Robin Hood

Robin Hood

RACHEL What is strategy? Strategy is the ideas, decisions, and actins that enable a firm to succeed. What strategic problems does Robin Hood have? Robin Hood is the leader of the band which was growing in size; he is not on the same side as the sheriff of Nottingham who happens to have the power to take over his band of Merrymen and has high connections in that land. And since Robin Hood is in charge of his men, he needs to be sure they have money. He is low on funds and does not know what he should do to progress.

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Although his mission is for good, he does need to change his strategy to continue helping the poor by expanding his operations away from the forest he originally started his mission. What is the role of the organizational leader as strategist and articulator of global goals? The leader needs to name the mission, identify his organization and who it affects, and establish his original goals. What are some issues in this organizations external environment?

Evaluate resources; the forest has limited resources like food capacity and because game was becoming scarce. And they also needed to review physical environment; because travelers were able to see the band of men before they were able to go through the forest and changed their route so they were safe from being targeted. What is the relationship of the organizations internal structure to its environment? First of all robin needs to have multiple “leaders” along the organization.

He needs to identify who’s in command since the band is growing in size. How do group values or culture influence strategy making? There needs to be some sort of strategy in regarding their lack of funds. As group values his members may not steal from each other or their brothers or fathers. What strategy can Robin Hood implement? He will need to get all his men together to explain the problem and what they all can do together to try to resolve their issues.

He needs to make sure they all understand discipline and the values that originally started their mission; avoid contact with the sheriff. Robin Hood can also try to recruit new members who may have status in town and are smart enough and have some influence or power over the court or over the prince or king. Robin Hood should also change his band or Merrymen, whether it’s the order, their title or their command, and become familiar with each man in his band to have the band return to legitimacy.


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