Review of Federalist Paper #10

Review of Federalist Paper #10

The main points in “Federalist Paper #10” are basically about faction, how faction can be controlled and how property causes faction. A faction is a group who are for one thing or idea or they could be against a certain thing or idea. A modern faction might be those who support a cause or the faction could be against the cause. All it means is that it is a group of individuals who all agree and support the same cause whether or not they are opposing it or for it. James Madison goes on to talk about the cures of getting rid of fraction.

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Basically you can either remove the causes of fractions or you can try to control its effects on fractions. He stated metaphors that help you understand the seriousness of how bad fractions really are. “Liberty is to fraction what air is to fire. ” He goes on to say that without liberty it would be the end of political life and without air; we would not be able to breath. Fire comes in to play because of its destructive nature. It burns everything in its path which in turns means that fraction will cause the same damage by destroying everything in its path.

Property and ones assets play a big factor in how fractions are formed. James Madison explains how individuals with or without property and assets form fractions by their interests whether it is a money interest, a manufacturing interest, or even lesser interests. By the individuals growing up within these customs, different classes are established within society that might in fact interfere with the bias of these individuals who part of a certain class would judge anything. I think that James Madison did foresee problems in reference to the term “iron triangle”.

An iron triangle, which is a three-way alliance among legislators, bureaucrats, and interest groups, seeks to make or preserve policies that benefit their respective interests. They believe that these special interests have much influence when it comes down to decision making. James Madison continues on to talk about whether or not democracy or a republic would be best for fraction. He states, “A republic is governed by a small body of elected representatives, not by the people directly, and a republic can extend over a much larger territory and embrace more citizens than a democracy can. He continues on by saying, “A pure democracy consisting of a small number of citizens who assemble and administer the government in person, can admit of no cure for the mischiefs of fractions while a republic can. ” So in conclusion, it basically means in a nut shell is that fractions are going to exist no matter what. A republican party is better suited to keeping our government in check. Property and individuals assets are one of the leading causes of fraction. Controlling fraction is really hard and the only way that it can be done is by controlling the causes of it or by removing the causes of fractions entirely.


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