My Personal Swot Analysis for Blackberry

My Personal Swot Analysis for Blackberry

Strengths: * Recognition Brand * Good reputation * BBM allows users to text unlimitedly with no extra cost * Blackberry can be used with almost any career in the world. * Blackberry is available in five form factors- small keyboard, large keyboard, no keyboard, flip phone, and candy-bar. * All blackberry handsets offer expandable memory. * Blackberry can be synched to multiple computers. * All major instant messengers are available on blackberry. * Blackberry is an encrypted military-grade security platform, with 100% market share at FBI, CIA, White House, Congress, Department of Defense, major consultancies and major investment banks.

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Blackberry is the only platform approved for use in our national security agencies. It compares against the iPhone and Microsoft Mobile platforms. Weaknesses * With Iphone and Android phones being the major platforms, most of the apps which are available on an iphone or android are not going to be available for blackberry platform at the given time. They might come to blackberry but there’s a waiting period. * Since blackberry is a business oriented phone, most of the fun apps available in the rival markets might not be available for the blackberry.

However there are considerable social network apps available for blackberry up to this date. * In order to tap the full potential of a blackberry platform, small business owners will have to have the blackberry enterprise software installed at the office which might require considerable amount of money and effort. Opportunities * BlackBerry Partners Fund is being used to help create downloadable apps from independent companies which might be a great strategy to gain more market share. * The Canadian Headquartered RIM has over 55 million blackberry subscriber accounts and the appworld is available over 100 markets worldwide.

RIM sees Mobile Application development for blackberry platform a huge opportunity as more and more engineering colleges are training students to help them develop applications. * Blackberry is launching NFC technology in many developing countries such as India. Many workplaces can profit through NFC technology eg. it will allow pharma companies to get data from customers instantly. Also through various kinds of apps designed by NFC in mind, allows users to store the credentials stored on an ID card store on their blackberry, allowing users to ditch the card and carry the phone.

Threats * Blackberrys are good from IT perspective with the BlackBerry Enterprise Server but fail to satisfy users with media, web browsing and other goodies which other platforms seem to handle better. * Only one model available with High Speed Downlink Packet Access which results in multiple cheaper offerings by competitors who offer this capability. * Many competitors are now offering which 3D compatibilities which is still an unheard concept for blackberry.


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