Penn Foster Writing Sentences and Paragraphs 028004

Penn Foster Writing Sentences and Paragraphs 028004

I am applying for the medical billing position that is being offered here in Dr. Burn’s office. I have some knowledge of Medical Billing because I had worked for a clinic locally in the past. I was faced with a challenge ten months ago when the construction company I had been managing was sold which resulted in major cuts. When I was faced with the challenge of looking for a job I remembered through my experience at the clinic listening to the volunteer doctors who would come in regularly with the same complaint, “The biller just quit again! ” That reflection helped me to discover that this would be the direction I would go in.

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I taught myself the system they were using, which was extremely intense. My one attribute with regard to succeeding is that I have a burning desire to do my best at anything I take on. My boss, Mr. Calderone has a position available for an assistant here at AMCO Industry. I think this would be an excellent job opportunity for you. You are everything that Mr. Calderone is looking for in an assistant. You have excellent written and verbal communication skills, you are extremely organized, you work independently, and we all know you are a multitasker.

You are always willing to offer your assistance to our family and friends and you have an excellent rapport with your past employers. This position pays extremely well and you will not have to work weekends. This means you won’t need to work two jobs anymore to make ends meet. I really think you should apply for this position. Please give it some thought. The ad for this position will be posted in the newspaper on Sunday for the world to see. If you are interested give me a call before Sunday, so I can put in a good word. Talk to you soon.


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