Thankful for

Thankful for

What I’m Thankful for Thanksgiving Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks. It is also the time to sit down and enjoy a meal with your family. Even though enjoying a meal with your family is very important, Thanksgiving is also important to ask you and your family what are you thankful for. Being thankful can be a long or short accomplishment; a goal that can be achieved. This year, I’m thankful that I’m currently enrolled at Thomas Nelson Community College, graduated from high school, and my family is supporting me through college. I’m thankful that I enrolled at TNCC.

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Honestly, TNCC wasn’t my first choice and I had reasons why I didn’t want to go. My first reason why I didn’t want to go to TNCC because I knew it would take me two buses to get there and two buses back home. My second reason is that I wouldn’t know anybody at TNCC because I would start as a freshmen that would not know any about TNCC. My final reason is that I was planning on going to ECPI University. The representative at ECPI told me that my scores weren’t high enough, so they recommend me to take developmental courses at TNCC and reapply at ECPI again.

Two months later, I’m currently taking development courses for my degree and very glad that I enrolled at TNCC. Today, one of my friends that takes the same class that I’m in, drives me to school in the mornings; I still ride two buses back home. If I didn’t enrolled at TNCC, either I would be finding a job or my mom was going to force me to join the navy if I wasn’t in school or working. I’m truly thankful that I graduated high school this year. During my senior year, I was scared that I wasn’t going to graduate from high school.

My counselors and teachers were telling me that if I didn’t pass a certain class, I wasn’t going to get my diploma. I was doing well in my classes, but there was something in my mind telling me that I was going to repeat my twelfth grade year. I didn’t let that bother me so I motivated myself into doing well in my classes and don’t try to get myself in trouble. Once graduation day came, I couldn’t wait to get my diploma from my principal and walk on the stage so that my family could see my principal handing me my diploma.

If I didn’t graduate high school this year, then I wouldn’t be at TNCC and not working towards my degree. I’m thankful that my family is supporting me in college. My mom is always telling me that you should go to school and be a good person. I always took my mom’s advice and now I’m currently enrolled at TNCC and majoring in Information Technology. My cousins, aunts, and my uncle are also supporting me in my time in college. My uncle is very proud of me that I’m working towards my degree and finding a career that offers Information Technology.

If my major doesn’t work out, then I’ll know my family will support my decisions and motivate me to find a new career. They would always have my back no matter what. This year, I’m thankful that I’m currently enrolled at Thomas Nelson Community College, graduated from high school, and my family is supporting me through college. If I have to be thankful for anything else, I would be thankful that I’m still breathing and enjoying life. Thanksgiving is a very special holiday for giving thanks and enjoying time with your family.


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