Probation and Parole

Probation and Parole

Probation and Parole Probation Disadvantages Probation is the most common punishment for criminal activity. It allows for the person to stay in the community, but under the supervision of a probation officer. There may be some disadvantages to being on probation. The people in the community may fear the criminal and the criminal may face harsh reactions from members of his community. They may fear that the offender may repeat on offense. People on probation may have trouble with finding a job or may lose the one they already had because they are considered a convict or criminal in the eyes of the community.

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Many individuals placed on probation may have difficulty adjusting to the regimented lifestyle that probation restrictions demand. Offenders must be home at a certain time of night, must attend meetings with probation officers, and may not engage in certain activities, such as alcohol consumption. This can prove to be too much for some individuals. There is some inconsistency in the monitoring of probation. Some probation officers may think that missing a meeting is grounds for a violation and send the offender to jail.

Some may think that being home a few minutes past the time deadline is grounds for a violation. Others may just ask why the person missed the meeting or why the offender was late getting home on time. Parole Disadvantages Parole is the discretionary release of an inmate by a parole board before the expiration of his sentence, although it is also frequently used to describe non-discretionary early release. Parolees may also be discriminated against when released back in public. The person will have a hard time finding a job due to that person’s record.

People in the community might think that the offender will repeat the crime and fear for the safety of the people. The person that was released on parole may have a hard time adjusting to life outside of prison. The parolee may be so used to things behind bars, that they won’t be able to function with everyday life outside of prison. Probation and Parole Advantages The purpose of probation and parole is to reduce prison overcrowding and to allow offenders to work. It also saves the taxpayer some money. It allows the person to stay out of jail or be released from jail.

If a first time offender is put on probation then that person might have a second chance to change, providing the offense wasn’t a serious offense that will stay on their record. Some first-time offenders who complete probation successfully may have their criminal record cleared of any charges. It will allow that person to continue working and not have their life interrupted. The U. S. Supreme Court has determined that an inmate does not have a constitutional right to be released on parole or any constitutional rights during the parole release process, since no “liberty interest” is at stake (Greenholtz v.

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