Patient Lord Odysseus

Patient Lord Odysseus

Odysseus time and time again proves that he can be a very patient man. He is sometimes called Patient Lord Odysseus. He is known all through the world for his cleverness, strength, and patience. On example is the quote “But join the swineherd first-the overseer/ of all your swine, a good soul now as ever. ” (XIII 507-509). the context of this quote is this is Athena telling Odysseus that he has to go to the swineherds hut. He can not go straight home. This proves his patience because he must really want to see his wife and son after twenty years away from home.

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Most people would want to go right to see them. Another good example is when he sees his son for the first time. Telemachus comes to talk to the swineherd when Odysseus is there. “But before he finished/ his tall son stood in the door” (XVI 16-17) It took a lot of patience and self control to see his son and not go right to him and tell him that he is Telemachus’ father. After never seeing his son for twenty years, that must have been really hard. Odysseus’ life is full of times he shows patience. Another great example is when he gets hit by a stool thrown by Antinoos. The stool he let fly hit the man’s right shoulder/ on the packed muscle under the shoulder blade. ” (XVII 605-606). Antinoos was angry with the beggar Odysseus, so he threw the stool. This quote shows Odysseus has patience because he did not attack he suitor. He is waiting to attack when the time is right. If he had attacked the suitor they would know it is Odysseus. But he was patient, like he is known to be. Odysseus is patient many times on his journey home. He has earned the name Patient Lord Odysseus for a good reason.


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