Monarchy vs. Parliament Debate

Monarchy vs. Parliament Debate

Looking in upon all different types of government, one might have many different opinions on each one. But in the case of Monarchy versus Parliament leadership, one can clearly see that the two will not work very well without the other. Now the question remains whether or not the Monarchs should take the leading role in the relationship apposed to the Parliament. A nation needs a figure to look up to and to give them a sense of leadership and rule. If that is absent from government, the peoples will not know who to respond to when the country does something beneficial or visa versa.

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Monarchy provides just that, a monarch not only acts as a national spokesperson but also is the head decision maker for the country. Sure the parliament can have there say but in the end there has to be one decision, not different opinions and it is the monarchs job to make those decisions. Whether they be right or wrong is beside the point, the monarch will take responsibility for the outcome of those decisions and be it a bad decision they will do everything in their power to reverse that, this is something parliament can not do.

In parliament who would make the decisions if such a big group of them debated together? Who would listen to everyone’s different opinions and refer to those to make the final decision? As a group sure they might be able to discuss tasks and come to a decision on things, but in the end, who will be there to enforce those decisions? Announce them to the nation and put that decision into action? All of these things parliament would not be able to do without their head monarch.

The monarchs decision is most times the most important factor in a close debate and without that things could become uneven. Monarchy had been passed down for century’s the line of rulers all somehow connected that now shape our history. The biggest factor remains why change something that has worked for so many century’s before our time? If it has kept our civilization alive for this long something about it must be right, which makes it take clear domination and priority over parliament.


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