Pest Analysis of Mcdonalds

Pest Analysis of Mcdonalds

SKYLINE BUSINESS SCHOOL 2nd YEAR, IIIrd SEMESTER BATCH – MBA 2010-2012 L2S1 REPORT ON (Strategic marketing management) Presented By: Ravi Singh Baghel ACKNOWLEDGEMENT The successful completion of any task would be incomplete without mentioning the people who have made it possible. So it’s with the gratitude that I acknowledge the help, which crowned my efforts with success. I owe my gratitude to Mr. Mohd.

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Azad khan, Assistant sales manager at Sharekhan limited, DTC- 240, IInd floor, DLF city court, DLF Phase I for providing an opportunity to the project in their organization. A work is never a work of an individual. We owe a sense of gratitude to the intelligence and co-operation of those people who had been so easy to let us understand what we needed from time to time for completion of this exclusive project. We want to express our gratitude towards Mr. Amrish Shehgal, Strategic Marketing Manaegment, Skyline Business School for giving us an opportunity to do this project.

Last but not the least, we would like to forward our gratitude to our friends &other faculty members who always endured us and stood by us and without whom we could not have envisaged the completion of our project. About Sharekhan Limited- Sharekhan is one of the leading share broking and retail brokerage firms in the country. It is the retail broking arm of the Mumbai based SSKI Group (Shripal Sevantilal Kantilal Ishwarlal P t. Ltd. ) which has more than 88 years of experience in the stock broking business.

SSKI is a veteran equities solutions company with more than 8 decades of trust and credibility in the Indian stocks. It helps the customers/people to make informed decisions and simplifies investing in stocks. Sharekhan brings to you a user- friendly online trading facility, coupled with a wealth of content that will help you stalk the right shares. SSKI named its online division as a Sharekhan and it is into retail broking. The business of the company overhauled 10 years ago on February 8, 2000.

It acts as a discount brokerage house to a full service investment solution provider. It has specialized research product for the small investors and day traders. Sharekhan’s online trading and investment site ww. sharekhan. com was launched in 2000 . Though the www. sharekhan. com, have been providing investors a powerful online trading platform, the latest news, research and other knowledge based tools and Sharekhan’s equity related services include trade execution on BSE, NSE, Derivatives, Commodities, Depository services, Online trading and Investment advice.

Sharekhan’s ground network includes over 640 Share shops across 280 cities in India. With branches and outlets across the country, Sharekhan’s ground network is one of the biggest in India. They have talent pool of experienced professionals specially designated to guide you when you need assistance, which is high investigating with us is bound to be a hassle -free experience for you! The Sharekhan provides its customers first Step program, built specifically for all investors, so testament is- “YOUR GUIDE TO THE FINANCIAL JUNGLE” means Our commitment to being your guide throughout your investing lifecycle’ The institutional broking arm of SSKI was also awarded India’s best broking house for 2004 by Asia Money broker’s poll recently ; It has also won the prestigious Awaaz consumer vote awards 2005 for the most preferred Stock Broking Brand in India, in the Investment Advisors category. They have 40 share shops across 280 cities in India to get a host of trading related services – our friendly customer service staff will also help you with any account related queries you may have.

Sharekhan won the award by the vote of consumers around the country, as part of India’s largest consumer study cover 7000 respondents – 21 products and services across 21 major cities. The study, initiated by Awaaz – India’s first dedicated consumer channel and member of the worldwide CNBC Network, ; AC Nielsen-ORG Marg, was aimed at understanding the brand preferences of the consumers ; to decipher what are the most important loyalty criteria for the consumer in each vertical. The reasons behind the preferences for brands were unveiled by examining the following: 1) Tangible features of product / service. ) Softer, intangible features like imagery, equity driving preference. 3) Tactical measures such as promotional / pricing schemes. PRESENT STATUS OF THE ORGANISATION COMPANY PROFILE Company name | SHARE KHAN LIMITED| Parental company| SSKI GROUP(Shripal Sevantilal Kantilal Ishwarlal pvt. ltd. | Establishment year| 1922| CEO of the company| Mr. Tarun shah| Head office| A-206, Phoenix house,2nd floor, senapati Bapat Lal Marg,Lower parel,Mumbai- 400013| Gurgoan branch| DCT- 240, IInd floor, DLF City Court,DLF Phase 1,Near Sikanderpur Metro Station,Gurgoan. Telephone no. | 1244094337| Online division as “Share khan”| 8TH February 2000| Website| www. sharekhan. com| Offices(network)| More than 640 outlets in 280 cities| MARKETING STRATEGIES OF SHAREKHAN What is marketing strategy? * A strategy that focuses on developing a unique long-run competitive position in the market by assessing consumer needs and the firm’s potential for gaining a competitive advantage. * A business’ approach to marketing its products/ services expresses in broad terms, which forms the basis for developing a marketing plan. Marketing starts with market research, in which needs and attitudes and competitors’ products are assessed, and continues through into advertising, promotion, distribution, and, where applicable, customer servicing and repair, packaging, and sales and distribution. * The broad marketing thinking that will enable an organization to develop its products and marketing mixes in the right direction, consistent with overall corporate objectives. Marketing Strategy in selling D-mat accounts- These are the company’s strategies-

