Psychology Of Well Being And Happiness English Literature Essay

Psychology Of Well Being And Happiness English Literature Essay

Seamus is a 25 twelvemonth old male who is originally from Ireland but is now populating in England for the past three old ages after coming here to analyze. He is presently in his concluding twelvemonth of a three twelvemonth grade in Counselling. He is non married nor does he hold kids but is in a relationship for the past two old ages. Seamus lives with his girlfriend, his brother and his brother ‘s girlfriend. Seamus has rather a batch of friends both here and in Ireland. He has a big household of three brothers and one sister and he is highly close with his siblings who are all really near in age. He considers himself to be really household orientated saying that household is the most of import thing in life. As portion of Seamus ‘s guidance grade he is in a counselling arrangement as a voluntary counselor with the topographic point 2 be and loves the duty, the experience and the relationships he has build with his co-workers plus the advancement he has made with his clients.

He is really devoted to working with his clients and some where in the close hereafter he would wish to work as a full clip healer. He has a figure of avocations and involvements but has failed to give every bit much attending to them as he would wish due to the work load he has from University plus fiscal limitations. These include playing athleticss such as hoops, pugilism and Gaelic football. To wind off for Seamus there is nil better than loosen uping back on the couch with his girlfriend watching films and catching up on programmes like Homeland and Boardwalk Empire.

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Seamus is a immense music fan and enjoys taking a walk around his nearest small town listening to his I pod and reflecting on all the different facets of his life. Seamus besides enjoys a dark out in a saloon where there is unrecorded music meeting up with his friends and on a Sunday when he is retrieving from the dark before likes to travel out in the eventide with his girlfriend to a posh eating house. He loves all sorts of nutrients his favorite being Italian, he does n’t merely bask eating nutrient but besides enjoys cooking it. He is a Roman Catholic and was brought up traveling to mass every Sunday but since he has moved to London has n’t went every bit frequently as he feels he should, which sometimes causes him to experience guilty. Seamus lives life by his ain slogan which is “ Life is mussy, we do n’t cognize what is traveling to go on next, It ‘s about being able to sit with the unknown ”

In order to place countries where felicity intercessions might be utile, Seamus completed a figure of psychometric instruments, the consequences of which are summarised below.

Approachs to Happiness.

Pleasant Life


Good Life


Meaningful Life


Top 5 Character Strengths.

Social Intelligence

Perspective ( wisdom )

The Capacity to love and be Loved

Industry, Diligence and Perseverance


Satisfaction with life graduated table


25- 29A












Optimism Trial

Permanence-Good Events

6 ( centrist )

Permanence-Bad Events

3 ( centrist )

Pervasiveness-Good Events

6 ( centrist )

Pervasiveness-Bad Events

4 ( norm )


5 ( norm )

Authentic Happiness Inventory

Authentic Happiness Inventory Score



After reappraisal of Seamus ‘s tonss on the psychometric trials, what stood out was a subject running through each trial which revolved around delighting people and seting them before himself. For case, take the character strength trial where his top strength is societal intelligence, this suggests that Seamus is really cognizant of peoples feelings, knows what to make to suit in to assorted societal state of affairss and knows what to make to set people at easiness.

The following comparing of this overall hypothesis is his attacks to happiness stock list where his highest mark was on the meaningful life. Again this shows that Seamus uses his signature strengths to be portion of something he believes is greater than himself. The personality trial shows he is an Extrovert and it states clearly in the debut that his household are most of import to him and he is besides portion of a assortment of athleticss groups.

The 3rd comparing to finish my hypothesis of there being a form of Seamus ‘s trials ensuing in delighting others is his highest mark on the personality trial which is Agreeableness. This reflects how one tries difficult to delight others which sums up my hypothesis and shows that Seamus may happen interpersonal struggle rather straitening. Seamus ‘s tonss were mean both on the pleasant life and the good life.

