Story of an Hour

Story of an Hour

The story of an hour What is important about the title? The title is important as it emphasizes the fact that she lives her whole life in the space of this one hour. What are the conflicts in “The Story of an Hour”? What types of conflict (physical, moral, intellectual, or emotional) do you see in this story? The conflicts in The story of an Hour are mainly emotional, as you see her having an emotional battle with herself within the story, as the power of the emotions overwhelmed her and in essence took her life.

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There is also a Physical conflict with herself when she feels as if she is being possessed by a something, and tries to fend it off frantically. How does Kate Chopin reveal character in “The Story of an Hour”? What are some themes in the story? How do they relate to the plot and characters? Themes of the story are love, death and … What are some symbols in “The Story of an Hour”? How do they relate to the plot and characters? Is Mrs Millard consistent in her actions? Is she a fully developed character? How?

Why? Mrs Millard is not consistent in her actions which is why the story’s actions are always changing. She is not originally a fully developed character, as at the begging of the story she is incomplete, because in the begging she feels as if she is unfulfilled, and through the serenity this hour gives to her, she became complete. Do you find the characters likable? Would you want to meet the characters? Yes, the characters are very relatable which makes them likeable Does the story end the way you expected?

How? Why? No I expected her to die of grief not of joy. Why is the story usually considered a work of feminist literature? As it shows how a women deals with the death of her husband and has a feminine vibe to the way it is written. How essential is the setting to the story? Could the story have taken place anywhere else? The story couldn’t have taken place anywhere else because the garden was a major turning point in the story and without it she probably wouldn’t have been overwhelmed by her urroundings enough to have her revelation. What is the role of women in the text? What about single/independent women? The role of women in this text was to show how independent the women was from her husband’s death, as she said she has gained her “freedom”, she is still grieving from the loss f her husband, but his death has allowed her to have a new future. Would you recommend this story to a friend? Yes, but to a girl as it is more of a feminine story.


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