Tele Calling: – The company uses the Tele calling/ phone calling to reach the customer, which are interested. This is the most important technique to save time and giving demo of the company’s product through making call in order to know the customer interest towards the product. This is the strategy with which one can motivate customer to go for the product and etc. LMS: It is leads management system which means leads are generated by the customer who wants to purchase the product of the company.

Company provides facility to the customer on online to fill the registration form through which the company’s executives can provide more information to the customer. Yellow Pages: Yellow pages are used to gather data for making calls so that customer who did not fine time and are unaware of the product can know about the product. Customers are given freedom to ask question related to the products this is the technique used to increase the awareness of the company. Canopies:

This is the most important technique used by Sharekhan securities to market its product in different areas of the city, company put their canopies and customer who are willing to know about the product come forward and provide best of their knowledge. Besides this company executives ask customer to fill the questionnaire that tells the company about the levels of brand awareness. It also increases the product awareness because it is generally put at the crowdies places like near main markets, cinema s, hotels, ATM or etc where people comes in huge numbers. Direct Marketing:

Sharekhan executive’s reaches to the doors of the customer by fixing appointments with the interested customer, they describe the details of the product. Executive give demonstration of the products so that customer can understand better. Advertising: Advertising is the most important tool of increasing awareness of the product and this is the most widely used technique by the company to tell about the new features and new lunch by giving briefing of the product. Sharekhan use banners, distribution of pamphlets, and advertisement in news papers, magazines.

References: Sharekhan strategy is to satisfy the customer in terms of their need by providing them timely services and knowledge about the trade in equities, mutual funds by giving tips for investment advises through e-mails or toll free calls for these purpose customers are provided relationship manager who give investment advice and also make transaction on their behalf on demand. B satisfying customer executives ask their references that not only increase the awareness but also increase the good will of the company. Internet:

Company provides detailed information about the products on Internet so that customer can know about the product easily and completely. Competitiveness: The company is innovative and uses the latest technology to improve the product to fulfill the demands of the customers. Sharekhan make it easy for the customer to make online transaction of shares. The company is competitive in terms of the product price and facilities it offers to the customer. UNIQUE OBJECTIVE OF THE COMPANY- * 200000+ retail customers being serviced through centralized call centre / web solution. 60 branches, semi branches servicing affluent/aggressive traders through highly skilled financial advisors. * 250 independent investment managers/franchisees servicing 50000 highly valued clients. * Strong advisory role through Fundamental ; technical research. * New initiatives – Portfolio Management Services ; Commodities trading. * Dealing in mutual funds. Strategy of De-mat Account Opening ; Brokerage Charges Strategy in Fee structure for General Individual- Charges| Prepaid account| Prepaid account| Account opening charges| 750| 5000| Brokerage| Intraday : 0. 0 paisaDelivery : 0. 50 paisa| Intraday : 0. 05 paisaDelivery : 0. 25 paisa| Annual maintenance charges – Rs Nil in first year Rs. 400/= p. a. from 2nd year onwards For Intra-day Trades In 750 plans this is subject to a minimum brokerage of 10 paisa per 100 Rs share on buying and selling is free of brokerage. In 5000 Rs of plan intra day broking charge is 0. 05 paisa on buying and selling both same. For delivery Based Trades A minimum brokerage in750 Rs of plan is 50 paisa per 100 Rs share. And in 5000Rs of plan it is 25 paisa on buying and selling both. RECOMMENDATIONS Company has an advantage of reach tips for which sharekhan s known for, the customer who are new they need relationship managers who will tell them about investment so it should be provided to al the customer on demand this will lead to customer satisfaction and will hip to have more references from the satisfied customer. * The company also have the advantage of brokerage charges it need some revision so that the customer who are locking for the less brokerage can open there account in are company taking into consideration the different proposal, it can be reduced for a HNI client. The company has shown the growth trend and it has reached at no 2 it can move to no one because it has an advantage of its services. As Sharekhan is already tie-up with 7 banks for online fund transfer that reduces the paper work for customer and ease in trading. * The company can increase the customer base if the account opening charges is reduced from 750 to 400, which will give, boost to the competition. * The company should revise the advertising strategy to increase its brand awareness. I suggest making advertisement on television so that maximum market can be targeted.


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