Corporate Greed

Corporate Greed

CORPORATE GREED Have you noticed people around the country protesting near a government facility? It started on September 17, 2011. One month later similar thousands of people have joined the protest. It has spread in different parts of the world; protesting against “Corporate greed”. The group started in a park next to Wall Street, mainly by college kids spreading the word in social networks. They created a grass roots movement with a slogan “We are the 99%. Saying we the regular people work for the 1% that control all the wealth in the U. S. nd certainly the world. Their message is that corporations must make profits no matter what the cost is. They create pollution, destruction, monopolize markets, and break laws; lobbying in Congress to enact laws so they can continue to control their greed. For example the BP oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico, getting only a slap in their hands. For the past 20 years corporations have been gaining power from a law stating that corporations can be classified as legal entities. Having the same rights as individuals, but with little risk, in case they go bankrupt.

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During the Iraq war a corporation named Blackwater controlled security giving them power beyond the army. Halliburton was awarded trouble free pipelines filled with oil so they can charge anything to the American people. Mean while here at home, the pharmaceutical industry has paid millions of dollars to the Food Drug Administration (FDA) and the National Cancer Institute to sell exclusive drugs and patent procedures to combat cancer. The unfortunate thing is that the medications and procedures only kill people instead of helping them fight the decease.

Take chemotherapy, it kills all the good cells to fight cancer hoping the body will create more good cells than bad ones. Since the early 70’s a clinic in Houston, Texas led by a Dr. Burzynski has treated cancer patients with a much better success rate than any other treatment available today. He discovered Antineoplastons, which act as a molecular switch to turn off cancer cells without destroying new ones. You would think that both the FDA, and National Cancer Institute will try to join forces with Dr. Burzynski to eradicate cancer, but on the contrary they have make life miserable for the dr.

He’s been sued 7 times by every agency the government controls. They have made every effort to shut him down yet his patients along with jury candidates, and judges involved with Dr. Burzynski have joined him against the atrocities the government has done against him. And when all was set and done big pharmaceuticals were behind these lawsuits on behalf of the government. . After all these facts are unmasked we wonder if Corporations have greed in common or they have a different agenda; control the world.


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