to contend with one operation arm. The battle breaks into a whole and the rumble Begins. Ponyboy manages to inquire Dally how he got out of the infirmary, while he was contending. Dally had talked the nurse into allowing him travel by endangering her with Two-Bit ‘s flick-knife. Even though the Greasers got crush up bad, they won they the rumbling because the Socs started running off foremost. Equally shortly as the rumbling was over, Dally grabbed Ponyboy and took him to the infirmary to see Johnny as his status was acquiring worst when Dally had left. On the manner to the infirmary, the constabulary officer catches them for rushing. Dally convinces the constabulary that Ponyboy is hurt severely and got and bodyguard from the constabulary to the infirmary. Dally and Ponyboy find Johnny deceasing. Dally tells Johnny the consequence of the rumble, but Johnny was non impressed by the consequences as he now believes that contending is useless. As Johnny is deceasing he uses his strength and says his last words to Ponyboy. Johnny ‘s last words were “ Stay gold, Ponyboy, Stay goldaˆ¦ ” ( 157 ) . Ponyboy fells truly depressed while Dally runs out of the room and gets really emotional.

Contemplation of pages 127-157

As my anticipations, I was right that Johnny is traveling to decease which makes me really depressed. When Johnny refuses to see his ain female parent, I get really angry with Johnny ‘s actions because it was his female parent who had given birth to him and raised him to whatever he is today. If I was at that place at that event I would hold slapped Johnny and that might hold knocked some sense into him. When Dally had first asked Two-Bit for the blade, I thought he was traveling to kill the nurse because she would n’t allow him smoke, but he did n’t which made me experience relieved since I did n’t desire another Greaser to acquire into problem. When Ponyboy had asked Cherry to see Johnny and she replied that she could n’t see her fellows liquidator, I was ferocious when Cherry had said that. Cherry had been a undercover agent for the Greasers and was ready to attest that Johnny had killed Bob because of self-defence. The portion that confuses me is that Cherry says that she could n’t see her fellows slayer than why was she assisting him. Furthermore, When Ponyboy had taken five to six acetylsalicylic acids it got me truly worried as I thought he was traveling to decease every bit good because of taking overdose of drugs. When Dally had arrived I truly felt really frightened because Dally was contending with one arm and I did n’t desire him to acquire ache even more. I truly enjoyed the scene when Dally lied to the constabulary officer and got an bodyguard. I found that scene truly diverting and made me bury about Johnny ‘s status. I was truly heartbroken when Johnny had died because Johnny was guiltless and he had non seen the existent universe and non complete anything in life. Johnny ‘s last words were truly affecting and he had died really peaceable which was a good thing.

Summary and Reflection of pages 158-168

Summary of pages 158-168

After Johnny ‘s decease, Dally had left go forthing Ponyboy at the infirmary. Ponyboy wanders the streets and denies the fact that Johnny is dead. A alien sees him rolling on the streets and offers him a drive place. When Ponyboy reaches place he sees how bad the pack is beat up. Ponyboy so tells the pack about Johnny ‘s decease and how Dally had run off from the infirmary because he was unable to cover with Johnny ‘s decease. Ponyboy kept on inquiring how Dally could n’t take the hurting even though Dally was tougher than him. While the pack was discoursing about Johnny ‘s decease, Dally calls and he informs them that he had robbed a food market shop and the bulls were trailing him. He besides told the pack that he was traveling to be at the batch in a minute. The pack members decide to run into Dally at the vacant batch so they can conceal him. All the pack members ran to the batch. When the pack reached the batch, the constabulary had already arrived and Dally had arrived excessively. As Dally is surrounded by the constabulary, he pulls out his gun. Ponyboy and Dally both know that the gun is non loaded but the constabulary did n’t. The constabulary besides pulled at that place guns out and hit Dally, which was Dally ‘s wish. As Dally is shot, Ponyboy ‘s wellness is acquiring worst and swoons at the batch. When Ponyboy wakes up several yearss subsequently, he does n’t retrieve events that had happened in the last few yearss except Johnny ‘s and Dally ‘s decease. Darry so tells Ponyboy that he was enduring from a concussion from the rumbling, when the Soc had kicked him in the caput. Sodapop and Darry spend their clip with Ponyboy to give him some company. Ponyboy is unsure if he is traveling to be allowed to remain with his brothers.

Contemplation of pages 158-168

When Dally had robbed the shop, and stopped to name the Cutis brother abode it had gotten me truly ferocious with Dally. Dally could hold merely ran alternatively of halting because that could hold saved his life. Furthermore, as Ponyboy narrates that Dally wanted to decease I got a sudden alteration in feeling. I knew how it felt to lose a close comparative but that did n’t give me any grounds to suicide because so I would merely be impacting more people that were in my life. I feel that Dally should hold merely surrender to the constabulary and faced the fortunes as he could hold lived his existent life in peace. Ponyboy was warned by Darry to non go to the rumble because of his bad wellness. Why did Ponyboy still go to? He could hold stayed place and recovered from his unwellness. I besides think Ponyboy should n’t hold taken an overdose of drugs as he has done that a twosome of times which can take to decease. By my position, I think that Ponyboy should be allowed to populate with his brothers as all the brothers are acquiring along with each other and both Darry and Sodapop take great attention of Ponyboy.