This nevertheless indicates that Seamus may really good derive pleasances from senses such as odors, nutrient and even ocular stimulation as he states above that he enjoys eating nutrients and watching films. As he scored an norm on the occupied life he may good acquire his felicity from being portion of the athleticss groups he participates in and this has the potency for Seamus to develop a flow province. On the optimism trial Seamus ‘s tonss show that he is reasonably optimistic over most events. He scored norm on the permeant bad events which shows if he fails in one country of his life he continues to process on in other countries. This about sounds like doggedness which was one of Seamus ‘s top character strengths.

He scored reasonably optimistic in lasting good events which show he believes that these events have permanent cause. This leads me to believe that because Seamus seems to hold rather a batch of intending in his life, he so feels more supported, loved every bit good as it sounds like he gets a batch of his motive through doing people happy which hence he can see the consequences in other people which have a lasting consequence on him, a good illustration of this would be the advancement he has had with his clients and co-workers in his guidance arrangement.

On the satisfaction with life graduated table the tonss showed that Seamus is satisfied with his life therefore far. He understands that life is non perfect and he draws motive from the countries of life that he is dissatisfied with, merely as it was explained earlier from the permeant bad events on the optimism trial, people who fail in one country of life, strive in others. Overall from analysis of these psychometric trials it shows that Seamus likes his life and things for him are traveling good.


I am highly happy to province that I have learned a great trade about myself through the usage of the psychometric trials over the continuance of the psychological science of good being and felicity faculty. I believe the most important acquisition came from the large 5 personality stock list where I found Agreeableness to be my top trait. This annoyed me ab initio as I tied it in with the other elements of these trials that showed I was a people pleaser.

The ground why I was annoyed was because for a disconnected 2nd I was worried that I let people take advantage of me. With the usage of contemplation I asked myself, do I make everything in my power to do others happy without any respect for myself. After believing about it I have come to the decision that possibly I do seek that excess spot harder with people merely to avoid confrontation but at the same clip I am happy making this.

I think it would be a job if people were taking advantage but there is n’t much fright of that go oning as I can be rather aggressive if I sense people are taking advantage of me which I have experienced in the yesteryear. The people in my life that know me see that although I am a nice cat who gets on with everyone, if you try to take advantage of me I can go rather aggressive and I feel it is this I try to avoid the most.

Get downing with the attacks to happiness stock list I scored highest on the meaningful life. Although I have ne’er given it much thought throughout my life I ever found I get a great trade of satisfaction out of being portion of something that is bigger than myself such as my household for case. In my sentiment being a portion of something that is bigger than myself can so take me to a more occupied and pleasant life.

My tonss with both the engaged life and pleasant life were mean. Although I do seek out felicity from the Hedonic path in footings of unwritten satisfaction with comfort nutrient, I understand to fall victim to the hedonic treadmill could hold a negative consequence on my wellness. Because it is hard to avoid these speedy holes or pleasances, what would profit me and assist me from going victim to over indulgence is to be more cognizant of the esthesiss that come from eating and consciousness of tasting.

I feel the character strength stock list was an first-class trial to take to happen out what my top strengths are so I can utilize them to hold more flow in life. Harmonizing to Nakamura and csikszentmihalyi ( 2002 ) flow is an experience of working at full capableness, being focused with effortless action where an persons personal accomplishments match necessary challenges. I have experienced flow in the yesteryear and it was in relation to the athleticss I played but because of fiscal limitation and the work load from university I have n’t experienced flow in rather a piece. My program is every bit shortly as the work burden gets a spot lighter and I feel more financially comfy I can get down up these athleticss once more and acquire flow back in my life.

In relation to the top 5 character strength stock list I was non surprised to see Social Intelligence at the top of the list. I have ever been gifted when it comes to socializing and suiting in. This has served me good throughout my life therefore far as I have come into contact with a scope of people from all walks of life and sometimes it was n’t an option for suiting in it was a necessity.

I feel this character strength will function me good for my future business as a Counselor for my clients will be of different ages, gender and orientation. The other strengths that were portion of my top 5 include the capacity to love and be loved which makes perfect sense to me as the people who I tend to be closest with are my household and girlfriend were sharing and lovingness is reciprocated. Industry, diligence and doggedness is another strength which I found to be accurate as I thrive on finishing undertakings. I do n’t hold much construction when it comes to acquiring essays or undertakings done but you can ever be certain I will finish them and I will hold worked highly difficult to make so.

