My Four Legged Best Friend

My Four Legged Best Friend

29 Sep. 2011 Illustrative Essay My Four-legged Best Friend Dogs are truly man’s best friend. In my case, woman’s best friend! My dog Precious is the most special dog. Since the first day I got her, I knew I struck gold. I couldn’t possibly ask for a better canine companion than her. Precious is so precious to me because she is intelligent, sweet, and adorable. What first caught my eye about her is that she is so smart. She communicates with me and my family on a regular basis.

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For example, my parents hung bells on our front door at Christmas time for decoration and Precious heard the bell every time someone walked outside. She began pawing at the bell each time she wanted to go outside! Now we leave the bells up so she can still communicate with us. When she gets our attention and we take her outside to do her “doggy duties”, she will sometimes get distracted. However, if you say “Presh, go potty! ” she will immediately find somewhere to squat. I really think she knows what we say sometimes. Precious can also do practically anything I can do.

She even goes fishing! I’ll never forget the first time I witnessed it. I was fishing at my parents’ pond and she was balancing on the beams under the pier. I kept hearing a splashing sound beneath me. Minutes later Presh came trotting up to me with a brim! I’ve never seen a dog so proud. The second thing that made me attached to Precious is her kindness. When I come home, she is so excited to see me. For instance, not too long ago I went to the beach for a week. When I finally got home I made my way to the door with all my bags in hand.

I walked through the front door to find Precious barking and jumping around in total excitement. I was stampeded with doggy hugs and kisses before I could even put my bags down. There’s no doubt, she licked my face so much that my makeup was smeared! Presh is so sweet, she is even loves to cuddle and be close to me. For example, every single night she crawls into bed with me. Not only does she sleep with me all night, but she also sprawls out and lies adjacent to me like a person would. In the morning, she wakes me up with as many sloppy dog kisses as it akes to get me out of bed. Lastly, Presh is so darn cute! Her floppy ears are so irresistibly adorable. I’ll never forget when she was a puppy with those big floppy things. Her ears were far too large for her head but she didn’t realize it. She would dash through the house, cut a corner too sharp and trip over her own ears. Now she is grown into them, but they are still floppy as ever! Perhaps her glossy puppy-dog eyes are the most adorable attribute about her. For instance, I can watch television and feel her staring holes into me.

I glance down to see her head resting on the couch and her eyes peering up at me. I can imagine she’s thinking, “I wish you would play with me. ” She certainly knows how to use those sad eyes to get what she wants! I love my dog Precious because of her great qualities. She is insanely intelligent, very sweet, and extremely adorable. Sometimes I believe she is smarter than most humans. Her sweetness is what I love the most about her. In my eyes she is the cutest dog in the world. I suppose the saying is true, dogs are a woman’s best friend!


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