Nvq Health & Safety

Nvq Health & Safety

1. HOW MIGHT YOUR OWN VALUES IN RELATION TO HEALTH AND HYGEINE DIFFER FROM YOUR CLIENT’S AND HOW WOULD YOU DEAL WITH THIS? I will make the individual understand what their choices are and what might be the outcome. If they prefer something in their own way ,i will have to deal with it and provide them the best. 2. WHAT CONFLITS MIGHT ARISE BETWEEN YOUR CLIENT CHOICE AND GOOD HYGEINE PRACTICES? The clients might not be willing to practice their personal hygiene because they might not be in the mood and this may deteriorate their hygiene and health. . WHAT EFFECTS MAY PERSONAL BELIEFS AND PREFERENCES HAVE ON CLEANSING AND TOILETING FOR A CLIENT? The clients might not have the same beliefs as me and if I impose my preferences on them, they might get more confused or agitated. For example, if they are not used to brush their teeth first thing in the morning, I must respect their choice. 4. WHAT ARE KEY CHANGES IN CONDITIONS OF THE CLIENTS YOU WORK WITH? They have mood swings. They can be happy at one time but suddenly appear disturbed by something. They can be more or less confused at times.

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They might get agitated for unknown reasons. 5. HOW DO YOU PREVENT INFECTION AND WHY IS INFECTION CONTROL IMPORTANT? To prevent infection, I always wear appropriate gloves and aprons (blue for serving food and white for washing or toileting). I always wash my hands before and after using the toilet or handling food. I always use appropriate laundry bags for different types of clothes. Infection control is important in order to prevent disease from spreading. 6. WHY SHOULD YOU MAINTAIN THE PERSONAL HYGEINE OF YOUR CLIENTS?

To prevent unnecessary infections, pains or prolonged damage (for example, their gum if not washed properly). 7. WHY SHOULD YOU EXPLAIN TO YOUR CLIENTS WHY YOU WEAR PROTECTIVE CLOTHING (GLOVES/APRON)? So that they know I am wearing these for a good reason and prevent them from having negative thoughts (for example, their ego might make them think that I do not want to touch them as they might be dirty). 8. WHY SHOULD YOU NOT SHARE TOILETERIES AND OTHER MATERIALS BETWEEN CLIENTS? In order to prevent cross infection and help maintain a high level of hygiene. . WHAT COULD AFFECT A CLIENTS ABILITY TO GO TO THE TOILET? Their loss of memory, confusion, inability to walk or inability to feel the urge to use the toilet. 10. WHAT COULD AFFECT AMOUNT OF ASSISTANCE REQUIRED? It depends on the ability of the client, if they can mobilize or if they can lift their hand to use toilet paper or to wipe themselves. 11. WHY SHOULD CLIENTS BE ENCOURAGED TO CARRY OUT ACTIVITIES FOR THEMSELVES, WHEREVER POSSIBLE? So that they can exercise their hands, fingers, their muscles and mind.

They won’t feel inferior, they will have a good feeling about themselves as they can still do things for themselves. 12. WHY SHOULD CLIENTS NEED TO BE ABLE TO CALL FOR AND GET HELP IMMEDIATELY? An instantaneous help can help them morally and physically. 13. WHY SHOULD CLIENTS BE OFFERED THE OPPORTUNITY TO DISPOSE OF THEIR OWN BODY WASTE? They might suffer from inferior complexity and offering them to dispose of their own body waste might make them feel more at ease. 14. WHAT ACTION WOULD YOU TAKE IF THERE WERE ANY PROBLEMS OF CONCERN WITH A CLIENT?

I would report it immediately to my senior carer or the manager. 15. WHY IS IT IMPORTANT TO MAINTAIN YOUR OWN CLEANLINESS AND HYGEINE PRIOR TO, DURING AND FOLLOWING PERSONAL CARE? To set a good example on my clients, but most importantly, to help prevent cross infection. 16. WHEN AND WHY WOULD MEASURE AND RECORDING OF OUTPUT AND / OR BODY WASTE LIKELY TO BE INCLUDED IN A CLIENTS PLAN OF CARE? If the client’s condition is deteriorating or s/he is bed-ridden, then input/output of food and fluid should be recorded.

HSC23 1. How do you identify how your values and experiences may affect your work? if you start to feel that you want to practice what you use to do in your everyday like and not abide to the policy at work. It may affect the individual and it is sort of an abuse which may affect my work. 2. Where do you get support and information from to help you improve your work? I get support from my manager, head of staff and senior carers. I also get information from them or from some Health Social Care books. 3.

How do you with others to identify new skills and knowledge, which can improve your work activities? We work as a team where every one of us shares our daily work experiences, how we handled some situations and what the outcome was. 4. How do you access any training you may need? The manager informs us of any training we may need and it is my responsibility to attend the course on the due date. 5. How do you use new and improved skills and knowledge that have been agreed? By putting into practice of whatever skills and knowledge that have been agreed. 6.

How do you evaluate how your new and improved skills have enhanced your work? By assessing the outcome of my actions from the feedback of my seniors. 7. What organisations provide development opportunities? Councils across the country, courses like manual and handling. 8. How do you learn from your own and other practice? By bearing in mind the outcomes of each situation and learn from them. HSC24 1. If a client told you that they were being abused but asked you not to say anything what would you do? I will make sure that no other staffs know about it but i will inform the manager. . Where would you get information from to inform you about protecting individuals On the internet, courses like pova, protection against vulnerable adults. 3. How would you resolve conflicts? By knowing, what has happened in the first instance might help. By keeping distance from individual or even staffs is also an option. However, it really depends what is the conflict about. 4. How do you record and report in your workplace for specific individuals. I will seek permission from the appropriate people to access records and i will report for specific individuals to the manager.


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