Although gratitude is a strength of mine I was a small doubting when it came to composing a gratitude missive. The ground for this is because I am cognizant that I am a thankful individual and that I show how thankful I am with every chance I can so I did n’t believe composing this missive would increase my felicity. After composing a gratitude missive for my girlfriend and standing in forepart of her reading it, I found it to be a batch harder than I thought it would be. It dawned on me how different it makes me experience reading it out to her instead than composing one and merely giving it to her which I have done on legion occasions.

This is the ground I found this intercession to be really utile for increasing my felicity degrees, although I felt a small abashed while I was reading it I found that by verbalizing it she truly listened to me and I truly listened to myself.

I could state that she knew I was n’t taking her for granted and this in itself made me highly happy. This is an intercession that I will go on to transport out and do a wont of as there are a figure of other benefits one can acquire from this exercising.

For case Emmons and McCullough ( 2003 ) province that people who keep gratitude diaries are shown to be more enthusiastic, watchful, determined and are much more likely to come on toward valuable ends in relation to their wellness, relationships and academic public presentation. There are a batch of people I would wish to demo my gratitude to, non from a individual thank you, or something they can read themselves but something I put attempt into that I can read aloud to them because these are the people who deserve it.

I was a small surprised to see perspective so high although I do experience I am wise beyond my old ages as I am merely 25. Although I do see myself as wise with a good caput on my shoulders it is rather a compliment to be known as wise for I have had many experiences where people within my household, friends and people I do n’t cognize that good coming to me for advice and merely holding conversations with me about assorted different subjects. I feel another ground for this is because I am an extrovert, I get great satisfaction out of interacting with people and how much I am orientated to people outside myself. This is more grounds to propose that the chief path to happiness for me is the Methexic path. Research suggests that the individual who experiences the greatest felicity in life Perus all three paths particularly the Eudaimonic and Methexis paths ( Watch 2005 ) .

The optimism trial shows I am optimistic about lasting good events as I have experienced accomplishments from my yesteryear that have had a lasting consequence on me and hold helped me acquire to where I am today. I am non a quitter nor do I give up easy which may take me to believe this is the ground I am optimistic about lasting bad events.

I ever try to warrant why an event or state of affairs was bad and when I come to my decision I leave it in the yesteryear and seek to concentrate on how I can acquire it right following clip. I think the usage of the ABCDE theoretical account which I have learned from this category can beef up my optimistic position of these events. This expression is really similar to the ABC theoretical account in Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy ( Ellis 1991 ) which I have used with my clients and witnessed firsthand the effects of it. Seligman ( 2003 ) says that anyone can larn to be optimistic and that persons will profit from exposure to learned optimism which will so better their response to the hardship.

The person merely depict their event or state of affairs so they list the beliefs they hold about it. The effects and how they made them experience on a graduated table of 1-10, for debate you are asked to name other accounts that may be for this state of affairs and eventually Energisation which asks how you feel after researching these other options. The ground I find this tool so effectual is because I understand that there is ne’er one individual reply to any event or state of affairs so it is rather a helpful map to research other options.

In the class for permeant good events I am optimistic as I believe when something good happens to me in one facet of my life this will heighten everything else I do. I will take this positive energy and every bit hard as it may be at the clip I will seek and feed it into other countries of my life. Not merely will it heighten my assurance but besides my well being. In the class for permeant bad events my mark was mean which leads me to believe that if I feel my custodies are tied in one country of my life I can still process on in other countries. When I do experience I am stuck in one country I try and focus on other countries with the hope of acquiring motive and more cognition so I can travel back to the country in which I am stuck and seek to delve myself out.

I have exhaustively enjoyed taking portion in these intercessions and have enjoyed larning about myself. The most important portion of this acquisition is admiting my strength which I will go on to use in all countries of my life which will assist me to keep my degree of felicity.


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