Technology May Not Be Good to Children

Technology May Not Be Good to Children

Now more and more people cannot live without computers or a cell phone. Computers and cell phones make the world more exciting. They play an important part in everyone’s life. We use computers to work and study. Everyone uses cell phones every day. Although the computers and the cell phones play an important part in everyone’s life, this does not mean they are always helpful to people. There is so much information on the Internet which is not good for youngsters, such as the speech of many criminals. There are also a lot of violent computer games that seriously affect children’s lives.

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Moreover, the information which the children get on the Internet is not always true. Therefore, coming into contact with technology so early is not helpful for the children. It is true about Tara Parker-Pope’s opinion. In her article “An Ugly Toll of Technology: Impatience and Forgetfulness,” she states that “Some experts believe excessive use of the Internet, cell phones and other technologies can cause us to become more impatient, impulsive, forgetful and even more narcissistic. ” My brother has used the Internet since he was in junior high school.

At that age, in fact, he did not need the computer and the Internet for academic purposes, all the studies could be done without computer. The only use for the Internet at that time was to play games with his friends. Since my aunt did not allow him to play Internet games, he always played behind her back. After he had been playing for a long period of time, he always thought about the content of the games during class, which affected his studies significantly. At that time, he was very narcissistic and he liked fantasy games. He always imagined be the best role in the game.

When his parents and his friends asked him to play sports with them, he always found an excuse so he could play the games instead. When he grew up he told me that he regretted wasting so much time in some virtual world. He regretted this because the games affected his studies. So the Internet is not very good and helpful to children, we should limit the time children use the computer. Because of the improvement of the quality of life, more and more children have cell phones now even though they are very young. There are some data from Sunday Times, which states that in the UK, by the year 2000 more than 6% of 7-16 year olds and 85% of 15-16 year olds owned a mobile phone. Think about that; does a child who is in primary really need a cell phone? In my high school, one of the school rules is that students cannot use cell phones in the school. But there are still a lot of students using cell phones in the classes; sending messages to each other. And there are also some students using cell phones to cheat on exams. Some students who live on campus may find cell phones useful because they need connect with family members. However, in fact, most schools have their public telephones.

Students can use these to contact their parents. Using public telephones also can save lots of money because using public telephones is cheaper than using cell phones. So students do not really need cell phones until they be adults. The habits when we read between using computers and using books are also different and that explains why many people especially children always feel they cannot focus on the information about the content of a story when they read by the computer. When they read paper books, they can always underline the information they are interested in.

But when they read on the computer, they never do that. We can get the information both from the Internet and the book. The difference between these two is that Internet is good for searching information, but people always do not read them deeply because there is a large number of information on the Internet. And we always rely on sources from “Google” for essays, not some books. In this aspect, Google makes us “stupid. ” For children, their brains are very sensitive, so using Internet to read is not good for them to grow up.

The computers and cell phones really change the world a lot, and it can help people in all aspects. But children should not get in touch with the computers and cell phones too soon. For the children, there may be more harm than good. In children’s spare time, parents can buy more books for them to read, or take them to participate in some outdoor activities. References 1. Tara Parker-Pope An Ugly Toll of Technology: Impatience and Forgetfulness 2. Sundays Times (http://www. greenhealthwatch. com/newsstories/newsmobilephones/childrens-heads-more-radiation. html)


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