Mcd’s Critique and Recommendation

Mcd’s Critique and Recommendation

Critiques and Recommendation McDonald’s is the worldwide number one fast food chain stores with 40 million customers visiting it every day. One of the major critiques that McDonald’s received is the opposition towards the health issues that the fast food of McDonald’s can afflict to its consumers especially kids. And the issue of health is being discussed continuously for more than a decade. The food sold in McDonald’s are unhealthy as it contains high calories, fats, sugar and salt level. It causes many illness or diseases like heart problem, stroke and high blood pressure.

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And many people nowadays are overweight and obese, especially kids at a very young age. And McDonald’s is one of the factors of this problem. The recommendation towards this problem is that, McDonald’s can cut down the sugar and salt level contained in its food. And McDonald’s should always remind and create awareness among consumers which can result for over consuming fast food like McDonald’s. And instead of defending towards this critique, McDonald’s can give away tips on how to live a healthy lifestyle and eat healthily.

The other critique for McDonald’s is that the actual food served in McDonald’s are always distinct from what is shown in their advertisement. For the most obvious that can be seen will be its size and the actual quantity. McDonald’s is constantly trying to convince the consumers with the illustrative advertisement. For example, the advertisement shows a larger size of hamburgers sold in McDonald’s and the fries seems to be more. However in the reality it is not what it looks like as it is smaller, lesser and not as mouth watering. This normally frustrates the customers and the value of customers towards McDonald’s decreases.

And I often results in disappointment towards McDonald’s and its food. The recommendation for this critique is that McDonald’s should offered food according to what it is shown in its advertisement. This is to create customers value and buying repetition for the food of McDonald’s. Not only that, McDonald’s should label the sizes and quantity of its food specifically and accordingly to avoid confusion and frustrations. This can be shown at the end of the advertisement so that customer has no reason to critique McDonald’s as it has been labeled properly.


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