How to Apply Makeup

How to Apply Makeup

Putting Your Face On Have you ever woke up and thought that you needed a better looking face? Many women are very judgmental when it comes to the way they look compared to other women’s appearances. If you ever want to “put your face on” to look smokin’ hot or just to raise your self-confidence, follow these steps and you’ll be bringing the fellas’ home, or some of you guys may also be bringing the fellas home as well. Before you even touch that sponge to your face, make sure your face is rid of that yucky morning eye matter; better known as “eye boogers. If you apply make-up with to gunk, you might as well join the freakin’ circus or stand on that corner with your thumb sticking up, looking for a good time. If there is one thing that is disgustingly unattractive is boulders of slimy booger material in the corner of your eye, so make sure to rinse your eyes out properly. The next step to putting your face on is to get a washcloth and stick it under hot water, but don’t burn your dang hand.

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Put it on your face and rub it gently over all parts of your face, but in this order only: start with your forehead, work your way to the sides by your ears in case any sinus junk oozed out while you were sleeping, and then work the washcloth in towards your nose to wipe the top off for any remaining pimple excess, after you have completed that you can pick out your boogers in your nose; make sure you are fishing them out with the washcloth on your hand still. You may proceed to apply to foundation to your face after you have let your face air-dry.

The most important factor to applying foundation is to make sure the color of the foundation is a match to the color of your face. This factor is extremely important to those of you who have more pale of faces than those who bake in a tanning bed. Whether you choose to do either bake or white-out, you must not wear a color that is either too light or dark. After your face is covered in the best invention since toilet paper, you can apply the powder. You can’t let your face look too shiny or have creases from the foundation, so you must apply powder to the areas that are covered in foundation.

This next step is a bit tricky and may vary by the user. Blush is an essential item to most old women who wear it too heavily and incorrectly. When applying the blush, you must suck in your cheeks to imitate a fish and take the blush brush and lightly apply it to the now-visible cheekbones. If you choose to wear a more odd color like purple or a heavy red, do not apply to much to look like Be Be off the Drew Carrey Show. The eye shadow is the next application to the face. Matching the colors of the eye shadow to the outfit is not as important as the application itself.

Lets’ say you have a red party dress on, then you would not wear the same shade as someone who is wearing a lime green t-shirt. Choose your colors wisely, and know that someone will recognize a mismatch if one occurs. Always choose a pattern to your colors; for example: you can put a white directly under the arch of your eyebrow to give some emphasis, then put a light semi-arch under the white to outline the top of your eye for some definition, and then put a light-colored shade under then that would be extremely acceptable.

Eyeliner is an optional choice that you may choose to take. If you so choose to apply it, make sure it is applied after the eye shadow so the color can’t fade or look lighter. The next application step is the mascara; please remember that length is everything. The proper way to apply mascara is to hold the brush and “bat” your eyelashes and then stroke the brush along the length of your eyelashes to define each individual one. Then you may proceed to the bottom lashes to stroke the brush along the length of those lashes.

If a mistakes may occur, and the brush touches anything else but the lashes and gets the irritating black on your face; then, take a damp washcloth and wipe only the areas where the black appears. You may reapply the missing make-up if any blotches may occur. After you have completed all these time-consuming steps, you still aren’t done. You must have a lip product applied to make your lips appear luscious. Lip gloss or chap-stick of any kind may be applied to define the lip area. The finishing product should look like a confident woman or man ready to strut their stuff and feel good doing it. Also, don’t forget to smile!


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