Summary and Reflection of pages 169-174

Summary of pages 169-174

Ponyboy was restricted to bed remainder for the following hebdomad, so he could wholly retrieve from his unwellness. Ponyboy is looking through Sodapop ‘s yearbook for past clip and comes across a image of Robert Sheldon. Ponyboy recognizes the face, but could n’t calculate out who he was. After a minute he realizes that the male child was Bob who was murdered by Johnny. Later on that twenty-four hours, Randy comes over to Ponyboy ‘s house. Randy notifies Ponyboy that they have to travel to the test tomorrow and will hold to explicate the events that had happened that dark. Randy tells Ponyboy that his pa is truly disquieted because he had gotten involved in the slaying. When Randy finds out that Ponyboy ‘s parents were non alive and that he could be taken away from his brothers, Randy feels that he has gotten nil to lose. Randy so tries to convert Ponyboy that he is non traveling to acquire into any problems as he has non murdered Bob. Ponyboy so tells Randy that he had the knife and he had killed Bob. Ponyboy besides tells Randy that Johnny was non dead. Randy is truly shocked but so Darry comes in and asks him to go forth. Darry besides tells Randy that Ponyboy is still enduring emotionally from Johnny ‘s and Dally ‘s decease so he has been stating unusual facts.

Contemplation of pages 169-174

Randy ‘s visit to Ponyboy ‘s house had gotten me truly angry. At first I thought that Randy was sing because he wanted to see if Ponyboy was making all right but as he started to speak to Ponyboy I realize that he was merely at that place because he was scared about the test and wanted to speak about it more. That truly got me angry as Randy was merely at that place for more information about the test non because he was seeking to be nice and see how Ponyboy was retrieving. I hate it when certain people ne’er talk to you and so when they need help they come running to you until they get what they want from you. Furthermore, when Ponyboy was stating Randy that he had killed Bob and Johnny was alive, it got me truly shocked and thought that was the suspense of the narrative. In add-on, when Darry had told Randy that Ponyboy had still non recovered to the full from his emotional dislocation I felt relived and my wonder for this book ended.

Summary and Reflection of pages 175-188

Summary of pages 175-188

The test at the tribunal was n’t anything like what Ponyboy had expected. The physician had already talked to the Judge about Ponyboy ‘s wellness status, so the justice did n’t inquire Ponyboy many inquiries. The justice merely asked Ponyboy inquiries about his life at place. The justice so makes the determination to allow Ponyboy remain with his brothers and is non faced with any charges. The Curtis brothers return place and things go back to normal. As Ponyboy returns back to school, he is holding a difficult clip and starts to go less disquieted about his instruction. Contending between Darry and Ponyboy still continue. Ponyboy seems to non care about school and starts going lazy. At tiffin one afternoon, Ponyboy, Steve, and Two-Bit go to the gas station to acquire some coffin nails and coke. While Two-Bit and Steve were acquiring the coffin nails, a auto full of Socs pulls up beside Ponyboy. Three Socs got out of the auto and accused Ponyboy for the slaying of Bob and threatened him to crush him up. Ponyboy busted the terminal of his Pepsi bottle and threatened to cut anyone who attacked him. The Socs got frightened and left. Steve and Two-Bit were concerned approximately Ponyboy as they do n’t desire Ponyboy to turn into a condemnable like them. When Ponyboy starts picking up the broken glass, Two-Bit and Steve realize that Ponyboy has non changed at all. Ponyboy ‘s English teacher assigns him to compose an essay about any peculiar event in his life as an excess recognition assignment. Ponyboy was given this opportunity because he was neglecting English at that minute. The instructor would raise his class to a C if he wrote an outstanding paper. Darry kept on pecking Ponyboy to finish the paper but Ponyboy could n’t believe of anything to compose approximately. Darry and Ponyboy get into a large statement and when they ask Sodapop to take a side, he runs out of the house. Ponyboy and Darry chase him and catch him at the park. Sodapop explains how he ca n’t take being in the center all the clip. Ponyboy and Darry ne’er thought how their combat was impacting Sodapop. Sodapop explains how the brothers should be lodging together and non rupturing each other apart. The Curtis brothers all agree to lodge together and return place. At place, Ponyboy could n’t still believe of what to compose about and halt believing about the paper. Ponyboy so looks for a book to read and picks up Gone with the Wind. When he picked up the book a note had fallen from the book. The note was from Johnny and he had written about how it was deserving death and salvaging the lives of the guiltless kids ‘s. Johnny besides points out that Ponyboy does n’t hold to be a Greaser for the remainder of his life, and he could be whatever he wishes to be. Ponyboy sees the jobs in life are excessively large of a job to be personal. After reading the missive Ponyboy feels that every male child across the state should cognize the narrative about what has happen to him and his friends during the last few yearss. The narrative turns out to be a popular book called The Outsiders.

Contemplation of pages 175-188

The test consequences were perfect and I was truly happy that Ponyboy got to remain with Sodapop and Darry. Ponyboy ‘s great dip in his instruction truly surprised me as I don non understand what had caused this dip in his faculty members. Ponyboy ‘s actions against the Socs truly surprised me as I started to believe that all the promotion and the few cruel yearss, he had spent had changed his personality and the manner he utilize to make things. When Sodapop had ran out of the house I was all of a sudden worried about Sodapop and trusting that he stayed off from problem. I felt truly happy when the Curtis brother eventually agreed to lodge together. I was truly happy to cognize that Johnny thinks that it was deserving to salvage the lives of the guiltless kids and that he was non afraid of deceasing any longer. This makes me experience that Johnny had really accomplished a batch in life. This book really is a great book to read as it covered a batch of societal issues and I would decidedly urge this book to anyone.


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