Talent Management

Talent Management

Purpose Of This Questionnaire Purpose of this questionnaire is to help provide details regarding the factors influence on talent management in tourism industry and to use these factors as developmental purposes. In addition, results from these questionnaires will be used for a research study on talent management. The research study being conducted involves the development and testing of some factors such as attracting, rewarding and developing talented employee in tourism industry. nd the result will be used only in academic purposes. What Is Talent Management In order to gain a competitive advantage in the business market, organizations need to ensure that they engage highly talented employees, this is driven by means of Talent Management strategies which mostly focus on five primary areas: attracting, selecting, rewarding, developing and retaining employee. This questionnaire will help to rate Talent Management competencies of 5* Hotels and Travel Agencies in Kuala Lumpur for developmental purpose.

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INSTRUCTIONS Your response to this questionnaire is completely confidential. Your answers will be grouped with those of other managers who complete the questionnaire as well. Please indicate your response to each question by checking off with a cross (x) one of the alternatives provided. please answer all the questions. Name: Gender: Age: Responsibility in company: How long have you been applied by this company? sometimes Unable to rate always Rarely Recruiting and attracting

I prioritize time to interview potential candidate when a vacancy arise I possess a good overall knowledge of HR recruitment process and policies I consistently appoint high caliber employees I devote time and energy to attend the filling of a vacancy I ensure that vacancies do not remain open for a long period of time Compensation and rewarding I nominate employees for various company awards (such as onthe-spot and circle-of-excellence awards) I reward employees for exemplary work in a variety of ways I provide verbal or written recognition for individual contribution where appropriate.

I allocate increases fairly, according to individual performance I ensure that salaries are market related I celebrate exceptional performance of employees in our teams Never often Developing I possess a genuine interest to foster the learning and development of people I make an objective assessment of individuals of development needs I coach staff one-to-one I give honest feedback for developmental purposes I actively create developmental opportunities for subordinates I meet with team members for formal career planning sessions

Talent I remind team members of the importance of retaining high calibre employees I prioritize issues which concern the development of employees I remind team members of the importance of recognizing exceptional performance I ensure that all team members have an understanding approach towards the personal and family needs of others. THANK YOU FOR COPLETING THIS QUETIONNAIRE. YOUR PARTICIPATION IS APRECIATED.


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