Mice and Men Annotated Bibliography

Mice and Men Annotated Bibliography

Sierra Villanueva Mrs. Jose English II PAP 4th 8 November 2011 Of Mice And Men : An Annotated Bibliography “Book Review: Of Mice & Men. ” A Novel Menagerie. Novel Menagerie, 2009. Web. 7 Nov 2011. <http://anovelmenagerie. com/2009/02/18/book-review-of-mice-and-men/>. The author of this review focuses on the life of Lennie. She sympathizes with the hard times Lennie had to go through as a character. The author describes Lennie to the readers as an innocent, childlike character who is misunderstand by the people surrounding him.

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She describes Lennie’s love for soft things and his wanting of George’s approval. The author gives the review from Lennie’s point of view and describes George as a rolemodel to Lennie. She explains the tough times Lennie and George have to go through as a consequence of Lennie’s actions. She describes how Steinbeck uses foreshadowing to interests the readers. The author quickly summarizes the dream Lennie and George had and describes their friendship as peaceful and brotherly. The author mainly focuses on the friendship between George and Lennie and explains how the story can inspire readers.

She gives an agreeable review of Mice and Men . Fullmer, Sean. “Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck Book Review. ” HubPages. HubPages Inc. , 2011. Web. 7 Nov 2011. <http://seanfullmer. hubpages. com/hub/Of-Mice-and-Men-by-John-Steinbeck-Book-Review>. Fullmer focuses on the relationship of the characters and the emotions portrayed. Fullmer describes each character and explains the attitude of them. Fullmer describes Crook as an intelligent, kind, round character. He uses quotes from the book to confirm his statements. Fullmer writes about the audiences directed in Of Mice and Men.

He describes how the book is directed to several groups of people like, “the treatment of blacks, women and the elderly… there are commentaries, both religious and economic describing the times… ” Fullmer emphasizes the pasts of all the characters and certain traits they hold. He even writes about Candy’s dog, describing the descriptions as “lovely touches.. ” Fullmer believes that Steinbeck used several social issues to show the humanity of people. He sees Of Mice and Men as a “social convention” reaching out to more than one type of people.

Fullmer supports his ideas with plenty of proof from the book and has an excellent interpretation of the book. Out of all my sources I think Fullmer’s review of the book is the most pleasing. Topham, James. “Of Mice and Men’ Review. ” About. The New York Times Company, 2011Web. 7 Nov 2011. <http://classiclit. about. com/od/ofmiceandmensteinbeck/fr/aa_ofmice. htm>. Topham focuses mainly on the prejudices displayed in the story. He praises Steinbeck’s development of the characters and the friendship between George and Lennie.

He agrees that although George and Lennie’s dream to have a farm is unreachable their friendship is what makes the story so appealing to readers. Topham relates George and Lennie’s troubles to those of the modern day world. He writes how the friendship between the two boys is a shining example of how even though the world is harsh at times, love and friendship can still exist. Topham gives the example of George and Lennie’s friendship as support of this idea. Topham emphasizes that there is always an upside to bad times and uses the struggles of the main characters to prove his idea.

Topham does not provide any evidence besides George and Lennie’s friendship to support his ideas and opinion of Mice and Men. While Topham does explain his opinion he does not have enough detail to attract readers. “Themes, Motifs ; Symbols. ” Sparknotes. SparkNotes LLC, 2011. Web. 7 Nov 2011. <http://www. sparknotes. com/lit/micemen/themes. html>. The author of this summary explains to readers the theme, symbolism, and the structure used in the story. They compare George and Lennie’s friendship to the relationship of the other men.

Stating that they all desire to have a close friendship with each other to where they are practically brothers , but their lives are too harsh for them to look out for each other. The author then says that although George and Lennie never reached their goal of attaining the farm with the rabbits, they were the only two who got the closest to achieving that friendship. The author emphasizes the impossibility of The American Dream and shows the difficulty of this dream by saying all the characters in Of Mice And Men all had their dreams, but none of them ever reached them.

The author believes the selfishness of the characters is what gets in the way of their dreams and believes that when George sees how the other characters failed at their dreams he realizes how impossible his American Dream really is. The author supports his ideas with examples and scenes from the book itself. The author explains his ideas and relates the events of the story to everyday life, giving the reader an understanding of the book and its characters.


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