Lsi Style Interpretations

Lsi Style Interpretations

The Life Style Inventory (LSI) shows many different perceptions about important things/styles one should have to consider “Is this true? ” When I looked at the circumplex after taking the Life Styles Inventory I must admit that some of my results for the behaviors were on the mark, while some I felt were completely off the chart or I had to question. After I followed the instructions, I then understood some of the inter-relations between the styles and my corresponding behaviors and beliefs.

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I pride myself for doing what is expected of me, this is from my passive/defensive style and this behavior went well with my thinking, and then I feel it compliments my affiliative/constructive results which was my highest. I want to the best job I can possibly do, and at the same time have a great work environment with management as well as my peers. In order for me to reach a certain goal I once had which was to be the first male to graduate from college with a bachelors degree, I had to follow a specific timeline after having my daughter.

I was told you can’t do it because there is not enough time, but I followed my timeline which my advisor provided me with to have a certain graduation date. When things are mapped out for me I follow them so I can have the best possible outcome. I was faced with a challenge and I conquered it making it the ultimate high point in my life. These two events have been influenced by my achievement behavior. The style that is working against me which is actually a great one at the same time is to be a perfectionist.

This trait I’m developing on a daily basis and becoming more addicted to it, which sometimes doesn’t work in my favor. Nothing or one is perfect but I feel if one work hard enough they can come quiet close. With this mentality I sometimes missed deadlines, have confrontations with co-workers, and even management. Result or numbers don’t lie at all, which is why I try to achieve the highest possible outcome when I’m faced with a task or decision I have to make.

Being competitive is very addictive and can’t be turned off, unlike a light switch because it pumps through one blood system. My competitive nature sometimes takes the fun out outing, work, and things that aren’t even meant to be so serious. At work there are times when one can achieve another level within the team or a prize can be won. I’m happy for others when they win or achieve this great achievement, but deep down I wish it was me and then feel like I failed or a failure.

Overall this test alone definitely gave me much to think about and figure out within myself will I use this information to improve myself or remain the same. Ultimately I strive to get better each day academically, professionally, and personally. I will use these results to change then will re-evaluate myself in about three months to see if I’m the same as today, became worse, or got better and my strengths and weaknesses. Hopefully this test/class will help me on a day-to-day basis on the issues in management I face.


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