Bipolar Disorder and Mood Swings

Bipolar Disorder and Mood Swings

4) Dan’s drinking had become more frequent over the past 6 months. Although he didn’t drink to the point of becoming grossly incapacitated and was careful to never drink and drive, it was clear that his time in the bar after work had increased and that his daily cocktail had become three or four. Dan blamed his recent problems at work for his “need to unwind,” and also cited difficulties with his wife, Sharon. According to Dan, when he tried to discuss his stress with Sharon she seemed distant and uninterested, or dismissed his problems as minor.

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She seemed much more concerned about their daughter, Lisa, and her increasing moodiness. A) The root problem seems to be stress, which is leading to depression, which in return leads to constantly drinking. And this can become alcoholism, a serious problem. B) I would diagnose this as moderate to slim alcoholism. Since he uses alcohol to unwind instead of distressing in another way. C) I advise he goes to AA meetings, or he can see a psychologist to find better ways to distress instead of using alcohol. 2) Kurt’s mood swings were unpredictable and excessive in nature.

One time he was hyperactive and extremely elated with accelerated speech and a flight of ideas which, at times, seemed incoherent. During this period he worked feverishly day and night on an important novel that “had to be started and finished that week. ”< span> Months later, Kurt experienced a sad period, during which he could not get out of bed for more than minutes at a time. He would not see any friends for a period of some weeks until he slowly came out of it and seemed to be normal again (for a while).

Sometimes Kurt felt so dejected and agitated that he contemplated suicide. A) He seems to be going to high periods and extreme lows for whatever reason, weather it being stress related or family related. B) I would diagnose this as bipolar disorder, he seems to be two people, one cheerful and high and then a clinically depressed individual. C) He should see a psychiatrist and then more than likely be put on medication to treat this disorder, if not, it can become worse.


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